7/12 – Observations

I watched as she bent over me,
the thick, white fingers stuck

to my throat like cement,
forcing pieces of myself to stay

intact beneath the pressure,
too tight to choke back the cry

that sprung from my lips and
somewhere further down in me.

I memorized the shape of each
tooth, every dagger in my

skin and the imprints that
remained there, and I swallowed

disgust at the sight of the
stronger form on top and the tiny,

wretched sack of bones that
stuttered protests underneath.

I counted the clothes as they
piled, one by one, at the foot

of the bed, her face loom near
mine to whisper some promise

that I'd thank her later, her hand
slapping over my mouth to mark

the flesh with quiet red and the
coils underneath us cried out

for me where I watched, and
shivered though the air had

swelled around me, thick and
hot, another hand constricting.

I fought to force my eyes wide
while they fixed on the glowing

TV screen in the corner, glazing
over at the off-white ceiling tiles

and the pale fluorescent lamps