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I was running through the back of the houses making my way home. I wasn't feeling too comfortable because I could feel that someone was behind me. However, every time I turned, no one was there. Momma had told me countless times to not wonder out of the house alone. She said that the streets were a dangerous place for an eleven-year-old. I hadn't listened to her and now I wished that I had.

I gave a small smile as I saw my house coming up on the left. I was sure that I was going to make it home okay, but I grew too confident too fast. Out of nowhere, a man intercepted my path. Before I could figure out what was going on, I was drugged and thrown over his shoulder. My weight was no challenge for him because I was a little scrawny looking girl.

The drug eventually wore off and I woke up in a place that looked a lot and sounded a lot like a warehouse. My screams would disappear in the great empty space. A chill ran through my body and made me shiver all over. For the first time, I noticed that I was completely naked and I was tied down in a position that made my heart speed up. I screamed even louder and nonstop.

The man that had kidnapped me entered the warehouse and locked the door behind him. The grin on his face made my heart stop. I was going to die, one way or another; I was destined to die young. I'd avoided a situation like this once before, but this time there was no older sister that would distract him while I ran away. I readied myself to give one more scream, but nothing came out. I could feel my mind going into shock. It was big enough that my own body was starting to shut down.

The man grabbed a knife off of a counter and licked the edge of it. His tongue came off bloodied and split. I didn't just scream, I cried. He was approaching me with a devil's smile. He mumbled something under his breath and whispered things to me once in a while. He said things that never would leave my mind again. I screamed as the knife made contact with my skin and a gash five inches long was left on the inside of my thigh. He retrieved the knife and was about to make another blow, but stopped in mid air to caress my body. I cried and screamed and tried everything to get away from his touch. The second time that the knife touched my skin, I shrieked.