Open Doors

Honey, my door was always open.

You never had a reason to hide.

I wish you had come to me

I wish to me you could confide

I'm sorry it came to this.

That I had to do this to you and our family.

But maybe now your heart can be unlocked

Maybe you can be fixed, and maybe we can help.

I love you, sweetheart.

Seeing you so hurt, and so defeated;

It breaks me.

It makes me wonder what is really real

In this world full of lies.

But sweetie, you didn't have to hide!

You should have come to me

You should have told me.

I could've helped you.

I could've saved you so much heartache.

Your perfect innocence,

You perfect boyish ways,

Honey, it's all gone.

I wish you could have stayed young

That I wasn't here, so that you could have been stronger.

Maybe without me you would still be beautiful.

Maybe you wouldn't have needed my open door

Because your's never would have been locked.


Baby, why did you hide!

Didn't you know how this would break us?

Didn't you know all the tears I would cry?

Darling, did you even try?

Did you lock yourself up,



Destroying yourself just to get away?

Was it all too much for your fragile spirit?

My door was wide open, precious.

Open and alive,

With love and a sign of hope.

I'm just sorry it took so long

For me to find the key.

The key that makes me understand

Why you never opened up to me.

I'm sorry, that I didn't know what happens

Behind closed doors.

But now that I do,

It's time I open up to you.

I'm disappointed.

I'm broken.

And my spirit is crushed.

I'll always love you.

And I'll forgive you.

But you must realize,

This is what you chose.

Now you understand

Why my door is closed.

Author's Note: This was extremly emotional to write, and I hope that it carried through as you read it. Thank you very much for your time and please Review!