The way she uttered it made it sound like a lost angel in an abyss of despair. Haji didn't know what to do. He was so used to seeing Takeshi, a happy go lucky idiot that always stuck to him like glue, and now there was this girl, someone he had no idea about. Purple eyes blinked as the last tear was shed.

She knew it was pointless to cry. There was no point to it. She had to be strong and somehow at least make it look like Takeshi was getting a transfer. Hopelessness filled her gut making the girl want to punch Haji for having to find out.

"I'm sorry," Misuki apologized even though she knew it too, was pointless at this point. Grey eyes never left now soft violet. It was nice while it lasted. Hopefully Haji will make new friends. Misuki tried to think happy for her friends after she would leave but only wanted to cry. She had to protect Naoko.

"Tell me," Haji finally spoke letting go of her wrist and letting her fall back onto her bed. "Did you really not have a crush on this Naoko guy?" Violet blinked a little bit confused. What?

"Why does it matter?" asked Misuki showing her confusion. Grey eyes narrowed with irritation. "Sorry, sorry, I really only love him like a brother," she admitted truthfully. The delinquent king sat on his own bed across from her. Sience consumed the room quickly once again. It seemed now to her that Takeshi couldn't look at his once roommate. Was it really that awkward living with a girl?


Violet eyes widened in surprise. "What?" she asked not sure she had heard right. "It's fine. You can stay here," the leader of the gang spoke standing back up and going to walk out before a femine hand grasped his arm. Grey eyes widened.

Misuki pulled her roommate into a hug with a smile. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Haji," the girl practically squealed happily. She had completely forgotten about the towel unlike Haji who had tensed under the feel of her breasts. Seriously how had she been able to hide those so well? The gang leader turned to question her but stopped feeling something in his chest beat at the sight that clinged to his back.

Misuki fit perfectly against him. Her long black hair ran down her body like a river only making her curves more noticeable. He stared in silence as she happily glomped him. He had never expected a beautiful girl to ever notice him yet alone pull him close as Tak- Misuki had.

Once she let go did the long haired raven remember her predicament. "Oh crap," Misuki said holding her towel close. Haji silently nodded trying to hide his arousement. "I'll see you later," he spoke before quickly leaving to calm down and let her change back into Takeshi. Part of him was hoping it was a dream, although, her scent seemed to stick to him, making him know that it was not.

"Misuki, eh."

"Who?" asked a familiar blonde walking back towards his and Takeshi's room. Haji stopped him midtracks saying," It's nothing and Takeshi is fine now." Jin watched his friend walk away quickly and looked back towards his friends' room.

"Huh," he sighed following his gang's leader away. Meanwhile, Takeshi worked quickly to apply her wraps and get dressed. The memory of her friend's kindness made her smile. Haji was always there when 'Takeshi' needed him and it felt better that he knew her secret. Somehow she just knew she could trust the delinquent despite his status.