Chapter 1: A Past

" One-chan, I love You. Please be my girlfriend. "

[One-chan: older sister]

*-Riiiiiing/School Bell-*

''... Ki...i... Yuki...? Wake up! ''

[ Ah, I had a dream,,,, and who is shaking my shoulder now?]

'' Yuuuukiiii...!'' *screams to the ear*

'' got it! got it! =.=,,, I get up now. Sorry I fell asleep again. ''

[ It's Akira. You don't have to scream== ]

[ Rubbing my eyes as I open them slowly and look at the one sitting glaring next to me. ]

'' arrhhhh..!'' [ I shout out lightly with her deadly expression.]

'' what ''arrhhh''? Finally, you're awake. What were you dreaming of? I had a hard time waking you up just now, y'know. ''

[ She's my childhood friend. We're best friend, I say. We study in the same school and always stick together since we were little. She's also someone who'd always listen to my problems *crazy problems*. She doesn't talk much, that's why I like telling her stories and ask her to keep secret. Moreover, her expression is always the same, like this -_-. It's always like this. Looks like a stoney face. ]

'' heheh... I had that dream but it wasn't the matter at all. ''

[having it repeatedly without knowing the source of its reason. I wonder too... where did I get that dream from...?].

'' Sorry, It's bcos I didnt sleep much last nite so I got all tired rite now. '' *smiles and rubs her eyes lightly*

'' a same dream? Don't tell me you've been having the same dream all this time. That's wired. However, you should rest more. Don't think a lot. Though it still has only a week left, you shouldn't wear yourself out. Be careful! Health is more important. Beware passing out during exam.'' = Akira's speech.

[ She's worried about me. T T how touched! Even she's an expressionless person, she's a worried sick too. T T how touched! How touched! ]

'' What are you doing? Stop with that puppy eyes and hurry collect your books then go to the next class. D'you know what time is it now? Or do you want to be late? Hurry up! You lazy... ''

[ Ah,,,,, I take what I just said back. ]

'' Got it! Don't be too rush! *pouts*''

[ I reply tiredly as I grab my books and walk after her. She goes so fast==,,,,, hey, Akira,, wait,,,]

[ Hello readers! Let me introduce myself to you all a bit.

My name is Yuki, Nakamura Yuki. I am turning 18 this year and I have an unforgettable family background want to tell, but it is all in the past now. And is it all right to talk about family matter here...?

Before, I used to live in a happy family- Mother, Father and an older brother. We lived as an average simple family but happy to be together. My father worked in a small company as a clothes designer, my mother was a teacher taught at the school I and my brother studied. At that time, I was only 8 years old, one year younger than my brother's age. That is why we needed to go to school.

My Mom was a good person, beautiful and kind. Also was Dad. I thought, as long as we could live together like this without worrying about money, we would live happily together forever. But, one day we received a surprised shock and could not bring ourselves to believe it.

Mom fell sick and it was a serious illness. When dad heard about it, he was very upset and scared. He did everything to help mom live but that illness needed much money, much more money that we could not afford. Dad left no choice but to sell anything he could to get as much money as possible. I and Ani-chan could not do anything to help since we were very little. Then, we decided to quit school on our own without listening Dad's reproach.

Then little by little, Dad managed to get enough money for mom to do a surgery. He was so happy, grabbed the money and smiley running to hospital along with us, hoping that Mom would get better again soon so that we could see her smiling face again. A family without Mom was not a complete family at all. However, at the same time dad stepped his foot in Mom's hospital room, he felt something was wrong. I could tell that too. There were Doctor and nurse in the room watching Mom lying on the bed closing both of her eyes.

Dad became like a stone all of sudden. Without letting the Doc telling him what was going on, he jumped and kneeled beside Mom's bed, holding her hand to his face that was full of hot and cold tears, kissed her, cuddled in the bed then sobbed pitifully.

I stood beside Ani-chan at the door holding his hand tightly. Seeing Mom was sleeping silently ignoring dad's crying like that, my tear fell as hard as a rainy storm. Everything was over. All the hard work and the hope we had, were all over. Mom had gone, forever and never came back. The only things we had left now were Suffering and Pain.

*be contined*

[ this is only my second story and since I'm not so good in English, is there's any mistake, please go easy on me. Thank you. :)) ]