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I pulled Duke in as discretely as I could, trying to make no sound whatsoever. The girl who I saw made me scrunch my face anger and annoyance. The bane of my existence next to my recently added parents in the list. Her name was Tiffany and I swear to whoever was up there, she was out to get me.

For example, when we were in kindergarten, she took my blue crayon. My favorite color back then. And she lied to the teacher saying that I gave it to her, I so did not. And then in third grade, she tried to get Duke, my best friend, to hate me. Which I say failed to the maximum level. Then fifth grade, a fight almost broke between us when she threw her lunch of nachos and cheese. I broke her nose in the process. My bad. But that just elementary. Ever since then, the fighting went to another total different intensity. So much worse.

Luck never seems to be on my side because I who was trying so hard to be seen, caught her eye the moment I entered. The smirk on her lips told me that she had something under her nonexistent sleeves since she was wearing a tube top. Like usual she was surrounded by guys and her posse which consisted of two other girls who I barely confronted.

"Look who it is. If it isn't daddy's little goody-two shoes." she yelled loud enough for the other rambunctious teenagers to hear since all of them shut up in the process to witness some sort of world war three between the two of us.

I usually ignore her until there was some sort of physical contact and that was when I took action. "Duke. You know I heard there was a new menu today." it was so obvious that I was ignoring her outburst but honestly it gets old after awhile.

"Ivory, Ivory, Ivory." I heard the clicking of her high heels coming closer to where we were sitting and when I glanced up, I was right. "Little virgin girl trying to ignore me, how sweet.

Duke tried to cover up his laughter but that seems to be a failure. His left hand covered his mouth as he laid his head on the table while the other was too busy punching the table in a fit of laughter. In effect, I couldn't help but smile knowing why he was laughing.

When she was at the side of the table, I finally lifted my eyes to look at her and smirked. "Are you taking our orders today," I looked down at the name tag on the left side of her chest as if I didn't know her name, "Tiffany?" she didn't answer.

"No, she isn't. I'm Aimee, I will be taking your orders today." Aimee, a good friend of ours, practically shoved Tiffany just by using her hips. The smile on Aimee's showed that she was taking the challenge that was given to me. Compared to what Tiffany had done to Aimee, what Tiffany had done to me seemed like child play. Frankly, if there was a fight I wanted to see, it was between the two of them.

"Oh is that so?" I shrugged my shoulders while Duke listed out the things he wanted to eat as well as mine. He knew our orders will always be the same no matter what. I glanced back up to see if Tiffany was still here and I let out a smirk when I saw the irritated look on her face. There was no fight that was going to happen, not when another of her enemy was there to finish what she started.

"So what's the news for today?" Aimee asked as pretended to write more orders on the notepad. Her short brown hair was pulled into a messy bun while her dark brown eyes were lined with a black eyeliner.

I gave out a soft computational smile that could be seen that I have big news. "I got drunk." Aimee gave me an incredulous face then relaxed, not believing me. When it was quiet, she did that face that screamed out 'seriously?!', looking at me and Duke. In return I looked at Duke before we both gave her the look that said 'yeah, seriously.' all with no words being spoken. The language of good friends.

"What?! And I wasn't invited? I would have paid to see that!" Aimee exclaimed . She gave us that one minute sign before she practically ran to gave the order to the chef and yelling out that she was taking a quick break. She sat next to Duke and gave her full attention to me, not noticing that Tiffany had already left and the noise went up to its normal noisiness.

Duke muttered out loud enough for all three of to hear, "Trust me, you would not have paid to see this. And I wasn't invited not that I was wanted to."

Aimee grasped what he was blatantly saying and turned to look at him. "No?!"

"Yeah. She had onions." Onions basically meant one night stands. I don't even know how it became onions.

This time she turned to me. "You had onions? I did not see that coming."

"But she did, on both literal sense of the word probably." Duke commented and I couldn't help but reached out and slam his head on the table. "Fuck, what the hell was that for?!" he yelled, clutching his red forehead.

"You're seriously asking that question?" Aimee let out a snort and I just shook my head at his stupidity. He groaned in pain once more before glaring at me. "Was he at least good looking?"

"You have no idea." I answered. She still looked a bit taken back so I let out a snort at her behavior. "It's not that unbelievable."

"Trust me babe, you have no idea how big of a surprise this is. I'm still trying to grasp the idea that out goody-little-two-shoes isn't a good-little-two-shoes anymore." Duke told me with a 'trust me on this' face.

"What I don't understand is why you were drunk in the first place and why Duke wasn't there. You two are like attached at the hips so if he wasn't there, something humongous happened." Aimee was too smart for her own good and this is when Duke comes in. As much as I love Aimee, Duke was the only person can tell everything to.

"The answers to those questions are something that we know, and you to never find out." he gave a grin to show that it can't be helped but not tell her. In response, she shrugged her shoulders and nodded to say no hard feelings. But I knew not telling her has somewhat hurt her since I made it seem that I didn't trust her well enough. The thing was, that was true.

Duke is my person, the one who held my hand even if it hurt him to do so. For now, I only trust Duke and that is not going to change soon.

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