See him? Walking Near?

Lurking in the shadows,

Causing man to fear.

He is dark, mysterious,

A chance meeting could be perilous,

If you are unprepared.

Who is this one, this fiend?

Will he come softly- like a dream?

Or encroach upon you boldly,

Robbing you, and only,

Leaving memories so keen?

To some he's the face of evil

And perhaps that is believable,

Since he catches unawares.

This one we know to sunder

The body and the soul,

Taking to eternal darkness,

Or everlasting morn.

On that day when you shall meet him

For one thing happeneth to all,

Will you view him as a demon?

Or a transport to the skies?

For him you must be ready-

In Jesus Christ Salvation lies.


This one called Death, and please consider,

How he draweth nearer still,

Mayhap he's waiting on you doorstep,

Or at the windowsill.

But surely he is waiting,

How near or far we cannot know.

So make ready to meet your Maker,

Friend, prepare to meet thy God.