Didn't get presents,

Or even wealth.

Just spent the whole day,

In my room by myself.

Didn't have Mommy,

Didn't have Dad,

Turning 14 really made me sad.

Didn't go nowhere,

Just stayed at home.

My siblings down stairs,

While I'm in my room all alone.

Sure I had T'Ara,

But she's always there.

And that whole day I slept,

Didn't do my hair.

Only took a shower,

And only got food,

But neither of these things, not even sleeping,

Brightened my mood.

I started a pillow case,

And wrote more in my book,

Not even these helped me,

I didn't even look.

Didn't have fun,

Just sat at home bored.

I was so lonely,

Probably when I slept, I snored.

Made food for the littles,

Avoided shawn.

Just listened to music,

Sang every song.

Got littles in the tub,

And got ready since tomorrow is school.

Doing all of this,

On my birthday, I felt like a fool.

But thats what happened,

When my mother left home.

Forced to spend my birthday,


No sign of daddy,

He's gone away.

Mommy still hasn't come back,

Not at all today.

So happy birthday to me,

I'm turning 14,

Not an age after,

Or in between.

Nich and Chase moments,

Have lost all their spark,

Just sat in my room,

Alone in the dark.

Lost in my thoughts,

That became every verse,

I want this day to be over,

But I have to sleep first.

So with this Good-Night-Good-Bye,

I give you good heed.

The poem ends here,

Happy BirthDay To Me.