Do you think you posess a crushed spirit?

That your heart is broken?

Tell me

Are you torn beyond repair?

Did he break your heart?

Did he leave you;


Tell me

Does that really mean anything at all in real life?

Does a boy leaving you really account for so much sorrow?

Tell me

What matters when all else fails?

Isn't it your family?

The ones that are there for you no matter what?

Tell me

What do you do when family is the thing

Tearing you apart?

When the person you love the most

Is the one who is breaking your heart?

Tell me

What do you do

When everything you ever knew

Is gone?

When the life you were so used to


Who do you go to when there is no one to listen?

Who to talk to when everyone seems so far away?

Tell me

Do I give up?

Do I fight back and attempt to fix the bandages?

Tell me

Why was it me?

Why was it you?

Tell me

Is there something I don't know?

Somewhere I can find comfort?

Tell me

Say that you're sorry

Say that this isn't my fault

Tell me

I won't always live in fear of this day

Tell me

You're sorry

Tell me,

Tell me that you're broken, too.

And maybe just maybe

I'll be able to forgive you.

Author's note: I wrote this still puzzeled and in absolute shock, so please forgive me for not writing perfectly. Reviews are appreciated. Thanks.