Hello, yes, you.

Right there. Reading this.

Yes, you.

Hi there! It's nice to meet you. Of course, we're not formally introduced, but that's alright - we don't have to be. Sometimes a little anonymity is refreshing, hm? It's easier to avoid judgement, that way - I think that's why people do things anonymously. It's good not to judge.

How about you? Do you judge people?

Oh, don't worry about it if you do - and, let's be honest. Everyone judges to some extent or another - it's just human nature. I'm assuming, of course, that you are human.

If you are a fish and you are operating whatever technological device that you are reading this on, I am duly impressed. Hell, if you're a fish and you're reading, period, I'm impressed.

Anyway, yes. Judging. Right. As I was saying, it's not a very good thing to do at all. But it's a mistake that each of us makes - we're not perfect!


I hope that didn't shock you. You did know that you're not perfect, correct?

You did? Good. I'm not perfect either, obviously. Everyone messes up - we all have faults (hence, not judging, right? Because we all mess up, just some a little more than others?)

For instance, I am a very jealous person. I'm also very selfish and insecure. And I have a pretty bad temper.

I also steal people's french fries. You know, when they're in the bag from McDonald's and they are right next your french fries, so you just 'accidently' grab from the wrong fry container thingy? Yeah, I do that.

What do you do? What, do you like, lick people's spoons or something?

I don't know you, but maybe you like to put people down. Maybe it makes you feel better. Or, maybe you leave the darn toilet seat up. No, no, maybe you lie to people, even those really close to you.

Do you cheat? Yeah, well, high school can be tough sometimes, so I'm sure most people have pulled that at least once. But there are other kinds of cheating. Oh! I know! Maybe you gossip, and talk about people behind their backs! A lot of people do that - I do, as well.

Or maybe you steal or bully or manipulate or use people or leave the ones who depend on who. Or maybe you're really super shy, and you go along unnoticed.

Or maybe you're loud - very loud. I guess you could be someone who writes on the bathroom stalls in Walmart.


Hmm. Maybe you have siblings, and you're really mean to them. Or your parents. Maybe you're addicted to drama - the real life kind, not the soap opera kind. Maybe you tie people's shoe laces together. Or you're very messy. Or you do 'naughty' things. Or you're in love with someone who you shouldn't be.

Maybe you've done things to harm yourself, or worse.

I don't know you - I don't know what you do.

Maybe I managed to list a few of your faults - one, or two, at least. But I don't have any idea what it is that you do wrong. None at all. I may be good, but I'm not psychic.

Everything that I just said - they aren't really the 'right' things to do, are they? No, they're pretty bad. I'm sure you've owned up - I'm sure that you know that they're wrong.


You've admitted that you do wrong. Good job. Problem solved. How about this - would you believe me if I told you that whatever it is that you do wrong, you're still a really great person?

I betchya.

I bet you're a really, really great person. No, I know you are! It's okay that you mess up! Forgive yourself already, would you?

You make a difference in a lot of people's lives, you know that, right? Think about this. Have you made anyone smile today? Then you've done a world of good.

You could be grumpy today, so maybe you didn't make anyone smile - how about yesterday? Or the day before? Or a week ago? Or a month? Ever?

Then you've done a great thing. And, I bet, that you make more than one person smile. I'd bet anything that you have quite a few people who love you a whole lot.

Maybe you disagree.

Well, I love you! If you've read this far, I love you, so add me to your wonderful list of people who love you - and your dog or cat or turtle of gopher or whatever little creature happens to adore you. Just stop, for a second, and think about the people you know that love you.


That list is probably a little longer than you thought, huh?

See? If at least one person loves you - and trust me, someone does - then you're a lot more than those wrong things you do. See that in yourself, okay?

And, maybe, there's someone who's doing very wrong to you. Or has, in the past. It's okay, if you hold a grudge against them - it's best to try and forgive. It really is - it's enlightening and great to be the better person and forgive.

But sometimes, you just can't. That's alright. Just know that whatever it is, or was, it's not your fault. Some people have a chip on their shoulder or have some serious problems of their own. So please, don't blame yourself at all! And try - nearly impossible, I know, but give it a shot - to brush it off or let it go or do whatever it is you need to.

Because you're just pretty damn awesome, and you shouldn't let other people get you down.

Yup. Pretty damn awesome. That is you, my friend. You're beautiful and kind and I bet you're funny, or athletic, or a fantastic listener - maybe a fantastic speaker. Maybe you're a damn genius. Maybe you're really great at raising chickens. Maybe you have great hair. Or are very giving, or loyal. Maybe you're observative or silly or bubbly. Maybe you're extremely cheerful, most of the time. Or have musical talent. Or can burp your alphabet.

Maybe you've got an insane talent for writing, or drawing, or painting. Or maybe you can cook! Maybe you're strong or fast. Or maybe you're tall, and can reach things for short people - or, maybe you're short, and you can get into small spaces for people. Maybe you drive cars or ride horses, or maybe, just maybe, you hold the world record for having the most marshmellows in your mouth. Maybe you just know how to love people.

Trust me, you've got something going for you. More than one thing. And that, my dear friend, is wonderful.


So, yeah. I suppose I'm done here. It was really nice to meet you!

I'm serious.

It was!

Don't you dare doubt me.

People who doubt me suffer serious consequences - I'm talking, major pillow fight or something. I don't know. Not really. Just don't doubt me.

And keep your head up, okay? You've got people who are there for you, and who love you very much, and will help you whenever you need. I will! Hell, if you really need someone, I'm right here - go on and message me, I don't mind!

Keep your chin up and go out and do something good, alright? Life can be a bitch, but don't let it get you down. Everything will get better, you'll see. I promise. :)

- Me.