Chapter 25

After parting the way with both Yahiro and Keita, Yuki walks to the class alone. During that time, something about Keita seems to bother Yuki's peace of mind. It isn't about the accident that happened this morning nor the disappointment that she wasn't able to get close to him, but it's something else, something that gives out a different feeling. A feeling that she used to have a loooong time ago now came back.

/Yuki's Part\\\\

'' Keita-kun...hmmm. If I was wrong, why do I feel like that? I felt like they are the same person... Ahhhhhhhh! *head squeezing* damn it! Why do I feel like he is Kei? Even the names are the same! The difference is that his surname... But could it be that he change his surname after going to the new house? o_o It could be possible... ''

*walk, walk, walk*

'' Even his appearance is a little bit different, his eyes are still the same... how should I say this? ''

'' But,,,,,, just wait a minute...o_o! If he was the Kei I used to know, does that mean he didn't recognize me? That's why he acts like we're strangers...? 0_0... But what if what I'm thinking now is wrong? == But,, what if it is true? Doesn't that mean I fell in love with...? NO WAY! *thump* must be my imagination. ''

Yuki is fighting with her own thought over ''true-or-not'' about Keita's matter. Things slowly getting to an end...maybe.


*noise, noise~~~~*

[ This is the last period now,,,, how nice... Time to go home... But before I go home, I need to go and meet someone first -.-*... Art Department of Year 2...huh? Mmmmm,,,, which class did he tell me again,,,, I kinda forgot,,,,*poor at remembering thing* ]

*walk, walk, stump, stump*

'' Yoooooo~~~~ Hiiiiii there,,,,, ^^/ '' *pop out*


[ A handsome guy came out of a class' window, greeting me all of sudden, XPPP too sudden for me to notice his face... *but still know that he's handsome* ]

'' ^^ What's this? We meet again. ''

'' o_o ehhh!? You're the weirdo from before...''

'' HUh? Werido? Did you just call me a weirdo? Wuhahahah XDDD The last time you call me was A Bad guy, now you call me a Weirdo,,,, hahah... ''

'' Yeah! So what? What's so funny? You suit them both, anyway! *anger* ''

[ Why do I have to meet this guy here of all place ? *FLASHBACK from previous chapter* '' Didn't you say that you wanted to die? ^^ I was thinking of helping you. If you want it, you can look for me... *whispers* Special discount for pretty lady like yooou~~ heheheh *giggles* ''. That what he said to me,,, == How fishy! ]

After recalling the flashback she had when she first met him, Yuki's slowly making her way out of there,,,,,, slowly and quietly escaping... Hopefully, the other person doesn't notice.

[ Let me get away from him as soon as possible, yo == ]

'' WIAT! '' *block*

[ XPPPP He blocks my way with his body, I mean with his both big arms... Soooo tallll...]

'' I ammmm glad, you know^^ *eyes shine*. Did you specially come here to look for me to continue what we were talking about before? Have you decided? I can help you, you know ^^ *shine, shine* ''

'' Like Hell! Who would come here to look for you because of that creepy talk! Damn it! MOve! I'm looking for my Nii-chan...not You! ''

'' o_o Nii-chan? Your Nii-chan is a student in this department too? ^^ I'm glad... Who would he be? Introduce ue, introduce ue, introduce ue...^^ I'd like to know a Nii-chan of a wonderful young lady like yourself *grin* How wonderful is he... ''

[ XOOO What the HELL is wrong with this guy? He's sooooooo annooooooying! ]

'' Are you looking for me, Seiji? ''

'' *shock* Whaooooo...XPPPP where the hell did you come from, Yuu? Damn, you scared me! ''

'' I came 'cos I thought I heard you were talking about her wonderful Nii-chan or whatever... ''

'' o_o what? Don't tell me, You're her...? ''

'' Nii-chaaaaaaaaaaan... *O* '' *scream of relief*

[ Yuu-nii popped out behind that guy's back out of blue, making him jump like a frog out of shock, and make a weird face after hearing Yuu-nii is my brother...,,,,, hahaha funny! Losing his cool! Serve him right. ]

[ As for me, I pull Yuu-nii to my side and hide behind his back ^^. Making him like a bodyguard going against a mental monster right in front of us... ]

'' What's the matter, Yuki? ''

'' Don't go near that guy, Nii-chan. He has mental problem... A serious metal problem ! ''

'' You're calling me a metal monster, and that Lady-man is your Nii-chan? XPPP That pervert? Seriously? OH gosh! ''

'' who's a pervert? You bastard...! ''

'' *pissed* Don't call me that! You're the most idiotic pervert in the class! ''

'' Speak to yourself, Seiji! I'm gonna kiilllll you! DIE! '' *short-temper*

*start a fight*


'' Are you guys kid or what? Fighting rolling chocking each other neck on the floor, don't you see the other students are watching you ? ! What a shame! ''

*BANG!* Both got hit by Yuki.

'' *peace* Sorry, I never imagined you had such a wonderful lady like Yuki as your sister, Yuu. '' *puppy-eyes*

[ *o* He's complimenting me... Not bad, lol...Forgive him. ]

'' Go into the classroom now, Seiji. You're annoying here... '' *toss Seiji back into the class*

'' Ahhhhhh~~~~~Yuu, you're so mean! I wanna talk with Yuki a little moooooooore... ''

'' Gezzzz... Now what is it, Yuki? ''

'' Hmmmm! You still have the face to ask me what is it, Niiii-chaaaan? -.-* ''

[ Geezzz,,,, they won't go down if they don't get a hit, I think. They do have the same personality. No wonder they're friends. Serve them right... But come to think of it again, that Seiji guy is really scary T~T,,,, just now he knew what I was thinking in my mind...?

*recall* '' You're calling me a metal monster, and that Lady-man is your Nii-chan? XPPP That pervert? Seriously? OH gosh! ''. He actually could read mind,,, T~~T ]

'' What are you going on about now? -.- ''

'' , Don't you know what kind of sin have you committed? You left me coming to school alone even if we are in the same school now... How mean! ''

'' What the... ? -,- I came to school alone because I thought you already have Akira, your best friend. And wasn't you the one who told me that '' It is ok even if Yuu-nii doesn't come to school with me since I already have Akira ^^. ''... You said so yourself with a smile, so don't blame me. I just did what you wanted me to, though ''

'' o_o augh! Did I really say it like that? ''

'' Believe or not, I don't care. But you really said it -,- ''

'' ^^ ah he, he, he, he... *peace* So, that's how it is... I seem to have it remembered now. He, he, he,... my bad... But for today, can we go home together, Nii-chan -.-? Akira didn't come today, so I'm all alone. ''

'' She didn't come? Why? ''

'' Family matter or so. ''

'' Fine. I don't mind if we have to go home together every day. ''

'' *o* go home together every day after school...? That sounds like we are real siblings! ''

'' == what stupid thing are you talking about this time? So now we don't look like siblings? ''

'' Heheh,,,, just kidding! I'm just happy that Yuu-nii offered a go-home-together request, since you're a popular, I thought you'd spend your time more with your friends after school *o*, Like: going to club, karaoke, movie,,, blah, blah,,,''

'' And if that happens, Dad will lecture me for 3 days and 3 nights or more, under a topic ' Not taking care of his own sister', right? :| ''

'' ^^ You're right! NO wonder you're so smart! ''

'' (_ _) anyone would know about it when it comes to studying in the same school and the same time as his own sister. ''

'' ^^ so,,, it's decided. I'm gonna wait for you in front of the gate. I'm going now. Don't make me wait too long :/...''

*Wivvvvvv~~~~ disappears*

'' o_o She's gone in just a blink of an eye! Amazing! ''

'' Ehhhhhhh~~~~~T_T your sister's already gone? ''

[ And Seiji's come back -_- ]

'' Yes, she's gone now. '' *walk into the class*

'' You know, I was shocked to have heard that Yuki is your sister. '' *follow*

'' What's so shock about it? '' *annoyed*

'' I was shocked because I never have thought a playboy who only takes girls' heart lightly and never be serous with them like ya would care so much about his own sister like this, heheh *giggling*. ''

'' When did I care for her? '' *annoyed*

'' Stop with that salty mouth of yours, man. You think you can lie me? When I was testing your sister, I always felt a deadly glaring from inside the class toward me. You were glaring at me, weren't you -,-? Thinking I wound do something to her? Gezzz,,,, how scary giving of that dead stare... ''

'' Ha, ha, ha, ha. Yeah, you may be right. I was glaring at you, because I didn't want the other person got the wrong idea -,-. Do you know what I mean, Lord Seiji? ''

'' Don't ever call me by that creepy tone! And how the hell would I know what it mean? ''

'' Well,,,, listen to me carefully then,,,,, ''

'' o_o ''

'' *serious tone* At that time, I wasn't the only one who glared at you... *point* she was also glaring at you the whole time. ''

'' Huuhhh!? She? Who? *turn* Megumi-san? *shock* But... no way. You must be mistaken. ''

'' Who knows? I may be mistaken, or maybe not. It's the truth or not, why don't you have a talk with her? ''

[ Me...? Talk with her? But the last time we talked was...awful! I made her cry and got a slap myself *sigh*

I didn't even get a chance to apologize about what I said to her the other time too... But why did she stare me? No idea.]