The first day of school in the middle of the semester. Everyone hates it that has to go through it. I mean, you don't know anyone, or where everything is. I guess moving schools, was because my mom just wanted to ruin my life even more. Tomorrow, I have to go to the new school and I'll be the new girl that everyone stares at down the hallway, great. I walk to the kitchen, get a water bottle, sit down on the couch and drink it, staring into space. Right when I get to the new school all I want to do is focus on my grades, I'll have friends and stuff, but I can't fail. I can't afford that at all. I get up, go to my room, close the door, and belly flop on my bed. I take a 5 minute nap, but it turns out to be an hour. My mom shakes my shoulder lightly and tells me that dinner is ready, which means to come down and eat. I fix my hair a little bit and go downstairs. It's only my mom and I eating, since she's a single mom and I'm the only child. We eat in silence, which is normal because she doesn't really like talking during dinner for some odd reason. It just gets awkward, that you can hear each other chew. Sometimes we talk, but it doesn't really last.

"So mom how was work?" I ask her. She waits until she's done chewing her food and says, "It was busy, as usual. Are you excited for school tomorrow?" my mom says. No, not really. Who would? Not me.

"Yeah, I am woohoo," I say sarcastically. She shakes her head in disappointment. She hates the way I've been reacting of moving to a new school, but we had to for some unknown reason. I should act like it's not a big deal or whatever, but how can I? I had to leave my friends and now things will change, oh wait, they all ready did. Yeah yeah, I shouldn't be this upset or mad about it, but I am, I'll get over it one day.

After we're both done eating, I take the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I tell my mom thanks for dinner and go to my room. I pick out what I'm going to wear tomorrow, white skinny jeans, black flats, a black t-shirt with a white mustache on it, and some matching accessories. I change into some soccer shorts and a baggy shirt then watch tv until I fall asleep. My dream was a good dream, it was my two best friends (Kaylee and Maddie) and I hanging out, we went to the pool and these cute guys were checking us out and flirting with us the whole time. We all went to eat at one of the guys houses and ate pizza. After we ate we watched a movie that I didn't even know about, and hung out for awhile playing spin the bottle. The guy that was flirting with me got jealous when I had to kiss his friend and I was about to kiss him until my mom shouted, "Melissa, wake up!"

I get up, go wash my face, brush my teeth, and get changed. I spray some perfume on and put on my bracelets that Maddie and Kaylee got me. I get my backpack and go to the kitchen. I get an apple from the fridge and take a bite out of it. I sit on the couch until I finish the apple, after I'm done I throw it away, get my car keys, go outside to my car, get in, start the car and go to the new school. It takes me 10 minutes to get there, I park the car in the student parking and I just sit there for a minute then take the keys out, get my backpack and take out my schedule. I go inside and go to the principles office. He asks me if I need any assistance getting around school, but I say no even though I actually have no idea where everything is.

Homeroom: Room 142- Algebra.

So I was right, people are staring at me as I walk down the halls. I try asking people where the room is, but they don't even help, the bell rings, so I'm just walking around the school.

"New here?" a voice startles me coming from behind me. I turn around quickly and it's a guy about the same age as me. I look at my schedule and look at him.

"Uh, yeah," I say. He takes my schedule from my hand, looks at it and nods. He starts walking and I follow him.

"You're lucky I'm in the same Homeroom as you," he says while laughing. "So, what's your name?"

"Melissa, my friends call me Mel." We probably wont even be friends, usually happens. "But I think we won't talk after this," I say, hoping he won't hear me.

"Oh, cool name, I'm Jordan," he says. He stops walking, looks at me and smiles. "Who said we won't talk? We will talk, trust me." I look at him as he opens the door, and let's me walk in first.

The teacher tells the class that I'm the new student, says my name and assigns me to sit next to Jordan. I follow Jordan and sit in the desk beside him. My day is going okay, so far. I take out my journal and pencil and start writing notes as the teacher is talking. One thing that the teacher didn't say was her name. I look on the right corner of the white board and it says, "Mrs. Hernandez."

A note that's folded in half appears on my desk and it's from Jordan. His writing is careful and presentable, sorta normal, but has a unique thing to it.

"Hey, so I'm guessing you're one of those 'concentrate-on-my-grades' kind of girl?" it says.

"Well, jeez, I'm not all like that, it's just I have to," I write back, fold it in half and secretly put it on his desk.

At this point I'm not even paying attention to the teacher, so I focus back and realize that she's letting us take notes on what was on the board, that I wrote a little while ago. I just pretend to write notes, looking up, read what's on the board, then jot it down on my paper.

Jordan replies fast, but waits a while to put it on my desk, until the teacher isn't paying attention. A minute later it makes it's appearance again. He smiles and continues taking notes.

"Lemme guess, you're parents made you, or you had failing grades?" it says. By him smiling he had to be half joking and half serious.

"Both wrong and I only have one parent, which is my mom. I really need a scholarship, not that I'm poor or anything." I write back. God, I must be boring or sound boring at least, so I add, "Well how about you? A guy thats a nerd secretly in the inside? Or a 'too-cool-for-school' guy?" I put it on his desk, not folding it, or waiting because there's no use, Mrs. Hernandez is still looking at something and students are still writing.

I look at him, waiting for his expression, he looks at me and gives me a "I'm so offended" look. He drops it on my desk carefully and smiles in satisfaction. Oh god. "Haha, well Mel, you got the nerd part right, and I'm so hurt, you think I'm one of those guys, I think I'm about to cry," it says. And he's teasing me, typical guys. So I guess he's my friend now, he called me Mel, but it's not a big deal. I slide the paper under my journal just as the teacher is walking by me, checking if I wrote down the notes. I wait for her to go back to her desk and she erases the board and writes more notes to write. Algebra, so much notes. I hate it.

"Aww, poor you, did I hurt your little feelings, Jordan?" I write back and find myself slightly smiling. I spot Mrs. Hernandez collecting notes from these two people and I quickly toss it over to his desk. He must have saw her picking them up because he slides it under his journal. Maddie's first thought of me sneaking notes in class with a guy, would be, that he likes me or something. Which is not true. Our class is 50 minutes long, but it went by fast. I put my journal and pencil away. I forgot about the note and as we're walking out the door as nudge him with my elbow lightly.

"Don't worry, the note is safe with me, no one will find it or read it," he says with a smile. I take out my schedule and he looks at me. "I can take you to your classes if you want."

"Yeah, that would be nice," I say and return the smile. I give him my schedule and he leads the way.

"Chemistry, huh? Don't pass notes in that class. Mr. Henderson is strict, just a heads up," he says just as we get to Room 132- Chemistry. "Meet me here, okay? And I'll take you to your other classes."

"All right, thanks a lot," I respond. He studies my schedule, remembering what class I have next. Which is French. He gives it back and goes to his class. That class goes by fast, all I'm thinking of is to pay attention and don't slack. Mr. Henderson is strict, actually very strict, just as Jordan said. After Chemistry, I meet him outside the classroom and he takes me to french. He says that this teacher isn't so bad, as he heard from one of his friends. All the classes go by fast until its time for lunch which is at 1. I meet Jordan outside of every classroom and he tells me whether the teacher is nice or strict, from English to World History. When it's lunch time Jordan and I go to the principals office and ask him if Jordan can help me go to classes for a few days. He asks why didn't I take it the first time if I needed help. I simply answer him by telling him I don't know.

"She has almost the same classes with me," Jordan says, trying to help. The principal sighs and writes something down and gives it to Jordan. I glance over at it and it says, "Please excuse Jordan if he is late, he is helping a new student around." Well then, I'll take this as a yes. We both say thank you and he tells us to go to lunch.

We go back to the cafeteria and go through the line and pay for the food. As I'm about to pay for my lunch, Jordan puts my hand down and I look at him. "No, I'll pay today, just remember you owe me," he says with a smile.

I laugh. "Okay thanks," I say. He pays for my lunch and I follow him. Okay, so he's being so nice to me for no reason. Well. I follow him until he sits down and it's just an empty table. I sit next to him and eat in silence. "I have one question to ask, why are you being so nice to me?"

"Well 'cause you're nice also and a pretty cool girl," he says and drinks from his water bottle and continues, "And it's not because you're new to this school. Plus, it's hard for me to like a person, you know as a friend."

Oh, he means that he sees who will stay there, as a true friend.

"Oh well thanks," I say, smiling. I feel myself blushing so I look away and eat some of my fruit cup. "Wait, one more question, you have friends, so why aren't you sitting with them?"

I wait for him to finish chewing his sandwich. "I usually eat with my girlfriend but she's in a bad mood last time I talked to her, it's one of those where she needs space. I think she won't mind that I'm hanging out with you."

"Oh, I have those moods and sorry for all the questions," I say, not looking at him. I hate asking questions well about to friends because they might seem annoyed by it. He says it's no big deal and that he doesn't mind. 30 minutes pass and he takes me to my last 3 periods, Theatre, PE and Band. We share Theatre, World History, Algebra and PE together. When school ends, I meet him outside.

"Go to your girlfriend," I say, as I'm walking towards my car. "She'll think that I'm stealing you away from her." I laugh and I turn around and see him smiling. I wave my hand signaling for him to go and he turns around and leaves. I get into my car, put my backpack on the passenger seat, and sit there. This morning, I didn't even want to come here and now I'm sorta happy? I drive home and I park the car when I get home. I take the car keys out, get my backpack, and close the car door. I walk inside the house, go to my room, sit on the bed and take out my homework. Stupid Algebra and Chemistry homework. It takes me two hours to finish it, I get my phone out from my pocket and I check it. Three messages. The messages are from Maddie and Kaylee. They say,

"Hey, I just came home to school. Text me back! ~Maddie."

"Hey, Mel! How was your first day at school? Meet any girls cooler than me and Maddie?" ~Kaylee."

"Melissa! Reply! ASAP. ~Maddie."

I sigh and put them in a group message. "Hey, guys. And no I didn't meet any girls that are cooler than you guys. Why don't you guys come over to my house. I don't feel like texting," I reply to them.

I take a nap after I text them. I hear a knock on the door, but I don't bother to get up because they just barge in. They call my name and I yell, "In my room!" They come in my room and sit on my bed and stare at me.

"What?" I ask. I turn around and see their faces. I laugh through my pillow and they laugh with me.

"So, how'd it go? Make any friends?" Kaylee asks. I don't say anything, I just smile like an idiot, making them believe if I like a guy, even though I don't. "Spill it. What's his name?"

"Uh, I don't like any guy at that school, but there's this guy who is supposed to walk with me around school for going to classes," I say. They sigh in disappointment.

"Is he cute? Oh my god, does he like you? Does he have a girlfriend?" Maddie asks me in excitement. God, I should've expected all the questions.

"I guess, no, and yes," I answer the questions in order. "Look, I don't like him, he'll probably ignore me after a while, or he would be a close guy friend, you know? Nothing more," I add.

"Well you never know Mel, it might happen," Kaylee says. But it won't happen, because we won't like each other. I don't see me and him liking each other because he has a girlfriend, but either way if I have one or he doesn't or the other way around. It won't happen. I won't allow it.

"So how was you guys' day? We're people glad I was gone?" I change the subject. Maddie throws a pillow at me for changing the subject and I throw it back at her.

"Actually, people noticed, but you know those people, they don't even care," Maddie says, poking the pillow. Of coarse, the only people who I was actually friends with were Maddie and Kaylee. It's always been like that, the three of us for 5 years and now we're juniors.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter anyway I wasn't friends with them," I say while taking the bracelet off that they gave me. I look at their wrists and they're not wearing the ones that match like mine. "Where are your bracelets?"

They look at each others wrists and they both say, "I forgot to put them on this morning." I nod and let it go. I hear my mom come in and they leave just as she comes home. I go to the kitchen and eat some Chinese food that my mom brought home for me. I take it to my room and eat half of it. I put it back in the fridge if she wants the rest of it and I change into my pajamas and get into bed. I lie there on my side, thinking why weren't Maddie and Kaylee wearing their bracelets, they never forgot. I can't fall asleep, I don't know why. I turn on my tv and put it on sleep for 20 minutes. I drift off into sleep, when I wake up at 7:30 I don't remember any dream.