Cyrus's journal

Year 8 of being enslaved…

Not much has happened in this cruel place I have to call home… My kidnappers haven't punished me in a while now. I have only found 1 other that is thinking the same thing I am. Sky hasn't been able to find a way out. It seems to be enforced to where no one other than the kidnappers can move around in this place… I just hope I can get out before I become 15. By that age, you can get killed for doing something wrong, but by the age of 16, they kill you while you sleep… I hope it never has to come to that.

Year 8, month 2

My older brother was killed today. He just got too close to 16… he had just turned 15 and tried to escape… he was hung by his legs and…

Year 8, month 4

I've had enough of being ordered like this. I won't let his death be in vein. I swear on my own grave, by the sixth month, I'll escape this hellhole and find a way to leave this world of torture. IF I GET OUT OF HERE, I'M GONNA SHOW THE WORLD THE TRUTH… my brother's memory will live on…

Year 8, last day of month 5

Sky and I have made a plan… if this plan works, the whole world will know of what madness this place is. I heard in the middle of the night in the middle of the month that they're planning to destroy the U.S. He said, "What the boss says will get done, will get done. We destroy the U.S., we destroy the world. All we have to do is take out their leaders… with the missiles and our leader knowing where the leaders are going and when, we'll be able to make everyone do our bidding."

First, I'll get out of here. Then, I'll get to the president… I just hope they believe me. If not, well at least I spent my last few days on earth trying.

Sky's journal

Year 8, last day of month 5

I hope Cyrus knows what he's doing… if we don't make it, I'll make sure that the only person's head on a stick will be his. They torture people before killing them… I'm not going to die slowly like his brother. I'd rather do everything they say and die in my sleep. I'm not dying today. You can forget it.