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"I believe one has to escape oneself to discover oneself." ― Rabih Alameddine

The alcohol burned on its way down her throat.

It filled her with warmth, replacing the cold emptiness that she had been feeling lately. It gave her a light sensation as if she were floating on air and her troubles seemed to be floating along with it. There they were, hovering above her head and she was free. Free at last. She waved to her troubles which seemed to be shimmering in the dark room like fairy lights, giggling before tipping back the glass bottle and downing the rest of it in one.

It tasted odd, like burnt sugar and...grass. But there was also much more to the flavour. Unlike most alcohol she drank who's sole purpose was to enable getting drunk quickly, this one actually tasted...nice. Now that she thought about it, it was like summer in a cup; a mystical combination of scents and flavours that immediately made her mind drift to endless, sunshine filled summers filled with freshly cut grass and salt water that clung to her skin after a lazy day at the beach.

Wait, what the hell was she doing contemplating summer memories? She was meant to be getting pissed not wistfully dreaming. She looked at the plain, nondescript bottle, wondering what the hell she just drank. Who gives a shit? she thought after it hurt too much to think. She didn't want to think, she just wanted to do; to drown in this light, floating feeling until she couldn't even remember her name. Until she was free of everything including the shackles and bindings that accompanied her name, weighing her down.

She tossed the bottle away, hearing the unmistakable shattering of glass over the beat of the music before deciding that she was sufficiently drunk enough to throw herself into the crush of bodies in the centre of the room.

She had no clue where the hell she was, some club of sorts, that much was obvious. Although the room was quite spacious, looking to be some abandoned warehouse, it was incredibly crowded. A small make- shift bar formed out of a plank of wood placed over two cardboard boxes was shoved into the corner, littered with empty bottles since the bartender had long gone, if there ever was one. Multicoloured strobe lighting, shooting out of makeshift lights hung from the rafters in the ceiling flashed everywhere, illuminating the sweaty bodies of the dancers. The sights and smells were intoxicating, probably helped along by the fact that she herself was intoxicated. Glitter that had erupted from a canon earlier on still hung in the air giving the whole place a magical feel and was accompanied with the multicoloured lighting which made the usually gloomy building dazzle and sparkle.

The dancers themselves formed an almost impenetrable wall of bodies, swaying with the hypnotic beat of the music. The glistening mass was a riot of colour and sparkles. Everyone wore brightly coloured clothes coated in sequins with extravagant and expensive jewellery adorning every inch of their bodies. It made her feel very out of place in her skimpy, black dress which had once seemed so sexy and alluring. Now it just looked plain and dull in amongst the dazzling colours. This thought quickly dissipated though when she thought she saw the flurry of wings coming from the back of one of the many dancers. Glancing around the room, she was sure that the boy with electric blue hair also had pointed ears. She laughed at her stupidity, in this state everything was was absolutely hilarious. Must 'a been some strong shit, she thought as she stumbled closer towards the captivating dancers.

Soon she was swallowed in to the horde of party goers and she threw her hands in the air, swaying her hips in time to the music. The whole crowd seemed to be in a trance, pulsating and moving as one. She shut her eyes, letting the music envelop her until she forgot that she was pissed and had no clue how to get home. She forgot all the reasons she was pissed in the first place.

There was just her; standing alone in a crowded room, dancing as if her life depended on it.

The trance-like state was short lived though as she felt something colliding with her, jostling her out of her warm, sated state. Her eyes snapped open abruptly, her mind sluggishly trying to come up with some insult to throw at whoever had burst her bubble.

These feeble fruitions were shattered when her emerald eyes collided with smouldering midnight blue. She gasped, stumbling a little and Sexy Midnight Eyes placed a hand on her arm, steadying her, or at least trying to. Instead, it actually had the opposite effect making her head rush at the heat brought on by just this small point of contact.

She gazed, transfixed, looking in wonder at the colours and emotions that swirled around in the mysterious stranger's eyes. On first appearance they looked a deep navy blue but now that she looked closer it looked as if a sheen of oil was coating them, creating a kaleidoscope of colours which glinted in the stunted light. His hair was black as soot as well, hanging in tousled perfection just short of his shoulders. His cheeks were slightly flushed the faintest pink which was barely noticeable against his olive skin tone, his lips pulled into a light, sardonic smirk which was... directed right at her. Oh shit, she had been staring way to long. Blushing, she turned around, intent on regaining her happy rhythm and erasing thoughts of Sexy Midnight Eyes. The stranger was too quick though, grabbing her wrist and yanking her towards him. Not in a brutal way, somehow he managed to remain gentle and elegant.

And that was how she found herself flush against this sexy stranger's muscled chest, or SME as she was beginning to know him as, grinding her hips in to his like there was no tomorrow. The music had changed, although she hadn't noticed at the time being too entranced with this captivating stranger. The dreamy pulse was gone to be replaced with a frantic beat making the crowd go wild and the heat turn up even more.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she found herself looking up to his smouldering eyes. This in itself was an impressive feat. At almost 6 foot, she often found herself looking down on men. Although she took pride in her long, spidery legs and slim, supermodel frame, it was a tad annoying when you had to lean down to kiss anyone. This stranger was the exception being about 6"2 at a rough guess. She buried her face in the crook of his shoulder before realising that he had spoken.

"Do you usually get this...close to someone before you get to know their name?" he asked. God that voice, it sent chills down her spine, low and seductive. She would normally have blushed at the insinuation though, burying her face in his toned chest to hide it. However, tonight was not normal. There was something about tonight that made her feel tingly, excited and daring.

So instead of being the cute, girl next door who would quietly mumble her name as she would usually do, she replied boldly, "I prefer to skip the pleasantries," and reached up to place a searing kiss on his lips. He stumbled a bit, clearly startled, before he began kissing her back fervently. She smiled slightly at his reaction, glad to have surprised SME.

He tasted similar to the alcohol she had been drinking earlier, inducing images of summertime. But the sweetness was mixed with the smoky tang of cigarettes and an almost...metallic taste. As their lips parted she delved into his mouth, discovering a tongue piercing. That would explain it. They parted, gasping in their need for air.

Now she thought about it, she had to admit- Sexy Midnight Eyes was rather long winded and she was beginning to regret her previous statement that had seemed so bold and alluring at the time. She found herself wishing that she knew his name.

"It's John by the way, my name. In case you started coming up with some ridiculous nickname for me," he said, lowering himself to her lips once more. It was almost eerie, how he knew what she was thinking like he could read her mind. In any other situation she would have pondered ever it but, for now, she was much too preoccupied by the overwhelming sensations she was feeling from his kiss.

Call it intuition, sixth sense or whatever, but somehow she knew he was lying about his name. There was no way someone as smouldering and bold as him could be named a pretty generic and mundane name like John. It was inconceivable. But, at that point, it didn't matter at all. After all, two could play at that game.

"Scarlett," she replied, running her hands over his chest and exploring the crevices and planes of his well defined muscles. His eyes gazed into hers deeply, mistrust and suspicion clearly evident.

"But your hair's not red," he whispered, winding a tendril of her dull, blonde hair around his finger. His tone implied something more though. It was as if he knew that she wasn't normally like this, that she was usually quiet and shy, that she was perpetually found in the library beneath a stack of books and not kissing some stranger in the middle of a club. She was not wild, daring or outgoing and, somehow, he knew that. If she has been in a better state of mind, she might wondered how he had been so disconcertingly accurate twice now. The fact of the matter was she wasn't and merely wove her fingers into his black T-shirt, pulling him closer.

There was so much unsaid, yet so much revealed by their gestures and movements. They both knew they were lying. But it didn't matter. For tonight, they both needed to escape, to live a fantasy for just one night before facing the bitter reality in the morning. And if they needed to become someone else to do that, then so be it.

So, for tonight, she would live her fantasy. She would become fiery, daredevil Scarlett. She would forget her life and the fact that her hair wasn't red but a dull blonde like the rest of her.

She would forget the dreary yet familiar hell that was reality.

'Scarlett' knew that there would be consequences from these few words that she was about to utter, but she just couldn't bring herself to care. A small part of her mind was screaming at her to stop as she kissed 'John' with more and more passion but she ignored it, eventually giving in to the wave of feeling and emotion until she achieved her goal for the night.

She didn't think, she did.

And she forgot everything, even her name, and became Scarlett for the night: wild and free.

"Let's get out of here," she whispered, not knowing that those 5 words had the power to change her life irrevocably. 5 innocent words that when strung together created a deadly combination, a combination filled with the sour taste of consequences.

And as he took her hand in silent agreement, their fate was sealed.

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