can you feel
the depth of my sorrow?

can you see it
linger in my eyes?

can you take it away?

so sorry,
sorry for all the things i caused.
sorry for the end.

do you know how much i
for you to say those words
that I would hear saying
"I forgive you"

waiting in the dark
laying in my guilt
my fear spilling
down my face.

tossing and turning waiting for you to say "I forgive you"
those words I need to have

store them in my heart box
that you forgive me

the dread can fall away
the anger can calm
the fear can die
and the life can rise
from under it all

these words you keep from me
wide awake
staring at the ground

droning in guilt
desperately trying to get a

im sorry,
let me die
in the knowledge
that you know that.