Note: Just like any other piece of historical fiction, a few facts have been changed to make the storyline work. I have tried to do this in as respectful a way as possible. PLEASE REVIEW.

How long had he been imprisoned? A Year? Two? He had lost track. Since his wife, Adrienne, had voluntarily joined him in prison, he had stopped worrying about how long it had been. His only concerns now were for his wife and children. Technically, he was one of the Austrian's prisoners of war; but this was only because he had supported a limited Monarchy. Actually, he had saved the life of the Austrian Emperor's sister, Queen Marie Antoinette. When the women of Paris had marched on Versailles, they had demanded that the Queen come out on to one of the palace's balconies. Lafayette had told the Queen to follow his lead. He brought her out on to one of the balconies and in one sweeping motion, bowed to her and kissed her hand, thereby diffusing the situation. He had faced many other trying situations during the early days of the revolution in France, but through it all Adrienne had been there for him.

At that moment, Adrienne was staring out the window of their cell. She had been doing it more and more often during the past few days. He knew that she was worrying about their son, George Washington Lafayette, who had been snuck out of France and was now staying on his namesake's plantation in Virginia. Lafayette knew that he had to try to cheer her up, but how? Just then he got an idea.

"Adrienne" he said as he walked over to her "Do you remember the day I came home from America after the war?"

She smiled at him "of course, how could I forget? I was visiting with the Queen when the messenger told me you were home and the Queen asked if she could ride out with me to greet you."

He put his arms around her. "And do you remember what happened the moment you got me alone?"

She gave a quick laugh "Yes, I fainted."

He released her from the embrace and kissed her "That's right. And I carried you upstairs…"

"Stop it." She giggled

"For a week, you fainted every time I entered a room you were in."

"I remember that too. It got frustrating after a few days." She grinned.

"After I knew you were alright, I quite enjoyed it. What man wouldn't want to be able to make his wife swoon whenever he walks into the same room as her?"

"I know what you're trying to do." She said, still smiling "You're trying to cheer me up. Thank you."

"Am I that transparent?"


"George will be fine. He's safe in America. You needn't worry."

"I know, but he's our only son."

"Adrienne we did what was best. We couldn't be selfish."

"I know. I love you."

"I love you too." He smiled and kissed her again