Hi! Here's another poem from the creative writing club I was in, Write On! The prompt this time was "Time is..."

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Time is Relative

Time is relative.
It can seem as though it flies by in a flash,
Not bothering to stop and breathe.
What you want to last forever always stops so soon.
Fun needs to last but seems to never do.

Time is relative.
It can seem like it lasts for an eternity,
But always turns out to be so short.
What you always want to be over with always lasts forever.
Stress constantly nags us
And stretches time.
Why must a minute feel an hour?

Time is relative.
Sometimes, rarely, it's just as it seems.
It goes by perfectly relaxed.
Not rushing or lagging in any way.

Time is relative.
Life can rush by if we choose not to stop and breathe,
And life can seem like an eternity if you never
try to dare.

Time is relative.
So why do we watch it so much?