Heeey everyone! So once again, it appears that I've taken too long to update. Sorry! In this chapter you'll get to see some more of Lana and Daniel, and you'll get a teensy bit of info about Henry and how Lana's still dealing with what happened. I hope you all like it!

I can't fall back asleep after the dream, so I spend the next few hours listening to my iPod and staring at the ceiling. It really is quite the view. There's an anonymous black spot that's weirding me out and a friendly little spider circling the light to keep me company. Wow, my life is boring. I'm just beginning what time it is when I recieve an update of sorts from the dwarves.

"Ready for Round 2?" Hank yells out his window. Instead of waiting for a response, he turns on his music at full volume and I freeze up. I recognize the song as "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It's a song I used to like, a song that all of us on the island liked because it meant good news. It was Henry's favorite song and he used to sing it every time he, Teddy, and the other boys in their hunting group caught something for us to eat. He also sang it after... well, you know. I rush to my window and slam it shut, then sink down against the wall with my hands over my ears. Don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about it.

"Lana!" Meg yells from downstairs. "Your friend is here, I'm sending her up!" There's a knocking on my door and Laurie comes in.

"Hey Lans," she says. "I brought you soup." She walks up and places a carton in my hands. I look inside, then look at the label.

"Laurie, this is melted cookie dough ice cream," I say. She nods solemnly.

"You're welcome," she replies. I laugh and hug her, then we both sit down beneath the window, leaning against the wall. "So how are you feeling?" I shrug.

"Better, I guess," I say.

"Do you want to tell me what triggered it this time?" Laurie asks. I sigh.

"One of them was in the hallway. He transferred to our school I guess," I say. She bolts upright.

"Really? Was it Teddy?" she asks excitedly.

"Whoa, down girl!" I laugh. "It wasn't Teddy." She frowns and leans back again.

"Damn," she says with a thoughtful expression. "Who was it then? Robert March? Ooh, how about that Paxton kid? He was pretty cute."

"Laurie, why are you so interested? Didn't your dad ban you from dating after you brought home that biker kid?" I ask. She waves it off.

"Irrelevant. So who was it?" she asks.

"Henry Atkins," I say with a sigh.

"I remember him," Laurie says. "Cute enough, had bad skin though. He so had a thing for you. But, I still liked Teddy for you better."

"Laurie, two things. One, Teddy was just a friend," I say, rolling my eyes. "And two, I have Daniel now."

"Ah, yes. Daniel, the first boyfriend," she says, reaching over and pinching my cheek. "How cute." I swat her hand away.

"Shut up," I say.

"I'm just kidding Lans. I like him, I think he'll be good to you," she replies.

"Well, thank you. I like him too," I answer. Next door, Hank turns his music up louder to blast some Led Zeppelin song Laurie hates with all her black little heart. Laurie groans, opens the window, and sticks her head out.

"Would you turn that shit off?!" She yells.

"Why don't you make me?" Hank yells back. "Hey wait. You're not my neighbor."

"Nope, I'm much hotter! Now use some earbuds before I take that iPod and shove it up your scrawny ass!" she shrieks.

"Wow, I normally wait until after the first date for that kind of thing," he calls. Laurie sticks her hand out and gives him the finger.

"Suck it!" She pulls her head back out of the window and sits down next to me again, muttering some very violent and extremely creative curses under her breath.

"Well that was a violent conversation," I comment, pretending I didn't have a similar conversation with him just this morning.

"Your neighbor sucks," is her simple response.

"That was Daniel's brother," I say.

"So? Daniel's brother sucks," she says, shrugging like that little detail doesn't mean a thing. We're silent for a second, and I have a feeling what she's going to say next. "Lana, I know I've asked you this before, but are you ever going to tell me what happened to you?" I shake my head.

"Not today Laurie," I say softly. She sighs.

"I didn't think so. All right then," she says. Her phone buzzes and she checks the screen. "It's my mom, I've got to go." I walk her out to the door and as she's walking out, Daniel turns up the sidewalk and starts toward us.

"Hey Laurie," he says with a smile.

"Hi Daniel. She's all yours," Laurie replies. She turns and winks at me and I roll my eyes.

"Hey Danny, what are you doing here?" I ask when he reaches me. We both sit down on the front stairs.

"I heard you went home sick, I had to check on you," he says. I smile.

"Aw, you're sweet," I say, giving his hand a squeeze. "I'm fine, thank you." He grins.

"Well, I'm glad to hear it, because I was hoping to ask you something," he says.

"Oh?" I respond. "And what would that be?"

"Well, believe it or not, my family really wants to meet you, so I was thinking that, if you're not busy, you could come over for dinner tomorrow night," he says hopefully.

"That sounds great!" I exclaim, beaming.

"Great! I'll come and get you at seven, does that work?" he asks. I nod. "Good. I've got to get back, but I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" I nod again. Then he starts leaning in for a kiss and I freeze up again. It's been three years since I was last kissed, and my internal alarms are going nuts. He's about to kiss you, Daniel's trying to kiss you. Daniel has brown eyes. Henry had brown eyes too. Henry kissed you. You didn't want him to, but he did it anyway. He hit you, he touched you, he kissed you. Henry kissed you, don't let Henry kiss you, don't let him, don't let him, don't let- I lean back suddenly and he looks caught off guard. I stick my hand out awkwardly.

"I'll see you later," I say softly. He clears his throat uncomfortably and shakes my hand.

"Bye Lana." He gets up and leaves. Once he's gone, I drop my face in my hands.

"Oh God, I'm an idiot."

Yea, I know it seems a bit like a filler chapter, but I promise you it's important! You needed to know that even Laurie doesn't know what happened between Lana and Henry, you see that at some point, there must have been some sort of relationship or sexual tension with Lana and Teddy that Laurie picked up on, and that dinner's gonna be friggin' important! So if you want to know what happens at this important dinner, please review!