Hello, this is me taking a little break from "The Arrow of Lead." It's just a little one shot as I don't plan on making another long multi-chaptered story anytime soon.

Shane looked at Ellie. They were standing at the airport. They had been dating a little for a few months. She was going to move to another country, to another continent. Europe. He didn't want her to leave; he wanted her to stay, to stay with him. But she was leaving nonetheless. Looking at the big screen in front of them he knew they only had 10 minutes, 20 minutes tops.

Turning around to face him she said, "well, I guess this is it?"

"I guess so…" he muttered.

She gave him a small smile, "I'll miss you."

Did she mean it or did she only say it because it was polite? He had spent the whole week trying to come up with things to say to make her stay, but nothing sounded good enough.

"I never thought I would leave this place… especially not for another continent…" she inhaled slowly and closed her eyes as she breathed out. "But it's not like I have anything holding me back, to make me stay."

She looked at him intently. This was his chance he thought. He had seen the small glint in her eyes nudging him to do it. Taking a deep breath he readied himself.

"I love you"

Ellie stared at him, "don't" she whispered

"I do" he said gently

"Please, don't say that" she said with a small wavering voice

Shane looked at her "but - -"

"Don't!" She cut him off. "You don't even mean it, so don't. Please?" her voice pleading, breaking at the 'please.'

Shane placed his left hand on her left cheek and looked at her with tender eyes. "Look into my eyes. Can't you see it?"

"See what?" she asked, swallowing the lump in her throat.

Shane looked at her sadly, "how much I love you"

"No I can't. Because there is nothing to see." But she did see it. She saw the love in his eyes but tried to ignore it. Pretend she didn't see it. It was for the best. Someday… yes, someday…

"I didn't realize it at first, but now I do. I love you. Your smile, your laugh, that twinkle in your eyes. That little frown you make when trying to decide what to order when at a restaurant, when you don't know how to reply so you just give a small smile, how you bite your lower lip when you're nervous or uncertain. Just like you're doing now"

Not having realized it she suddenly was aware of her front teeth nibbling on her lower lip. This was a problem; he would find out that she wanted to stay with him, to be with him. Him, and no one else. But she couldn't. She had always wanted this job, she had always dreamed about living in Italy. But she had also always dreamed about finding someone who meant so much to her that she would throw it all away, just to be with that someone. Someone who would make her stay, someone like him. But she didn't want to admit it, that he was the one. That she wanted to give up her dream just to be with him, that he meant that much to her.

Opening her mouth slightly she felt her lover lip tremble. "Shane… "

The screen in front of them suddenly said 'boarding.'

"I… I have to go…" she turned around and began to walk away.

Not giving up he ran after her. "Please, stay, don't leave me" he pleaded, grabbing her wrist.

She stopped but she didn't turn around.

"I love you. And I know you love me back" he stated

She turned around with shock in her eyes. "No, you don't…"

He looked into her eyes with a pleading look. "You wanted a reason to hold you back, to make you stay. I'm your reason."

She blinked.

"Don't leave me, stay with me. Be with me," he whispered. "Please" his voice breaking.

The hurt in his voice was too much. She turned around so he wouldn't see that what he said was true. Trying to steady her voice she told him, "you should forget about me… we were never meant to be…" Her voice came out shaky and strangled but with conviction.

He sadly let go of her wrist. "Please…"

Without turning around she added, "one day, you'll thank me." And she walked away.

After taking three steps he whispered, "You know that's a lie…"

She didn't respond but he knew she had heard him. He saw her stiffen at his words before she picked up her pace.

He watched her walk away, never to see her again…

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