Elliot found himself on the floor again this morning. His pyjamas pants are all up his thigh, and his shirt is all rolled up towards his chest. Elliot breaths heavily, as he slightly begins to twitch as the sun creates the red colour under his eyelids. He hates that.

'I don't wanna go there mummy,' he giggles like a little girl, 'No you can go their mummuy.' He giggles senselessly. His eyes flicker open and he stretches his out, he gives out a massive yawn and sits up. He peers at his messed up bed. Hm, why does this always happen to me, He thinks. His pillow is pushed up against the wall, sideways, as his quilt has somehow managed to turn into a ball. It always happens to me. Not even bothering to fix his bed up, he quackery gets up and he stumbles. So dizzy! He somehow managed, and survived, to go down a flight of stairs dizzy as a kangaroo drinking Coca-Cola.

He wonders to the couch like a little fairy, finding her way home. When there is a knock on the door, he looks out the window and sees a mail man.

'Oh, it's just the mail man.' Elliot gets up from his bum and goes and unlocks the door. I wonder where I got the key from? He opens the door and gets handed the letter. 'Thank you.' He smiles and shuts the door.

He parks his bum back onto the couch and he flips the letter over and looks at the sender; No sender? He then flips it back and sees his name written in red ink; 'Elliot Jones, 209 Hiddition Cross. LK8 7NJ.' Red ink? Elliot then opens the letter with great care. As Elliot's eyes read the paper, he gives a massive over reactive gasps and drops the letter onto the table. He then opens the other folded paper, 'A map?' he plunks it onto the table and he smiles.

'Who ever this guy is, I'm gonna accept your challenge!'

The letter in red ink reviles;

'Dear Elliot Jones,

I have a challenge for you; go to Parkerson Castle in one month from today. Lets see if you are as good as they say you are. I will be waiting your arrival.