Make it better make it worse.

Make it better, make it worse.

Two steps forward and two steps back.

We are walking in circles.

Like swordsmen about to strike.

Enough to hate enough to like.

You scream and shout.

I whisper and smile.

When will it end, when will it begin.

Keeping pure indulging in sin.

Pull me close.

Send me away.

You are here with me.

But so far away.

Outlaws collecting Angels.

Keep me pure, keep you vain.

Go with ease, what a strain.

Roles reverse, loss and gain.

Teacher becomes the student.

Student becomes the teacher.

Teach me life, grade me in death.

Win a prize but be a cheater.

Honorable mentions but be a traitor.

Have a lover but be a husband.

If I be the angel of whom you speak.

Corrupt me and make me weak.

Paint my wings in the darkest hue.

Made me crawl and beg of you.

In over our heads.

Unable to hold on, unable to forget.

Time ticks, and we are up.

End this make it stop.

The hardest thing was giving you up.

I go my way and you go yours.

And when intoxicated in dawns early hours.

You call for me and call my name.

For having everything and letting it go.

Is one of the hardest things to do.

When you cry and when you weep.

It will not be her warmth you will seek.

We were good, we were bad.

I made you glad I make you sad.

I came I left.

Drinking cheap white wine in the sun.

Celebrating all the happiness he had won.

Winners are losers and lost is won.

Your life was ending, and mine just begun.