sticky notes

My whole room is colored rainbow,

With sticky notes everywhere.

Sticky notes in my closet,

Even some in my hair.

Sticky note here to walk the dog,

Sticky note there for reading,

Sticky note here to groom the cats,

And sticky note here to feed em'.

The ones on my ceiling,

Are notes for my test,

The ones on my pillow,

"Study, do not forget."

But of course I forgot,

To many notes to read.

I'm so very busy,

Someone help me please!

Sticky note on diahwasher,

Says it needs fixin,

Sticky note on the bowl,

Says cake mix needs mixin.

Sticky note in the shower,

"Don't forget to take one."

Sticky note on the melted crayons,

"Keep out of the sun."

Sticky note,Here,

Sticky noteThere,

To many sticky notes,