First period alone wasn't too bad. Everyone was nice to me, even the upper classmen that were in the class with me. No one called me "ugly freshmen" or "loser". Second period though, seemed like it was going to be a challenge as soon as I walked through the door and saw her. Cassidy was sitting in the back, chatting away with her best friend Melinda. Their eyes met mine as I entered the class.

"Emma!" Jaime waved me over to a chair in front of him, "I saved you a seat."

Cassidy glared at Jaime as I walked over and sat down. Melinda's eyes widened as she saw me sit down.

"Hey Em, how was your first period?" Jaime leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

"It was alright, everyone was weirdly nice to me. Which is a first for me. I am really not used to being seperated from Abby though, I wonder how shes doing..." I sighed.

"She's most likely doing fine," Jaime chuckled "Did I worry this much as a freshman? She has probably already made a friend."

"Welcome to second period AP Biology! I am Mr. Ryder. Now, I want you to pair into boy girl pairs to form your lab partner."

Mr. Ryder entered the class, way to chipper at 10 in the morning. Jaime tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned to him. He mouthed Do you wanna be partners and I nodded, which a little smirk plastered over my lips. My gaze turned to Cassidy, who's jaw was hanging open. I don't think she could believe that a popular boy, asked a puny freshmen girl to be his partner.

Everyone else paired up. Melinda and Dennis Johnson paired up, he was on the chess team. Cassidy and Tommy Folton paired up, he was on the debate team. They said they wanted to be partners with the boys, I knew they just wanted them to do all the work.

We were pairing up because we were going to have to dissect frogs. This is the one thing I wasn't looking forward to in high school. We got out of dissecting animals in Junior High, our science teachers felt we weren't mature enough for the lesson. Heck, I don't even think most high school boys are mature enough for this lesson. Mr. Ryder passed out our lab text books, we were supposed to share.

"Okay, class. We are going to walk next door to the lab room. Gather your things and follow me." Mr. Ryder grabbed his keys and teacher handbook and walked through the door that led to another room right next door.

In unison, everyone got up, swinging backpacks over shoulders, and followed Mr. Ryder. Jaime waited for me as I grabbed my bag and gathered our lab book. We walked over together, and when we finally got to the lab room, the only table available was in the very back.

"You don't mind the back, do you?" Jaime asked.

"Not at all. Less eyes to stare at you." I chuckled and looked up to him, I really don't remember him being that tall, but everytime I spoke to him, he was seated.

Jaime walked to the vacant table, and I followed like a lost puppy. Cassidy and Melinda's eyes followed us as we got to our table. I placed the lab book onto our table, and I looked up at Cassidy who quickly turned back to face her lab partner.

"I don't think Cassidy and Melinda are too fond of us being partners," I mumbled.

Jaime looked at Melinda, who gave a little shrug of her shoulders before she turned to her partner. "Let them stare, they think we're friends, but they are some of the snottiest bitches in this school."

"So, they think they own you?"

"Pretty much. Ha." Jaime opened the lab book, trying to find the page about dissecting frogs.

I bit my lip, and tried to focus on the rest of the class.

I walked silently to lunch, staring at the ground as I held onto the strap of my backpack that was slung over my shoulder. As I entered the cafe, I was hit with loud squeels and bickering from every angle. I scanned everyone in the cafe, to see if I could spot Abby. I didn't find her little brunette head anywhere, so I decided to get into line and get some grub.

I entered the line that was for nachos, and all different kinds of mexican like food, because there was no way in hell any of this food was real mexican food. The line moved slower then a turtle, and it took forever for me to make my selection. Finally reaching the buffet of choices, I grabbed a plate of nachos and cheese, and walked off.

Looking around, I tried to find an open table. Where the heck was Abby? Melinda walked past me, bumping into me, almost making me drop my plate.

"Watch it, Fresh Meat!" Melinda yelled, turning to look at me.

I rolled my eyes, "Maybe you should watch where you're going, bitch!"

Stopping in her tracks, Melinda turned to look at me. She paced back in front of me, her face just a few inches from mine. She was so close, I could smell that she obviously did not brush her teeth this morning.

"What did you say?" Melinda growled.

"Just as you heard," I grinned "Bitch."

Everyone had turned to look at us neck and neck in the middle of the cafeteria. Abby had walked in and found me before she had gotten her food.

"Emma, what are you doing?" She came up behind me, grabbing my hand.

"Teaching a popular a lesson,"

"Em, now is not a good time for that. Being expelled on the first day, is not on our agenda."

She started pulling me back to an open table. Melinda laughed and turned, walking to where Cassidy and her crew was sitting. Abby sat at the table she picked, pulling me onto the bench. I placed my nachos onto the table, and turned to face them. Slowly I ate the chips in silence as Abby went and got her own food and returned, which was just a cold sandwich.

"Emma, why were you neck and neck with Melinda?" Abby asked as she bit her sandwich.

"She bumped into me on purpose, I am at a point where I do not care about these damn popular kids. They do nothing but try to start shit with us, and it's pathetic. Who knows how many other people they are making miserable?"

"I would drop it, Em. I mean, there isn't exactly anything you can do about it, besides suspension or expulsion. And, we really do not want that on your permanent record."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." I rolled my eyes, and turned to look over at Cassidy and Melinda's table.

They were sitting there, eating and cackling like the evil queens they were. First day, and I already had angst against two people, didn't think that would happen that fast. I turned back to my nachos, grabbing a chip and dipping it into the cheese before popping it into my mouth.

Abby took a bite of her sandwich, "Don't roll your eyes."

We heard a noise, and then an elderly woman speaking over the loud speaker.

"Afternoon students of Kennedy High. This is Principle Alice Channing. Welcome back to another school year! And I would also love to welcome into our school for the first time, our freshmen class. Our freshmen this year are the biggest class in Kennedy history! Anyway, tomorrow the school newspaper will be handed out in your home rooms. There is a special article, something new we are trying, on page six. We are allowing people to make their own clubs this year, as long as they have a teacher sponser. I hope to see a lot of interest in this, as we are hoping to continue in years to come! Good day."

Abby looked at me and rolled her eyes, "Make our own clubs? Like anyone would come to anything we made."

"Something to think about, can't wait to read that article,"

"Hey Em, you like journalism. Why don't you try out for the school paper?"

"Ha! That is a laugh." I chuckled.

The rest of the school day flew by, and as always the classes I shared with Abby were very fun. Her parents didn't pick us up, so we walked home together. We decided to hang out at my house for a little while, listening to some albums.

We barged into my room, and I flopped onto my twin sized bed. Abby walked over to my compact disc rack and took her favorite green day cd and popped it into the player. Abby sat on the edge of my bed as the song Minority blared through the speakers. I hugged my pillow and closed my eyes, sighing deeply.

"Well, we survived day one." Abby whispered.

"...And many more to go," I sighed.

"So, let's talk about you and Jaime."

"HA! Nothing to talk about. We're just lab partners. He's a pretty down to earth popular though...Cassidy and Melinda think they own him."

"Apparently they think they own everyone."

My mother cracked open my bedroom door and peeked in, "Hey Abby, we're gonna cook burgers on the grill. You wanna stay for dinner?"

"Sure, Miss Valentine! Let me just call my parents," Abby opened her school bag and grabbed her cell phone, something I didn't even notice she had.

I shot up on my bed, jaw dropped. "When the heck you get a cell phone?"

"Last week? My parents decided to get me one for entering high school,"

"What the hell! MOM!"

"You're sixteenth birthday, I told you that Emma." And she closed the door.

"Ugh! My mom sucks so bad sometimes." I groaned.

Abby closed her cell phone and looked to me, "My parents said it's alright for me to stay."

"Awesome." I placed the pillow over my head.