I played with the idea of cutting my hair as I walked. My waist long hair would just get in the way of any future problems. I searched for the scissors as soon as I entered my room. I rolled the scissors in between my fingers and sat down on the floor. I grabbed a strand of overgrown hair and cut it shoulder high. I sighed as I let the strand drop to the floor. I grabbed another long strand and did the same thing. Twenty-three strands of hair later, I inspected my new hairdo in the mirror. Some strands were longer than others, but in overall, it wasn't all that bad. I went into the bathroom and shook my head a little so that any loose hair would fall out. I evened my hair out and put the scissors away.

The tricky part was finding the broom without Momma noticing my new style. I am sure that she will eventually find out. A change to this magnitude is hard to hide. It appeared that it didn't matter that I had just cut about three-fourths of my hair, the ends of my hair was still tinted. I didn't expect a simple hair cut to change the process, but I did hope that it would slow it down a little. When the twins saw me, they couldn't stop teasing me and laughing. All the commotion that we were making made everyone come and see what was going on. Momma's eyes grew wide when she saw me and Dadio joined the stream of teasing. With shaking hands, Momma inspected my hair. I could see tears running down her face as she laughed. We all knew what my actions meant; I was finally breaking the cycle.

I have discovered that in order for me to change, I have to lose something. In this case, it was my hair. I have lost many things before, not things that could eventually harm me. Mostly, I have lost a piece of me. Imagine not being able to be yourself because the people around you don't understand you. Yeah, I lived through that. Those were the most miserable two years of my life. Acting like a brainless girl is not my thing. Actually, acting in overall is not my thing. I know that it can be useful, but I try to avoid it if possible.

After having my family stare at me in wonder for an hour or so, we all went down stairs for diner. The Twins just wouldn't shut up about it. You would think that they have never seen someone chop her hair before. I know that my change was sudden, but it wasn't a thing from another world. Cutting hair is a very common thing. I told them that and they said that "cutting" was common, but what I did wasn't "cutting," it was "annihilating." I guess they might be right, not. All that matters is that I don't regret what I did.

We ate spaghetti as we cheerfully talked. Unlike breakfast, there were no hostile auras above anyone. We were just a family being stupid and talking about stupid things. Most importantly, my affairs and I were kept out of the conversations.

I was even able to get back at Jake for the muddied shirt. His shirt is now spaghetti –sauced. Not to mention that he also had spaghetti noodle in his hair. I am surprised that I got away with it. Sara tried throwing a meatball at me but missed. It flew across the table and made a touchdown on Steve's face. From there, it all became a big mess. I got away clean while everyone else was covered in food. I laughed my head off seeing Momma get plummeted with noodles. All of a sudden, they turned in unison to look at me. Before they could move a foot, I was already running across the house.

It's fun playing hide and seek in a three floor house. I zoomed across corridors, slid down stairs, and dashed past door. I tried to dodge everybody that crossed my path, but failed. I was pinned down and a freshly opened can of tomato sauce was poured down on me. I screamed and laughed at the same time as eight pairs of hands smeared the sauce all over me. I wrestled a few hands away and sat up laughing. At that moment we all looked pathetic. Like I said, we were a stupid family after all. Everyone rolled around the floor making the stain of tomato worse. Momma didn't worry much since all the carpets in the house were going to get changed.

Dripping in tomato sauce, I walked to the bathroom. It felt extremely awkward walking in half dried-up-tomato-covered clothes. For the second time in the same day I was taking a shower. And I have my family to thank for. The food fight left the whole family in need of a bath. There are only 3 in the whole house, one in each floor. The fact that there are only three bathrooms means that six people are going to be waiting in tomato sauce. Lucky for me, I was not one of them. I was really tired and wanted a nap so I took a quick shower. That way, the next person didn't have to wait long.

The biggest question that people have asked me so far is: How can you sleep so much? My answer to that question is: I don't know. You would think that by now, I wouldn't sleep like a baby, but I do. I crawled into bed with my PJ's on and wet hair. I don't know how many times Momma has warned me to never go to bed while my hair is wet, but I never listen. I curled into a ball and tucked my blanket the closest that I could to me. It was extremely cold for a mid-fall night. Is October in fall? I was never able to understand the whole changing of seasons.

I closed my eyes and instantly fell into a deep sleep. At that moment, a train could have run me over and I wouldn't have woken up. For the very first time in all my life, I dreamt with someone. His kind expressions showed me that not everyone in the world was mean. He thought me that there might be something good in the world for me. He is giving me the opportunity to actually start a love life. His gentle words pulled me out of my black hole. He changed me in a way that no one could ever change me.

A sharp pounding in my head distorted the vision of Daniel. I swatted my hand wanting it to go away and leave me alone, but the pain got worse. I grunted and tried to sit up just to be thrown back down. Laughter made me open my eyes. The first thing that I notice was my surroundings. I was no longer in my room. It was an alley and it looked exactly like the alley that I had met Daniel in.

"Does this place remind you of something? Or someone?" A voice called. I looked around trying to find the recipient of the voice. No living soul was visible, but the voice had sounded so close to me. I scanned my surroundings once more thinking that I might have missed something. A violent chill ran down my spine. It was the same feeling that I had gotten when I met Daniel but it was stronger. It was as if I had been electrocuted.

"Who's there? Show yourself." I could hear my voice shake as I spoke. Whoever said that I was a cold –hearted monster was wrong. At that moment I was very scared.

"Now, now. You do not boss me around. I want to make it clear that the one giving the orders around here is me." A tall figure emerged from the shadows and slowly approached me. "If you want to live in peace, I recommend that you leave him alone. I don't know what you did to him, but he didn't used to be like that. Leave him alone." My stupefied expression made him laugh. I don't know what shocked me the most, the fact that the voice that I heard did not match the face that I saw, or the fact that I had no idea what he was talking about. "Mortals are ignorant fools that live in bliss. They have no idea of what happens around them. You on the other hand…live entwined with two worlds. For some reason you are the exception."

He might as well have been talking a foreign language. I still had no idea of what he was saying. What was that about immortals? That we were ignorant? I finally decided to voice my confusion. "Hold on a minute. To start with, who are you? Why do you look so much like someone I know? And what the hell are you talking about?"

"Ah right, an introduction. I forgot that I had to go through such trivial things." He said with a smirked and bowed. "I, Miss, am Gabriel McGiddle. Yes, I am related to Daniel." He added when he saw my eyebrows rise. "Isn't funny how life is? I am his twin cousin. He used to love me like he loved no other person; at least he did until you showed up. He left me all alone all these years to be with you." The way that he threw the words at me made me flinch.

"No, I just met him not so long ago."

"Not exactly. You just learned his name not so long ago. You met him for the first time five years ago, but even by then he already knew so much about you. He was transfixed in you and could speak of no other. He got the crazy idea of leaving the safety of our home to protect you. The first time that you met him was on a cold night like this one. I could describe every single detail to you, but it will be more fun if I showed you instead."

Suddenly as if by magic, he was covering my eyes with his hand. I wanted to back away from him, but I couldn't. I was locked in to place by his hand. A stream of images washed onto my closed lids. The abandoned warehouse was the first thing that I saw. I stifled a cry as the face of my worst tormentor came into view. "You remember don't you, Karla? You remember the warehouse and your torturer's face; don't you? Do you remember what happened on that night?" I didn't answer. What kind of stupid question was that? That night is etched into my mind. "Oh you don't? Want me to remind you?" Every single detail about my imprisonment flowed past my eyes. How could he know so much? No one else was there. How could he know this much about me?

"S-stop. Please. No more. I don't want to see anymore." I was near tears. All that I wanted was for that nightmare to be locked in the past, but for some reason it won't die. He must have had compassion of me because the horrible images stopped. In their place was the shadowed face of my Black Knight.

"Look closely at his face. I'll show you for the first time who he was." The young boys face slowly became clearer and I strained my eyes to see. Who could this boy be that he was so important to point out? Dark dreamy eyes came into focus and I gasped. "Yes, you see him now? Doesn't he look exactly like he looks now? But wait, this was five years ago. How could that be?" He lowered his hand. I slowly looked up into his dark eyes with teary eyes. "Ah, has this upset you? Are you confused? Want me to explain? Well either way, I will. He's impossibly fast. Too strong for his age. Too smart for his own good. He seems to know what you are thinking. He sneaks up on you-"

I pushed him as hard as I could. His image was now a blur because of my tears. "Shut up! I don't want to hear any more! Shut up!"

Out of nowhere, he grabbed my hands and threw me clear across the air. I crashed with a sickening thud into the wall. Pain exploded against my back and I screamed. He was instantly kneeled besides me. "Sorry. Forgot that humans can't take pain. Don't you think that it is a little odd that no matter what he does, he is so good at it? Have you seen his handwriting? He has had centuries to work on that. Five years passed since then, and he looks exactly the same." I tried to stand up but the heel of his boot crushed me down. I screamed out of pain. "You are also special, but not as special as us. Daniel and I, we are the same, we are vampires." He lifted his boot and stepped a few feet away from me. I turned to see his face, he looked alert. He looked at the entrance of the alley and said, "Seems that Daniel has finally caught on to me. He will be here soon." He walked away but stopped. "Oh and I would get those wounds treated first before seeing Daniel. There is a nice pool of blood below you."