Prologue: The Tale Of The Brother Of Light And The Brother Of Darkness

A long time ago there were two brothers, one of light and one of darkness. All loved the brother of light as he used his strength and magic to help the people of his land. The people of the land, however, shunned the brother of darkness; they feared his dark aura and power. Even when the brother of darkness did good deeds the people would turn to the brother of light for assistance.

With each passing day the brother of darkness never grew to hate his brother, but no matter what he did, no matter how many people he saved every single person feared him and loved his brother. He had always loved and admired his brother, and as far as he knew his brother loved him just as equally if not more.

One day a fierce dragon attacked the brothers' kingdom, destroying many of the villagers' homes. Both the brother of light and the brother of darkness stood against the dragon. The brother of light used his strength and powerful pure magic to attack the dragon's head and tail while the brother of darkness used his cunning and merciless dark magic to assault the dragon's massive body. The dragon, tired of the brothers' attempts to destroy it, swung its tail and knocked the brother of light unconscious. A thin line of blood ran down his face where the end of the dragon's tail had hit him.

Upon seeing his brother hurt the brother of darkness screamed in fury. He charged the dragon with all his might, only to get knocked back by the dragon's claws. The brother of darkness sailed across the air and crashed through a window. Without pause the brother of darkness rose to his feet and hopped back through the window, glaring at the dragon with a thin line of blood running down the opposite side of his face than that of his brother.

Once again the brother of darkness screamed, but this time he rose into the air, staring at the dragon, his eyes turned from a clear blue to a deep crimson. The dragon, seemingly unfazed by the transformation, stared back at the brother of darkness with its eyes shining. A black aura gathered around the brother of darkness as he raised his right arm and summoned a black pentagram onto the ground in front of the dragon. A bright flash erupted from the pentagram and hit the dragon with enormous force. The blast sent the dragon rearing on its hind legs, snarling in anger. The brother of darkness chanted a dark spell at the dragon, piercing its heart with blackness. The dragon fell to the earth, dead.

The brother of light rose to his feet, wiping the blood from his face as he slowly walked toward his brother. Gently the brother of light reached out to touch the brother of darkness. The brother of darkness recoiled from his brother and readied himself with another spell. The brother of light did not flinch as he prepared to take his brother's attack at full force.

Upon seeing his brother the brother of darkness lowered his hand, the dark red of his eyes returned to their natural blue. The brother of light smiled slightly as he reached to put his hand on his brother's shoulder. The brother of darkness' feet touched the ground as the brother of light's warm hand rested lightly on his shoulder. The brother of darkness tried to explain what had happened as the brother of light dabbed at the cut on his forehead. The brother of darkness stared at the blood dripping from the cut on the brother of light's head, as he told him not to blame himself for his outrage.

After some time both of the brothers' heads stopped bleeding and the villagers came out of their homes. The villagers were even more terrified of the brother of darkness now than they had been before, the women screamed in horror as their eyes fell on the caucus of the dragon and the men circled around the brothers prepared to defend themselves. The brother of light tried to explain to the villagers that the brother of darkness had saved them all from the dragon but they continued to spite him.

The brother of darkness was so taken back by the way the villagers shunned him after he had risked everything to save them that he started baking away from the villagers and his brother. They had always liked his brother better than him and they never feared his magic or power. Rage crept into the brother of darkness once again as these thoughts passed through his mind. Now he not only felt hatred for the villagers but for the brother of light as well. Everything was always so perfect for his brother and he had to deal with being spited and hated his entire life. It was not fair, why was he so different from his brother? What was it that made his brother more special than he? Why?

The brother of darkness turned his back on them all, he did not need the villagers to accept him or his powers and he did not need his brother's pity either. Both the brother of light and the brother of darkness were equal in power and in strength but the brother of darkness was going to change that, he was going to do everything in his power to become stronger. He had to get stronger, he was going to show everyone in the land of Hethron that he was better than the brother of light and if they feared him for it then so be it. No longer was he going to be trapped in his brother's shadow, no longer would he be bothered by what others thought of him.

The brother of darkness turned back and looked at the brother of light right in his eyes, tears streamed down his face as he turned and ran out of the village. The brother of light called out and ran after him, but when he got out of the village he could not see his brother anywhere. For thirteen days and thirteen nights the brother of light searched for the brother of darkness. On the morning of the fourteenth day he returned to the village without his brother.

As the brother of light walked slowly into the village tears poured down his face, he had failed his brother, he could not protect him from the views of the villagers and he could not deny the fact that he had slain the dragon on his own. The brother of light had never feared the brother of darkness or his power and still did not after what had happened. He knew he had to find his brother; he needed to know if he was okay.

The villagers, on the other hand, were overjoyed to be rid of the brother of darkness. Everyone in the village was full of happiness and greeted the brother of light with pure joy. They thought it was he who had driven the brother of darkness out of the village.

For seven months the brother of light hoped and prayed that the brother of darkness would return to the village and that they would pick up their lives where they left off before that faithful day when they fought the dragon. Five years passed and the brother of light lost all hope of ever seeing his brother again.

After the brother of darkness left the village he ran until he made it to the mountain range two hundred miles away from the village. Even when he heard the brother of light calling after him he did not stop until he collapsed against the cold stones and rocks of the mountain. When the brother of darkness awoke hatred filled him once more. He used that hatred to build himself a caste at the very top of the tallest mountain in the area.

In the five years that he was gone the brother of darkness trained his senses and his body for the day that he would get revenge against the villagers and the brother of light. Day after day he trained and every once in a while he could hear the brother of light calling for him. The brother of darkness sneered to himself because he knew that with each day the brother of light spent searching for him he was getting stronger.

The brother of darkness shielded himself from the brother of light for five years and on the anniversary of the day the brother of darkness left his village he waged war on the brother of light.

The brother of light was looking out across the land when he saw the brother of darkness walk calmly into the village. The brother of light was so overjoyed that he ran out of his castle to greet the brother of darkness but before he reached him he had set fire to the entire village.

When the brother of darkness saw the brother of light he fired several dark energy balls at him. The brothers fought for hours, some even say days, before the brother of light fell to the brother of darkness. The brother of darkness did not kill the brother of light but instead left him lay where he fell. To this day the war between the brother of light and the brother of darkness wages on, no one knows if or when it will ever end.