Jin sat in his desk with a sigh. The last two days have been really weird for the blonde. First, Takeshi had to go and get sick leaving him and Yoshi to gather up all of his missing work. Then Haji had to be super moody yesterday since he woke up.

Green eyes hovered over the classroom noticing said raven haired friend talking to some guy. They were lucky it was free period right now. The teachers were in full exam prep. A familiar red head walked over to the blonde with a void expression covering his face as usual.

"Hajime wants to know where you are," greeted Yoshi with blank hazel and blue eyes. Jin only sighed again before asking," Hey, you know what happened the other day?" "Hmm?" replied Yoshi noncaring as he caught sight of the hyper black headed teen.

"It's just that since Takeshi over there got sick, Haji's been a reall asshole," Jin complained not wanting to get up and see his most likely pissed off boss. "So what? He probably feels at fault for his roommate getting sick," reasoned the red head never taking his eyes off Takeshi from across the room.

"So what? So what? HEY, ITS OUR JOB AS FRIENDS TO KNOW WHATS GOING ON ESPECIALLY WHEN OUR LIVES ARE AT STAKE, MY MAN. AS JINMARU SHINZUKA, THE RIGHT HAND MAN OF THE E.A.B. YA…." Yoshi's hand quickly covered his mouth nearly knocking the blonde out.

"I think this is something that is between Hajime and Takeshi, Jin, and it should stay that way," spoke the red head emotionless. Sometimes Jin could swear he was talking to a brick wall. "Besides all that matters now is you going to see our boss," Yoshi reminded him, making said blonde cringe.

"Fine, fine, I'm going," the blonde sighed getting up and heading out. Yoshi stayed to lean on a wall and continue to watch his raven haired friend. It was bothersome how their boss was acting lately.

However, the worst part was it seemed Haji was the only one bothered while Takeshi went about normally. Just what happened two days ago?


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