Ages are same as before. Shelby, Courtney, Pete, Artie, Darren, and Dalton are all 17/18 depending on birthdays. Riker and Jeff are 32. Lasey is 6 and Ryan is 4.

This short story is also reminiscent of something my friend Shelby actually experienced, though not to this actual magnitude. Her reaction to what she heard was actually way more entertaining than the one here. Butwhatever, we got to cuddle her as she whimpered and squealed "ew"

I love my Duck Buddy 3

Shelby was lying out in the grass, looking up at the clouds. Courtney was lying beside her, humming along to the music coming from Shelby's phone. They were both avoiding doing their homework, as well as taking advantage of the nice weather. A few of their classmates were lounging around outside as well.

"Hey guys," Pete said as he lay down in the grass next to Shelby.

"What's up?" Courtney asked.

"Escaping my room. Darren and Dalton were just sitting in there and giggling. It was super annoying," Pete replied.

"Mmh. They're almost sickening now that they're finally dating," Shelby breathed.

"Yep," Courtney and Pete hummed in unison.

"At least they're finally dating, though," Courtney said.

"Valid," Shelby said. "Only took them a year."

"I swear, those two hooked up at least three times before they got together," Pete said.

"Oh, I know," Shelby said. "I found out that the weekend they spent at Riker and Jeff's they got to third. I was so pissed at them."

"Dumb asses," Courtney snorted.

"Yep," Shelby agreed as Pete chuckled. "But, whatever. As long as they're happy."

"Pretty sure they're more than happy," Pete said.

"True. Dalton isn't such a blushing virgin anymore," Courtney agreed.

"Which was so stupid. He was nowhere near completely innocent anymore," Shelby said.

"Seriously," Courtney laughed.

"True. I heard some interesting stories from Artie about what he's walked in on," Pete said.

"What now?" Artie asked as he walked up to them and flopped down onto the ground.

"You walking in on Dalton," Pete replied.

"Oh yeah. He and that dude he dated last year used to go at it all the time," Artie said. "It was super disturbing the first few times. After that I got used to it."

"Oh Dalton," Shelby breathed as Courtney laughed.

"He is such a dork," Courtney added.

"Yep," Shelby, Pete, and Artie agreed. Then, Shelby's music cut off as someone called her.

"Hello?" Shelby asked.

"Shelby!" Ryan's voice squeaked on the other side of the line.

"Hey, Ryan!" Shelby giggled. "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Daddy told me to dial your number!" Ryan giggled. "Not now I don't know where Daddy went. Daddy!"

"He went to help Papa, Ry," Lasey's voice came.

"But he tell me to call Shelby!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Calm down! I'm coming!" Riker's voice called out.

"Here you go, Daddy," Ryan giggled. "Bye, Shelby!"

"Bye, Ryan," Shelby replied before Ryan handed the phone off to Riker. "So, Riker, what's up?"

"Do you have any idea where Darren or Dalton is?" Riker asked.

"Pete said they are in his and Darren's room," Shelby replied.

"Which means they're not paying attention to their phones," Riker sighed.

"Yep," Shelby agreed.

"Do me a favor and get them?" Riker asked.

"Aye, aye," Shelby said, pushing up from the ground. "C'mon guys. We have to go bring the love birds back into reality."

"Oh, fun," Courtney laughed as Artie pulled her up from the ground.

"All in a day's work," Pete chuckled as they all headed back towards the dorms.

"What do you need them for, anyway?" Shelby asked Riker.

"We need one or both of them to watch the monsters this weekend," Riker replied.

"I am not a monster, Daddy!" Lasey's voice protested.

"Rawr!" Ryan's voice added.

"Lasey, you are a menace. Ryan wouldn't do more than half the stuff he does if it weren't for you," Jeff called out.

"Oh, Lasey. Stop pouting. You know it's true," Riker laughed.

"She is so sassy," Shelby said.

"She gets it from Jeff," Riker said. "Their sass-offs are hilarious. They're having one right now through stares."

"I think Lasey losing," Ryan's voice giggled.

"Yeah, well Papa has thirty-two years of practice," Riker replied.

"Alright, well I am approaching the room now," Shelby said.

"Hey, love birds! Riker's got a job…ah!" Shelby screeched as she threw open the door. She immediately dropped to the floor and covered her face with her hands.

"Shit," Dalton hissed.

"Damn, Dalton! Get it!" Artie laughed.

"Oh my god," Shelby whimpered, still covering her face as Courtney dropped to her side and Artie continued to laugh as Darren and Dalton swore at him. Shelby peeked out from between her hands. She let out a yelp and then ran down the hall before collapsing against a wall and slid down it.

"Shelby! Are you okay?" Riker's voice asked through the phone.

"No! Darren was inside Dalton! I am not okay!" Shelby exclaimed. Riker snorted with laughter. "It's not funny, Riker Samuel!"

"I'm laughing more at the fact that Dalton is a bottom," Riker said.

"Wait, what?" Jeff's voice exclaimed.

"Yeah, according to what Shelby just walked in on," Riker chuckled.

"Don't remind me!" Shelby squealed, looking back down the hallway to see Artie and Pete laughing as they tried to force their way into the room while Darren and Dalton yelled at them. Courtney was walking towards Shelby, shaking her head.

"Pete and Artie have issues," Courtney breathed as she sank to the floor next to Shelby, who nodded in agreement.

"So do Riker and Jeff. They're laughing over the fact that Dalton is a bottom," Shelby said.

"Oh my god, Dalton is such a bottom, no question about it," Courtney said. Shelby gave Courtney a look and Courtney laughed and shrugged. "We had a conversation about it once last year. He is such a bottom."

"Disturbing," Shelby hissed.

"Anyway, once those two have pants on, tell Darren to get his dominant ass on the phone with me," Riker laughed.

"Ugh, he is so going to hate me for telling you," Shelby breathed.

"Oh yeah. We are going to tease them to death," Riker told her. "I think Jeff is even planning on calling Dalton a cock slut."

"Yes, sir!" Jeff laughed in the background.

"Papa, you call Daddy a cock slut though!" Lasey's voice exclaimed.

"And I told you not to say that," Jeff replied.

"No, you said not to mention it when we're around anyone other than you and Daddy!" Lasey protested.

"She's actually right, Jeff," Riker laughed.

"Alright, this is when I hang up and leave you to deal with your daughter knowing the phrase cock slut. I don't need to hear anymore," Shelby said.

"Mkay. Make sure Darren called," Riker laughed before hanging up.

"Hold on…Lasey knows the phrase cock slut?" Courtney asked.

"Apparently so. I doubt she knows what it means. She just said that Jeff calls Riker one," Shelby replied. Courtney snorted with laughter and shook her head.

"Such a weird family," Courtney breathed. Shelby nodded in agreement as they walked back towards Pete and Artie who were still laughing and yelling at Darren and Dalton through the door. Shelby sighed and pushed Artie and Pete away from the door to pound on it.

"You two! When you're done fucking, call Riker and Jeff!" Shelby said.

"Fuck you!" Dalton exclaimed.

"No way! That's Darren's job!" Artie yelled back.

"Shut up!" Darren called out.

"Oh, you shut up!" Courtney replied.

"If it still smells like sex when I get back, I will harm you!" Pete called out.

"Shut up, Peter!" Darren yelled.

"Nah way! Just tell Dalton to stop being such a cock slut!" Pete replied.

"I hate you!" Dalton exclaimed.

"Whatever!" the rest of them replied, laughing as they all walked away, giving each other high-fives.

Just gonna say, I absolutely love Lasey. I need to work with her more. I might write a short story about when their surrogate has Lasey, but I don't know yet. Right now I am more focused on writing the actual story. Maybe I'll do one with her as a teenager, because Lasey as a teenager would be priceless. Priceless, I tell you. Priceless.

Also, I had such an issue typing "Pete" during this. I was more focused on looking at the sheets of paper I was copying from (I actually wrote this out on paper during a black out) and I kept typing "Pepe" instead. Lol :3

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little thang :D