this is a list of the characters and their superhero names

(ex) = not a superhero any more

N/a = not a superhero at all

Deceased = dead

(unknown) = reader doesn't know her super hero name yet

Jake track = the knight

John track = tracker

Angie (o'neil) track = (ex)white night

Kate (smith) Lynn = bio woman

Mark Lynn = n/a

Ally smith = bio girl

Simon o'neil = king

Maria (Petrov) o'neil= the spy

Ace Williams = ace

Phoenix James = Phoenix

Lilly James = (unknown)

Matthew James = pyro master

Addie James = kitty (deceased)

Jake track, aka knight, listens intently to his mentor tracker. Tracker is briefing the secret team of super teens on their next mission.

" the mentors have received an tip that the allies of evil have partnered with a local drug cartel. The tip said they would be meeting in one week at the near by harbor." pictures of the a.e and the drug cartel members flashed across the screen.

"so why are you telling us now?" ally smith, biogirl an alien from space, asks.

"you teens are to train and prepare, you need practice working together" the super powered teens had only been a team for two weeks, but have already been on sixteen missions.

"the mentors of justice are going to publicly peruse the cartel, but you guys are to secretly take them down" tracker ended the briefing with those words.

Jake followed the other two members of the team out of the mission room.

Biogirl went to her room to study earths history. But ace williams, aka ace, was practicing throwing knives shaped like playing cards at the dart board.

"can I join you?" jake asked the composed teen just stared. Jake had leaned enough about ace to know that the stare is as close to a yes as he's going to get.

Jake needs to work on his hand to hand combat, but he felt like throwing dangerous objects at the wall was bonding him and his quiet team mate. Besides he has no one to spar with.

The alarm for the door chimed, a visitor just what jake needs. He sat down the last few cards he had left and ran for the only entrance in their h.q..

At the door stood Angie track, trackers wife and jakes adoptive mom.

"hey, Angie. What do you need?" she hugged the large teen

"I am just lookin for John, have you seen him?" jake had not seen tracker since he left nearly an hour ago.

"well, maybe he's tied up at the mentor hall. Thanks jake." before she turned to leave. The pale yellow alien came floating out of the dorm area eating a traditional meal from her home planet Jupiter.

" what a pleasant surprise" Angie had kind become a den mother for tue team. They all loved her. Ally most of all, because ally would get really lonely being the only girl and when Angie started coming around that fix the problem.

"ally"she ran to hug her, Angie is really big on hugging people. "how are your study's going?" ally looked very focused on what she was about to tell Angie.

"I am to the part where that man, I think his name was Jonah, gets swallowed by a big fish..." jake left them to talk. he would be hearing the same story later when ally tells ace, which she always does.

But something worried him. Tracker always goes straight home after a briefing. if Angie was looking for him, he must not be at home.

He walked Back passed ace. "I am headed home now. Bye ace, tell ally I said bye" he nodded his head. His hair black shifted and jake could almost see his sad blue eyes.

He walked to the tele porter. He punched in the code for the mentor hall. He needs to find tracker before Angie gets worried.

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