What name is a name, and not part of thee.

What person can be loved, and not become a part of their lover.

It is direct, the way in which love touches the hearts of those so blessed as to possess it.

It is the truest kind of love that can bring the heart to mourn and sorrow.

What may be said of love other than that the sweet kiss from cupid's arrow is uncommon

It is truly a person blessed to know the bite and sting of true love

True love is nothing that can be portrayed in stories and fantasies.

True love is something that when found, can possess a person's mind

It is not the bite of cupid's arrow then that I feel

Mine heart does not ache for thou when we are apart

Such as my mind can still remain sharp when we are near

So I must say, this is not love I feel

For what can be said of love except

I have yet to be blessed by its gentle kiss

For thine own lips have doth kissed mine

And love is left to be dreamt of.