The rhythm of another famous musical piece came on the speakers to single the end of lunch. Again, I didn't know the piece. This thing that they do with the music is really weird. Sometimes they decide to play it and sometimes they don't. I've been trying to see if there is some kind of pattern to it and there isn't. After a long and heavy sighed I stood up. Good thing that there was only two more periods until I go home and start my weekend. "Let's go. Once that music starts playing, it means that lunch (or whatever period you are in) is over. One thing that I could surely live without is those stupid songs that are supposed to be famous. They were probably famous a century ago, because I do not know any of the songs." He laughed. And I raised my eyebrow "And what is so funny Mr. Sunshine?" I could see that he could barely breathe. He was even gasping. "You'll suffocate if you keep doing that, you know."

"You are actually right. My grandparents used to listen to this song. They loved it. I still remember Nana's 'i-pod.'" I could hear the sarcasm in his voice. In case you didn't notice it, by i-pod he means a record player. You know those things that needed to be wound up? Yeah those kind of players. At least they had good speakers.

"Nana? Is that what you call your grandma?"

"Yeah." By the dark tone that he had answered me, I knew that I had stepped into danger zone. I guess he also had sensitive topics like I do. Now if I was someone else, I would step on those boundaries and see how far in I could walk before having to run back. I would have loved to do that, but since I know what it feels like wanting to drop a topic that it is too sensitive I didn't pursue it. As we made our way into the throng of and onto the other side, I noticed that a lot of those students were looking my way. I had no idea that all it took to be the center of attention was a good-looking person next to you. I swear that over the years people have not even given me a second glance, let alone a whole minute of staring. I was a little worried that my face might still be red. I flash of bright pink lipstick made me turn. Sofia was trying to pierce me with her glares. If that actually worked, many people would be dead right now because of me. I gave her a "what's your problem?" look and she responded with something that is too rude for me to describe. She acted like such a spoiled child. She is throwing a tantrum because she couldn't get a new toy, a toy that I was having fun with. Hee-hee! I get something she does not.

"Huh, now that's funny." I said.

"What's funny?" Daniel sounded confused.

"I refuse to tell."

He just looked at me with wide, blank eyes. Poor kid, he had no idea what I was talking about. "Oh okay. Anyways have you seen how Sofia glares at you?"

"That is something hard to miss. Which reminds me, were you the one that threw me into the whole mess with her? If you did, that wasn't a very smart thing to do. Things are really hostile between us and there was no need to fan the fire anymore. I just really don't get what her problem is. I get why she was mean to me when we were smaller, but know…I don't get it." Sofia had always been a nasty fellow when it came to people outside of her circle. I was one of the few that were teased but forgotten. They would live as if I didn't exist until they actually saw me in the hall. But shortly after Daniel's arrival, Sofia has totally being such a wicked person towards me. "What do you think?"

"She's jealous." If I had been drinking any kind of liquid, it would be leaking out of my nose at this minute. His theory was so outrageous that it actually made me outburst in laughter. This kid is too funny.

"No seriously." I stopped laughing when he didn't say anything. "Oh my God. You are being serious. What makes you say that? She has been bullying me my whole life and it has never been because of that reason."

"Put two and two together."


He didn't say anything else. So know he was telling me riddles and leaving me hanging? He said to put two and two together, right? That's four. So…WTH! What does that have to do with anything? What does two plus two being four have to do with Sofia being jealous? If she even is jealous. Again, why would anyone be jealous of me? I have the worst life ever. What's to be jealous about? Unless…nah I can't even think of any other reason. Put two and two together. I am taking this thing way too serious. That phrase kinda sounds familiar. Uh-oh. It has something to do with memory, which means that this will be an impossible mission. Now I probably won't be able to pay attention in class with this riddle in my head. (Not that I actually pay much attention.) Maybe Momma may have a clue to what Daniel is talking about or Dadio might know too. After seating down at my table, I stared down at it. Reasons why Sofia might be jealous. Think, think, think. There are always reasons for the actions of people. For example, the reason behind me being kidnapped and getting a foot long knife plunged into my thigh was because that person (I still haven't figured out who it was.) wanted me dead. Simple. That action had a reason. I closed my eyes and saw those pictures once again. One by one they flashed behind my eyelids until they were moving.

How had all that mess started? A smirking face reminded me. Ah, yes I remember know. I remember as if it had been just yesterday. That man, who was he? What did he want? Again the pictures answered my questions. Of course, he wanted me dead. For what reason? What was in it for him? One more spin and I saw the whole vivid film. I saw my struggles. I heard my muffles cries. I glimpsed at my eleven-year-old naked body. The sobs, the cries, the laughs. Blood everywhere. Whose blood? Mine? Yes, my tight had a horrible gash. A gentile voice lulling me to sleep. A sheet over my bruised body and strong arms lifting me up. I cried myself to sleep in his arms. I never knew who had been the villain and who had been my hero. I do know one thing; I fell in love with him instantly. I ended up traumatized. I couldn't believe that on that night I was going to get raped and murdered. I also couldn't believe that I had been saved by a knight in black armor. A knight whose face I didn't even know.

I shook myself out of that flashback. Everything seems to be connected to by past. Anything triggers my memory bank and the whole thing come flooding back. Now I know why being forgetful comes in handy. I can't live with these memories swarming my thoughts every single day. If only I knew who had saved me. I would do anything to know who had helped me on that night. I looked at the clock on the wall and realized that in a few minutes fifth period was going to end.

It was pretty much the same pattern in sixth period. I couldn't stop thinking about what Daniel had said to me. I also couldn't stop thinking about my mysterious savior four years ago. I don't know why I feel like I have seen his face again. Maybe he was someone important in my life but I just can't remember who he is. His voice…I'm positive that I have heard it at least once in the past four years. Daniel's face in my vision broke my thoughts.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I have been calling your name for the past minute. Class ended some time ago. We can go home now, or are you planning on staying here?" Class was over? I searched for the clock and sure enough, five minutes past three o'clock. "What is wrong? You have been acting like that all day." I stood up and grabbed my backpack. I tried to make my way to the door, but Daniel stopped me. "Seriously Karla. What is wrong with you? It's hard not to worry about you when you look like the world has just ended."

I looked up at him. "Nothing, okay. I am just thinking about some things that have been bothering me. Let's go. It's bad enough spending the required hours in this school. I don't want to waste any more of my time in here." I lead him out of the class and out of school. I know that I have anger issues. Trust me; I am way aware of that. And I know that I need to stop pushing my bottled-up feelings onto others. "By the way, at what time are we meeting tomorrow?"

"Um I don't know. How about if I just show up?" Sure that would work. I nodded. We walked to my house in silence. I really wanted to know how he knew where I lived, but I knew that I had already done enough. I didn't want accusation added to my list of wrongs this day. For all I knew, he could have gotten my address from the school directory. At the edge of my driveway I told him that we had arrived at my house and that he could go on to his house. I didn't forget to mention that I would be waiting for him. Once again I stared at his retreating back, wondering what it was that he thought about. Of all the things that my Gift gives me, I wish that I could read minds. I sighed and headed for the door. If I have a hard time understanding him than he probably has a hard time understanding me too.