Dream 5
28 September 2004

Scene 1

I'm at an unfamiliar clothing store trying to pick out a dress for a Christmas party. My mom is with me and we're sifting through all kinds of different dresses on the clothing rack. Eventually one catches my eye; it's a long-sleeved maroon dress with a ruffled front. I tell my mom I like it, and she says it'd look good on me but I'll need some boots to go along with it. Why she says that, I have no idea, but I take her advice and head on over to where the footwear is and start looking.

A man who works at the store comes up to me and asks if he can help.

"I'm looking for a pair of boots," I tell him.

He leads me to where the boots are and points them out, saying something like, "We have lots of boots here. I'm sure you'll find a pair you like."

I do find a pair I like—a pair of black ones that, when I try them on, go up to my shins.

I don't remember buying them (although I'm sure I do), but I do remember walking out of the store with a large shoebox and my new dress bundled up in a plastic bag.

Scene 2

I'm in a cabin. I have no idea where it is or who owns it, but I have a feeling I live there. I'm sitting on a couch (or perhaps it's a loveseat) watching a movie that's showing snowy landscapes—hillsides and trees covered in white, lakes and rivers frozen over. I get really entranced by it, and then I blink and the next thing I know, I'm actually on a snowy landscape.

The snow is about a foot deep and I'm entirely surrounded by trees. I look around, and then choose a direction and start walking.

I come up to a wooden pole that looks man-made and juts at a slant out of the ground. From it hangs a dead rabbit, sprawled out and covered in blood. I don't know why it's there, but I decide to leave it alone. Right as I'm turning to walk away, I notice something else…

A body. More specifically, a corpse. Frozen stiff and sitting against a tree trunk. I can't tell if it's a girl or a boy, but I think it's a girl. Her eyes are open. Icicles hang from her hair. Her legs are spread out in front of her and her arms dangle limply at her sides.

I feel the urge to run, not because I'm scared of a dead body but because I feel I might end up like her if I don't get away from where I'm at. I've only seen two dead things, but for some reason I sense that there are more.

I run and run, but there seems to be no end to this forest I'm in. The sun begins to set and I start panicking because I don't like the idea of having to survive the blistering cold at night. I have nothing except the clothes I'm wearing (jeans and a long-sleeved shirt beneath a coat), and there's no way that I'd be able to make a fire using sticks and sharp rocks.

I keep running, this way and that, until I come upon a frozen river. I stand by it, hesitant, not sure if I should risk trying to cross. But then something, or someone, pushes me from behind and I fall forward, crashing through the ice and into the arctic water below.

Scene 3

I'm back in the cabin, lying down on the couch/loveseat. I sit up, rub my eyes, and look around. A woman wearing a white bathrobe comes up to me and asks if I would go outside and tell her kids to come back in because the sun's going down and they need to get ready for bed. I say I'll do it.

So I go outside. Her kids are nowhere to be found in the front yard so I walk down to the back yard, and sure enough, there they are, running around. One's a girl and one's a boy. I tell them that their mom wants them to come back in now. The girl agrees and sprints towards the front of the house. The boy, however, is not so willing. He runs away.

I run after him, following him into the woods that border the cabin's back yard. I chase him down a muddy slope where, at the bottom, beneath a steep bank, there is a fast-flowing river. He climbs up on a rock that hangs over it and stares at the water.

I inch towards him with an outstretched arm, but right as I'm about to grab him, he leaps off the rock into the river and is carried away by the current.