Gasps, groans, moans, and pants. Those were the sounds plagueing his mind as he slept. A two person dorm room surrounding him filled with both his roommate's and his belongings. The nineteen year old boy turned in his bed covered by a light blue sheet. Soft skin he longed for teasing him in his dreams. There he held the one he longed for. In his dream he held a girl in his arms. Her long black hair reached to the middle of his chest. Bright violet eyes clouded with lust looked into his equally yearning grey.

An alarm buzzed shattering the beautiful illusion of sleep for both roommates. "mrrmmm," groaned one eighteen year old boy with long black hair that stopped at his middle back. It was spread over over his lean back, partially covered by his dark green comforter. The nineteen year old teen was the first to sit up and shut the annoyance off. He looked down to notice the after effects of his dream and sighed. His grey eye uncovered by black hair glanced at his roommate. "Takeshi, get up," the raven unemotionally commanded. Takeshi stayed still like always, so he decided to take his shower first in the bathroom only those two shared.

Takeshi groaned again peeking one violet eye from under his bangs and sighed in relief. "Safe," he said to himself yawning while sitting up. One arm reached up to his aching chest. "Damn these things suck," Takeshi murmured feeling her boobs crushed underneath the bindings. She let her hand fall hearing the bathroom door open to reveal her roommate half naked.

"Morning, Haji," greeted the long haired raven still sleepy. Haji regarded him with a glance before getting dressed in their uniform. "Are you going to class today?" asked Takeshi curiously. The older teen said nothing before their bedroom door was slammed open to reveal a hyperactive seventeen year old and his roommate. "Morning boys, are we ready for another day of awesomeness?" asked the hyper teen that had short blonde hair with shining green eyes. The other visitor was an eighteen year old with short red hair and mismatched hazel and blue eyes. "Morning," greeted the other.

Takeshi blinked letting her roommate take care of the guests. "Get out," Haji commented annoyed and pulling on his clothes still. "Aw come on, Haji, you need someone to brighten up your day and I, Jinmaru Shizuka, shall be the one that will help you find someone to break that pout face of yours," announced the hyper blonde excited. The long haired raven sighed and greeted the other," Hey, Yoshi, I'll be out in a minute ok?" Yoshi just nodded silently and waited beside the door that occupied his hyper roommate.

Once the raven was safely inside the bathroom did she stretch her arms out. One popped in relief making her feel better. No one knew that she was a girl. Not even Haji knew. She started the shower, removing her pajamas before unraveling her wrappings. They held her breasts tight leaving them sensitive whenever the wrappings were removed.

Outside Takeshi could hear Haji knock Jin on the head and smiled. The other raven was really a nice guy whenever he wasn't around the gang or the student council. He just preferred the title of gangster to keep people away. "It's a good thing this is an all boy school," she thought washing her hair in the shower. "I know a lot of girls who would love to stalk a guy like him."

After the shower, Takeshi quickly got dressed in the bathroom, rewrapping her chest, and left to see Yoshi still outside the door. "They already left?" asked Takeshi a little sad. Yoshi nodded replying," Jin said there was some problems with a new student." Violet eyes rolled not really caring about any new student. "Oh well, no breakfast for them then," she said placing her hands in her uniform's pockets and walked with her redhead friend to the dorm's cafeteria. It had been two months since Takeshi had transferred to Emerald Academy for Boys. Her parents didn't know what she was doing since they didn't care one way or the other as long as she was going to school. They didn't really know it was for all boys and it didn't matter because they lived far off anyway.

The reason she was pretending to be a boy in the first place was complicated. Yoshi sat down next to his friend calmly eating without uttering a word. He was the quiet type of guy. No use in speaking unless he had a reason requiring it. Violet eyes glanced around the crowded cafeteria not really caring. She was used to it.

Her eyes sharpened catching their target across the room. It was a twenty year old guy with curly short blue hair and light hearted hazel eyes. Across from him stood another with slicked back long brown hair and dark blue eyes. They seemed to be happily talking to each other. It made Takeshi wonder why she was doing this. Of course, that was when her reminder would walk up to them. It was one of the teachers , one that had sleek long dark green hair and icy blue eyes. Glasses covered them most of the time, but that didn't stop her from noticing his dark personality.

"Takeshi, you better hurry before class starts," commented Yoshi getting up to throw his trash away. Violet eyes widened and she hurriedly ate the rest of her food to join her friend now by the cafeteria doors. "Sorry," she apologized still disguising her voice deep. Yoshi only nodded and started to head towards the main building for class. A normal start to a normal day. That was what Takeshi thought as she followed her friend that way.