It was July 22nd when it happened. I was brand new, straight from the store. I was beautiful, if I do say so myself. I was hung where everyone could see me and my colorful beauty. They'd filled me with something for some reason, but I wasn't exactly paying attention, I was just happy to be shown to the world. The two children kept commenting on how cool I looked, and how they couldn't wait to see what their parents had filled me with. I was anxious to see myself, but I wondered how they would get it out of me.

Later on that day, more children came, and I watched them all play games and eat cake and hand out presents. Finally they all came over to where I was perched on the lowest branch of the tree. The parents handed the two children celebrating their birthday large wooden sticks. They smiled at me maliciously, like they were about to murder me.

Whack whack whack! My mouth was non existent, so I couldn't scream for help. If I could have screamed, I would have said, "SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE STOP THESE MURDEROUS CHILDREN!" I was wondering what the parents were doing, cheering these children on. When they'd had their turn, they passed the stick to their friends, who whacked me as well. It was so painful, having my sides beaten like that. I was actually hoping someone would hit my head off so that the misery would end.

Finally, I felt a break in my side. Surely, that will stop them! I thought. But I was wrong. This little break was not enough for these evil little creatures. They continued to hit me over and over and over again. The break became larger and larger, until finally, whatever was in side of me fell out. The children greedily dropped to the ground and started grabbing at whatever it was. I wanted to cry to the heavens with joy.

The father took me down from the tree and left me on the table. I was so happy. I was waiting for the sweet release of death, when the mother picked me up and started taping me up. What are you doing? I wondered. My side was taped, sloppily I might add, and I was thrown into a closet. I've been waiting here for a year, and now the door has reopened. Maybe now they'll throw me out. I see a bag of the things I had been filled with last year. Oh no! OH GOD NO!