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When I pictured my wedding, I expected me walking down the aisle, a smile on my face, and my father giving me away. It was supposed to be one of the most important event of my life. I was supposed to find my dream wedding dress, bridesmaids that would help me, me trying to not become a bridezilla, and my mom fussing every small little thing. The keyword in those sentences was supposed.

Let's be honest to ourselves, at least a small part of our lives has thought of what our wedding would be like. I've dreamed of mine since I was a little kid, of course, it gradually became less princess-like and more realistic along the way. One thing that never changed though was that, my 'prince' will be waiting for me at the altar, staring at me only as I walked down the aisle. It was supposed to be that way.

But like always, expectations are totally different from reality. Just like now, for example. When I woke up, the first thing I felt was the bed sheets which I shouldn't be able to feel in places that are usually always covered. Then I felt my head being cracked open by a sledge hammer and whatever destructive thing there is imaginable. Then I turned my head towards where the abominable sunlight is coming and what do I see? Beside me was a man I never met before. A man. A godly man at that since I could see the obvious abs on his body and his arms were almost the size of basketball but I might be a tad exaggerating it a bit. I looked up at his face to see that he was sleeping peacefully while I stared at him not fully processing the whole situation in my head yet. His eyelashes were something that girls' could only dream of having. And then his hair looked like silk and felt like it too when I poked it.

Next thing I knew, he turned to the side with his back facing me and the blanket that was covering fell and there I see his butt. A fine butt, but a butt. What the fuck is happening? Taking a deep breath I looked under the sheets to me totally bare and the feeling of soreness from where its not supposed to. Like a freaking landslide and avalanche, I finally understood what the hell just happened to me. I don't know exactly what happened, but I got the gist of it. How I ended up here is a big question.

Gathering whatever sanity I had left, I wondered what I was supposed to do in this kind of situation. Should I grab my things and leave or should I wait for him to wake up? This never happened to me before, I was a virgin just the night before… I just lost it…my innocence!

Without thinking, I grabbed the pillow from under him and hit him with all the force I could muster. "Y-you rapist!" he shot up like a cannon and fell down on the floor with a surprised look on his face. He looked lost like a puppy.

"You're awake now? Usually you should be gone by now." he murmured as he brushed his hair back with his hand. His voice was slightly accented and had a deep and addicting sound to it. As if this always happened to him, he stood up, not even bothering to cover up and I screamed. "As if you've never seen this before."

"Y-you took my virginity!" I yelled at him, using the pillow to cover my red face. "And I don't even remember anything."

"Fuck. Are you serious?" he groaned. There were sounds of clothes rustling. "I was pissed drunk last night so I don't remember much either. You can take that pillow off your face now." I did and the fist thing I did was glare at him. "I'm truly sorry for what happened last night, but I can't change the fact that it happened. You can use the shower if you want and borrow some of my clothes, I don't mind."

Although his voice seemed gentle, the fact that I lost it to someone I didn't even know hit me. Pretty hard. Even harder than that time when I climbed a tree and jumped thinking that I could fly only to his the ground with full force, breaking my left hand and my right knee. I started to cry like there was no tomorrow.

"I was waiting until I was married." I whimpered. When I said the word married, I remembered what had happened except for that part where I was overly drunk. I didn't remember anything after that first drink. I was going to have an arranged marriage. I have to marry a stranger I never met. I have to do the dirty to someone who could be old and ugly. Weighing the situations in, what I got wasn't that bad. I forgot most of it, but at least it was a guy that looked decent. I sound so shallow right now.

"I'm really sorry about what happened." I cocked my head to the side to look at him more closely, my cries subsiding. His eyes were almost like molten gold, so pretty and captivating. And then the way his dark brown hair was messy, he could seriously pull the look off. He wasn't wearing a shirt so I have another perfect view of his abs and down to the V-line. I looked back up at his face only to see him trying to keep that smirk off his face.

"I-I should go home."

"Don't you want to take a shower first and something to eat after? I'm sure that headache is probably hurting a lot more than I can tell."

"If you don't mind, I'll take that offer for that shower." he stood there as I stood up with the blanket around me to keep my modesty. "You can leave now." he let out a grin before actually leaving, but he stopped by the door, his head the only thing there. "The towels are inside cabinet in the bathroom. The clothes are in the closet. Do you need want the pills now or later?"

"Later. Thank you." I told him sincerely as I smiled at him. He looked taken back. He gave me another of those heart-stopping grins and then left me alone in the room. I first stopped to open the closet and grabbed the smallest things that could fit me, which was an obvious old boxer shorts and plain t-shirt. Then went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower, one that was definitely needed. When I finished and changed, I stared at my reflection. There were faded dark circles under my hazel eyes, and my usually pink lips were dull and chapped. My light brown hair was all wavy from the water and my face was pale and red instead of its regular cream. Talk about being a mess.

I left the bathroom and was about to get out of that stranger's room but I hesitated. All I needed was to turn the door knob and pull the door but I couldn't. What was on the other side? I don't know and I have to find out.

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