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The Mayans predicted the world would end in 2012. This is how many people interpreted the calendar. Late December, 2012, a wave of energy, the origins of which were somewhere in the ocean near Florida, swept across the world. It was pure, uncontained magic. Atlantis had surfaced. Or at least part of it. With Atlantis resurfacing, magic became commonplace. Mages, spell casters, and magical beings that had slipped into hiding centuries ago revealed themselves. A new age had begun. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with this new age…

The year is 2028. TheUnited States is in a state of decay and teeters on the brink of civil war. The world itself is facing a war of a larger caliber. This war will force people with magic to fight against people without magic. The war seems inevitable, and if it occurs millions of lives, on both sides, will be lost and humans may be faced with complete annihilation...

Travis Anderson was, at one point in time, one of the best snipers the United States military had ever had serve in the Marines. One fateful day, Travis returns home from a tour of duty in South America after disobeying an order that would cost dozens of innocent people there lives to find his wife and child dead. After setting out for revenge, he discovers there is more to their deaths than he thought. He is unknowingly pulled into the heart of the U.S.'s-and the world's-conflicts. His actions may very well decide the fate of the world…

Helping him is a government organization known as the National Defense Against Magic. With this group at his aid, Travis discovers there is more to the world than he ever knew about, or even dreamed of. He'll make allies with powers beyond his wildest dream and friendships that will last a lifetime. He and a select group of people have the power to save the world. Can they avert World War 3?

Along the way, Travis will learn about this new world he has always been part of, see it from perspectives he never would have imagined, learn things about himself and his family he never dreamed of. Maybe, just maybe, he'll find out that all is not what it seems and the dead don't always stay dead.