Shikon shivered against her will. How long had it been since she was this cold? At first she couldn't remember, but then an image of a young teenage girl, herself, swimming through the river with long, powerful strokes. Her red hair streamed behind her in the water, looking as graceful as a flame. Those days were so long ago, when she hadn't been turned yet.

As the cold enveloped her, she fought to figure out the source, as well as why everything was so dark.

Her night-visioned eyes saw nothing, only blackness. The thought of being blind caused her to shudder, and she desparately wished this was a dream, or some sort of nightmare.

Suddenly, light flooded her vision. But this did nothing to help her see; her cat-like eyes were so used to darkness, the light was burning and blinding. It was brighter than she had ever seen, brighter than witchlight and torchlight. All the cold seeped from her body, replaced with an odd warmth that spread over her skin like sunlight.

Sunlight. That's what it was.

She expected the usual burning, the pain, that came from being in sunlight. She was a vampire, after all, and she always burned in sunlight. So...why was it that now, she felt nothing but a pleasant warmth?

Pleasent. She had never thought of sunlight to be something pleasant, even when she was young and could enjoy it. But now, after so long of being in darkness, she welcomed the feeling. It was as if she was underneath a blanket, warm and soft, but not heavy. It was...wonderful, for lack of a better word.

Her eyes had almost adjusted, and she could pick out shapes in her surroundings. Trees, bushes, a river to her left. She was at home, in her forest, outside her cave.

She sighed. At least she knew where she was. And it was somewhere safe, somewhere she could relax.

She knew this was a dream, in some part of her mind. Something far in the back of her mind was telling her that she needed to wake up, for she had things to do, but the rest of her mind was in content bliss.

She was laying back against the soft, green grass, looking up at the sky. The sky looked so beautiful, at the peak of day, bright blue and dotted with soft white clouds. It was so lovely to look at, and Shikon hadn't even seen it for so long, she had forgotten what it looked like.

She heard a rustling, and when she turned her head, she saw her beloved laying beside her in the grass. His golden eyes locked on her, and he smiled, and most brilliant smile, the smile that had her falling in love with him every time she saw it.

She was about to open her mouth, so say something sweet like how much she loved him, when she felt something cold creep over her.

She turned, and saw another young man hovering over her, smiling. His dark eyes gleamed, his dark hair shining in the now-fading sunlight.

She smiled back at him, but suddenly remembered her beloved. She turned, and much to her dismay, he was gone. She turned back to Sebastian, and saw that his face now hovered just above hers. His breath was soft against her cheek, and her eyelids fluttered. Her mind only barely registered that the sunlight was now gone. The whole forest had fallen dark, ominous.

Sebastian bent down and kissed her slowly on the lips, then his lips began to trail down her jaw, then her neck. She shook her head, and he stopped, looking at her, waiting for an answer.

She quickly got up, shoving the dark-eyed boy off of her as she got to her feet. She looked around for her love, her angel, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"He's not coming back." Sebastian said, suddenly standing directly behind her.

"Why?" Shikon asked, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"He hates you. You're nothing but a monster, after all. A heartless, bloodthirsty monster."

Shikon turned around, to see that Sebastian was no longer there. He suddenly was behind her again, but she couldn't see him, only hear him, and feel his breath on her neck. His arms snaked around her waist and she felt herself pulled back against his chest.

"No, no, that can't be true. He loves me." She protested, and his grip tightened.

"He hates you. I hate you, even. How would it be possible for an angel to love a vampire?"

"No, that's not true!" She shouted, and tried to pull away from the demon boy. His grip around her tightened, and one arm was now around her neck. She gasped for air, and suddenly thought that it was odd, because she didn't breathe. But she found herself choking under his strong grip.

"No, no! That isn't true! He loves me! A-and I love him! Let me go!"

"Never. You're mine, now." He said. His voice had gone throaty, and was now nothing but a growl with faint words underneath it.

"Sebastian, you're hurting me!" Shikon choked out.

"I know. Because I hate you. You're a vampire, a murderer, you deserve to die."

His grip pulled ever tighter, cutting off her air supply entirely. She gasped and sputtered, gasping for any trace of oxygen.

"Goodbye, killer. You'll never hurt anyone, ever, again."

It was the last thing she heard before her vision faded, and her struggling body went limp. Whatever life or soul she had as a vampire, was gone.