Heey! So, I got the idea for this story a few nights ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since, so I thought I'd write it out and see what my dear friends on FictionPress thought of it. This first chapter is just a prologue, the rest of the story will take place three years in the future when Lana's seventeen. Enjoy!

"Breaking news! Only three hours ago, smoke was spotted on a supposedly uninhabited island in the South Pacific. A helicopter full of rescue worders was sent to investigate, but none of them were prepared for what they found." All over America, programs were being interrupted for this shocking broadcast, the one that would be the highlight of this young reporter's career. "I'm here with Adam Winters, the man who made htis startling discovery. Adam, what was it that you found when you ventured onto the island?" Adam, a thin, gangly man in his early twenties, cleared his throat.

"I got onto the beach and started through the jungle towards where the smoke was coming, and at the middle of the island there were 16 kids, all around 13 to 15 years old. They'd been on a plane going to their boarding school, but it crashed during a storm, and only fifteen boys and one of three girls on the plane survived. They'd been on the island about two months. most people had assumed they were dead." The reporter made a sympathetic sound.

"And what condition were the children in when you found them?" She asked.

"Some were in decent condition, but others were sick and injured. The girl was in awful condition and we had to rush her off immediately, because she really needed medical attention more than any of them." At this point, the cameras cut back to the news station for a full report. The girl, fourteen year old Lana McArthy, was malnourished, she had a stomach virus, she was beaten and bloody, and she'd been going in and out of consciousness for days. The boys said she'd been attacked by a wild dog. The doctors wouldn't release any informaton other than that her condition was still unstable.

During the next few weeks, a small group of the boys agreed to do interviews and appear on talk shows. These boys- Henry Atkins, Teddy Walters, Robert March, and Sam Paxton- quickly became famous. Henry was the boy who'd found Lana and rescued her from the dog; Teddy had been in charge of the group of boys who hunted for food for the group; Rober had used what little first aid training he had to take care of the sick kids and to keep Lana alive until they were rescued; Sam had kept the group calm and had been a leader of sorts from the beginning.

Then, Lana was finally out of the hospital and the press was practically pissing itself with excitement. Her doctors told them not to bother her- after all, the girl had serious anxiety issues and a bad case of PTSD, the last thing she needed was a bunch of sleazy reporters hounding her. Of course, that didn't stop them. For two years following the incident, they kept close tabs on her until finally, she snapped and told them, "Why don't you just screw yourselves and get the hell out of my life!" That was when they finally took the hint.

All the children were offered free counseling from a world-renown psychiatrist. A few, like Henry Atkins, refused, but others were "strongly urged" to accept. In other words, we don't have a choice, Lana thought bitterly as the psychiatrist, Dr. Sandra Fellows, tried to get her to open up.

"Lana, your family is very worried about you," Dr. Fellows started. The girl remained silent. "They told me you've been having nightmares about the island every night."

Lana sat on the couch in the same position she'd held for weeks after she was attacked- her knees hugged to her chest and her head ducked. Sometimes, she imagined she could make herself so small, she'd just disappear and leave her problems behind. It scared her friends and her fellow castaways to see the once lively, confident girl reduced to this.

"It's the same one every time," she whispered. "I had it the whole time I was sick.

"What happens in the dream?" Dr. Fellows asked. Lana continued like the psychiatrist hadn't said a word.

"Teddy said I imagined it," she went on. "He said I was really hurt and really sick, and that I was just remembering wrong. Teddy said I'd get better and then I'd remember. They all said he could never do that. Teddy would know. He's known him all his life. I'll remember soon. I just imagined it, that's all." She then nodded to reinforce it to herself. Dr. Fellows looked at the sickly teenager with concern.

"Lana, what do you think happened to you?" Suddenly, Lana's whole manner changed. She sat up straight, planted her feet on the floor, looked the older woman in the eyes, and smiled knowingly. Then she repeated what Teddy had told her every time she brought it up.

"Don't you know? I was attacked by a wild dog. Henry saved me. I'm lucky to be alive." With that, she stood and walked out of Dr. Fellows' office. She never went to another of her scheduled therapy sessions.

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