Chapter Eight: Isn't everything better now?

"I only care about you," he says softly and places his hand on top of mine while looking into my eyes.

Mrs. Hernandez clears her throat to catch our attention. Jordan and I face her while writing the notes down. Some of the students stare at us, especially that girl from Jessica's group. I glare at her and we have a glaring contest until she looks away. I don't know why everyone was staring at us; I mean what's the big deal? Jordan and I were only talking, isn't that normal or what? It must be alien for them to have two people talking in their world, like seriously? I don't know what the big deal is.

Algebra goes by fast, only because Jordan and I were working, not even distracted since Mrs. Hernandez kept giving us the evil eye. Seriously, if looks can kill, him and I would be dead in a second, no more like a millisecond.

Jordan swings his backpack over his shoulder, grinning so wide that I think his face is going to break. I laugh as I adjust my backpack, (uneven shoulder straps-thingy's.) His grin goes smaller, until it's a small smile, then when I thought he was done grinning; he went back to that grin. I roll my eyes at him as I turn around, exiting the room, with Jordan inches behind me. I can even feel his warmth and his cologne that is just- oh my god. Breathtaking. No, snap out of it Melissa.

I take the lead towards my next class, Chemistry. I grunt silently. The crap! I hate Mr. Henderson even, though he praises me since I'm so good in that class. Yeah, whatever. Plus, he's the biggest pervert ever! He stares at girls' asses all the time, having the girls sit in the front while the boys sit in the back. He says that the girls are faster learners, therefore, the girls should sit in the front and guys should sit in the back. Doesn't make any sense! Ugh. Just- that guy disgusts me!

Jordan taps my shoulder and I notice that we're already in front of Chemistry. I turn around and smile at him, which gets a grin in return.

"What's with the grinning?" I ask and notice that it came out wrong. "I didn't mean it like that I just meant like, um it's nice that you're smiling." I look down at my Vans. "Um…" Jordan laughs and ruffles my hair. I send him my best death glare which makes him fix it and I smile in satisfaction.

"You're so silly, Mel. I just wanted to see your reaction," he says with a fake pout. I hit his arm playfully and smile while I lean on the door frame. My eyes flicker towards the door and back at him.

"You better get going, Jordan. I don't like it when I'm the reason that you're late to class," I say and Jordan frowns. I push myself off of the door frame and place my hand on his stomach. "Go," I mouth. He wraps me into a huge bear hug that I can barely breathe. He releases a little bit and I stand on my tip toes while I rest my head on his shoulder. I pull away with a smile on my face, his scent is always welcoming, like his home, but his cologne made it more welcoming, cinnamon spice.

"I'll be here to take you to French and I won't be late, trust me," he says and his eyes light up like Christmas day. I roll my eyes and attempt to smirk, hopefully it worked. I'm guessing it did because he smirked back and turned on his heel, walking to his class. I put my hand on the knob and it swings open. Huh, new door I guess.

"Good morning class," the teacher says. I tune him out as I stare into space. A girl nudges me in the side with her elbow and I raise my eyebrow at her.

"Uh, what'd I miss?" I ask her. She laughs at me, knowing that I wasn't paying attention. My head snaps towards the teacher, who's gladly getting after this boy who was snoring his way out. I mentally slap myself for tuning out.

"Nothing, that kid who always sleeps in this class, was sleeping again and Mr. Snappy got pissy about it so, I thought I'd help you out by getting you back to Earth," she says, dragging out the "o" in so. I mumble thanks and turn my head towards the board. "What's your name? I've never seen you around school except in this class and in the hallways."

I turn my head slightly towards her giving her my semi-attention. "Oh, I'm Melissa. What about you," I say doodling on the back page of my journal.

"Oh, I'm Trinity," she says and gathers her things from her other desk that she was sitting in. Trinity moves her stuff next to the desk beside me, (more like two feet gap between the desks) and sits in it. She raises her hand up to her mouth and snaps her head in my direction. "You're the girl that's with Jordan Taylor, right? I would think that you would go for another guy. Not in an offensive way, but that was Jessica's man. You are now my role model."

I laugh as I put down my pen. Mr. Henderson is still bickering at the guy so I continue the conversation. "Well, I guess. She's a real twit anyway, plus Jordan said that things weren't working out. But it wasn't my intention to break them up; he talked to me, eh. I guess it's whatever," I say with a shrug.

"Well, I guess it was fate," she says as she looks at me. We have a major stare-down as we see who is going to crack first. I feel the sides of my mouth twitching and so are Trinity's. We both start bursting out laughing, but we cover our mouths from preventing attention to Mr. Henderson, who is still giving the boy a lecture. Trinity wipes an unformed tear from the corner of her eye and I lean back into my chair.

"Yep that's it. Because God wants me to be with the bitch's 'man.' Ah, good one, Trinity. Really, that's just funny," I say while silently laughing.

"Well, Melissa. I heard that you already live with him and you're his girlfriend," she cocks an eyebrow at me. "Is it true?"

I shake my head. "I am, for personal reasons, you know living with him and," I trail off, debating whether I should tell her or not. "Yeah, I'm with him."

"Damn! Seems like you guys must like each other a lot," she says with a teasing smirk. I roll my eyes at her. "I've heard that Jessica said that he was good in bed, is it true?" I feel my cheeks rising with heat.

"No!" I laugh. "We don't like-" I cough and attempt to cover it up. Come on, brain! Think of something. God you are so stupid sometimes. "-Aren't at that yet, I'm not that much of a whore like her." Trinity scans me up and down.

"I know you aren't. Just teasing, but I know you didn't take it personally," Trinity says. She looks down at her feet and/or the floor then looks back at me. "That's why people don't really like me because I'm too… me, I guess. I have friends, but they're in my neighborhood. Just some twits hear are like Jessica or either trying to please her."

"I'm sorry, but if it makes you feel better, I only had two friends in school. Now, they're not really my friends," I give her a weak smile. The bell rings for dismissal and I jump, startled. "Class is already over? Damn."

"I guess so," she says as we both pack up our things. Mr. Henderson sat back at his desk, probably tired from the lecture that he gave. "Well, bye. Nice, uh, talking to you." Trinity turns around and I grab her arm gently as I put on my backpack, hanging on one of my shoulders.

"Why don't you sit with Jordan and me for lunch? I think he won't mind. What is your lunch period?" I ask with a smile.

"Uh, it's at one. After World History, which I think you're in," her last sentence almost a question. I nod.

"Yep, Jordan and I will go with you there, since he's in World History too, anyway," I say. We snake through the desks, heading for the door.

"That sounds awesome. Thanks, Mel," she says. My face lights up as she says my nickname. I nod at her and tell her no problem and she leaves.

I walk out of the classroom, scanning the hallway for Jordan. I stand there leaning against the wall on my side for a minute when someone puts their hands on my shoulders. I jump at the touch, startled and whip around to meet a guy smiling. I relax as I notice the guy is Jordan.

"Don't ever do that again," I say between slaps through each word. "You scared the living crap out of me." He laughs and hugs me, his nose against my hair. I give in and hug him back, preventing a long whiny speech from him how I'm being mean. Probably.

"I'm sorry," he whispers. I pull away from the hug and tug his arm, heading towards French class. Jordan slides his hand through my mine, locking our fingers. "Who was that girl you were talking to?" I raise my eyebrow at him and mentally facepalm myself. How did I manage to forget Trinity when it happened five minutes ago?

"Oh! That was Trinity. She seems cool, I guess," I say.

"Made a new friend, huh? That's good, Mel. Anyway, here you go," he says as I'm in front of the door. He gives me a quick hug, before I could hug him back, he pulls away. He secretly checks his phone and his eyes go wide. "I'm late for class." I mouth a sorry to him and he quickly walks to his direction (A/N: One Direction. c;) of his class. I walk through the door and take my seat.


French, English and World History go by fast. Sometimes I think that someone's genie gave a wish to one of the students to make those three periods go by fast.

Jordan, Trinity and I are sitting at the table that we normally sit at. (Not one of those round tables like High School Musical.)

"Jordan, this is Trinity Hope. Trinity, this is Jordan Taylor," I introduce. They both say hello. God, this reminds me of when I met Jessica. I grit my teeth as Jessica glares at me, in result I give my deadliest glare that I learned from Tom. I almost choke on my water of the thought.

Awkward silence fills the atmosphere; well between us. Trinity jumps and folds her arms on the table. "Okay, I can't keep it in. Are you guys really dating?" Jordan and I both choke on our food. When I recover, I wait for Jordan to say it, but all he does is sort of nudge me to say it by raising his eyebrow at me.

"No, it's just a rumor," he says. "Everyone thought we were anyway."

"Plus it's payback to Jessica, since she's the twit. God! You should've seen her today, on what she said," I mumble on. I pick at my food when Trinity gives me a confused look and Jordan's expression is amused.

"Well, I bet she deserved it. No offense, Jordan, but she's a real bitch. She used to be like you, Mel. But who knows what happened to that little devil mind of hers," Trinity says and bites a piece of her sandwich.

"I wonder what happened," I say under my breath. I look at the clock on the wall. "I can't believe that they're cutting out our lunch time today. I feel like I'm back in an Academy."

Trinity snaps her head at me. "What?" she exclaims. "It takes time to digest all of this food, dammit. This girl needs her time to freaking eat her food." She sits back down madly and throws her fork on her tray. I chuckle silently and nod my head contently.

"I never seen two girls eat this much," Jordan says, quietly laughing. Trinity and I look at each other, with food in our mouths and try not to laugh. I swallow my food and throw my tray away to a nearby trashcan, suddenly feeling conscious.

"Having 20 minutes to eat, bull. They better give us some more time tomorrow or something," I hear Trinity murmur to herself as she throws away hers. We walk back to the table and Jordan's tray is gone. We put on our backpacks and start walking out of the exit. We go our separate ways, except Jordan and I. I tell him to go inside the classroom while I go get my assignments for the Theatre.

I walk to my locker and get the papers, stuffing them inside my backpack, I manage to see where I'm going. As I approach the classroom for Theatre and put my hand on the doorknob, it swings open. I brace myself to fall on the cold, hard ground but instead I fall into warm, strong arms. Unlike normal girls who would just stay there in the guy's arms, I straighten myself up and brush myself off.

"Uh, thanks," I mumble. I turn around to meet the person who caught me and I freeze. What the hell is he doing here? I stare into those soft blue eyes and nod quickly. I rush through the door, sitting next to Jordan.

"You okay, Mel?" he asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Daniel's back.

"So I have to practice for soccer today and Emily is taking a ride with one of her friends that they're working together on a project. Is that alright?" Jordan says while he leans on the good of my Mustang.

"Yeah that's fine, I need to have alone time anyway," I say remembering who I bumped into earlier in Theatre. Why is he here?

"Alright, see you when I get home," he says. There's a little twinkle in his eyes as he says home. Jordan opens the door for me and I slide in, putting my backpack on the passenger seat. The engine comes back to life as I turned it on.

"Okay," I smile. "See you later." Jordan smiles back at me and heads towards the building. I put it in reverse, while looking in the mirror checking that it's clear. I put it in 'Drive' as I pull out of the parking space. As I'm driving out of the parking lot, I can see Jessica making out with Jake against his car. Eww. *enter gag right here*

I make my way to Jordan's house and stop at a stop sign. I swear I saw Daniel's car, driving ahead of me. The same damn license number. I make sure it's clear and continue driving. I see a car drive into a car on the driver's side. Pain shoots through my body and I realize that car, is mine.