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Volume One: Chapters 1 - 5
Volume Two: Chapters 6 - 12
Volume Three: Chapters 13 - 18
Volume Four: Chapters 19 - 25


Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life

Summary: What would you do if you suddenly had to change the way you think, dress, talk and act? Seventeen years old Arisa, whose Mother is the most famous model and Father known for his nature photography was given a weird challenge. She has to get top grades until she graduates High School or risk losing her freedom and becoming a model like her Mom wants her to be! Arisa reluctantly accepts, but it's not as easy as it looks when on top of all that she has to hide her identity to not draw attention to herself. Everything was going smoothly...until she crossed paths with the two guys who turned her life upside down. What should she do now? Falling in love is not an option!

Have you heard of those rumors spreading about a girl who pushed this other girl in front of a moving vehicle because of something about "she stole my boyfriend" or was it "she stole my girlfriend?" I don't really remember.

Or what about the one where this boy is prostituting his girlfriends to clients because he needs the money to consistently pay off his gambling debts?

Oh, this one was interesting. Supposedly our female counselor is setting appointments aside for having students come in to her office during school hours and doing inappropriate things. I bet you can guess what those "things" are, right?

And so, for the first time in the 17 years I've been alive I can say with all honesty, while looking you straight in the eyes, that those rumors aren't associated with me in any way. Really! After transferring to this High School things are going unexpectedly smooth thanks to the three rules I've set for myself, which I've been strictly following.

1. No matter what happens, control my temper.

2. Study everyday like my life depends on it.

3. Never get into or between a relationship (that includes friends).

All thanks to these rules five months of school has gone by in a blink of an eye. Not only is there that to be thankful of but not one person here has noticed my real identity. Yay! Now I'm kinda glad that mom kicked me out to live with my dad. I transferred to this public school in my third year of High School, before this I use to go to a private school filled with all kinds of rich kids.

Walking down the hallway with books in my hand, keeping my head down, I made it to the classroom without getting into trouble. Taking a seat at my desk I took out my materials to get ready for today's lesson while everyone else were chatting about the rumors (the ones that I mentioned above of course).

You must be curious by now about why I'm being so cautious and working hard to become an honor student. Now, now, let's be patient. I'll fill you in all the details!

My name is Arisa, for most of my dramatic life I was known as "Tainted Rose". I used to be like the other kids when I was little. I loved playing in the sandbox or playing tag with the boy I had a crush on. The only difference was that I was the daughter of the most famous female supermodel, oh and the ever-so-popular photographer, my dad.

Photographer and model...I bet you've already figured out how they met and became all lovey-dovey. Yup! What you're thinking is probably close to how it went. Dad was the photographer for a music ad that Mom was asked to be in (this was around when she started modeling) and like most of the other pathetic guys who knew they didn't have a chance, he fell for her charm at first sight and pursed to woo her. Mom wasn't interested in dating and wanted to focus on her career so she rejected his advances each and every time. Dad being the optimistic guy wouldn't give up and his efforts finally paid off when he rescued her from a pervert. "I was a damsel in distress and your Father was my knight in shining armor!" ...Was what Mom told me hundreds of time in that infatuated voice of hers. Bleh!

Anywaaaays...back to the main point! My caretaker/bodyguards were these two huge foreign men who were always talking in English unless they needed to communicate with me. It was because of them that I had learned a second language in my early years. With them around me 24/7 I felt suffocated.

I didn't have many friends and the friends I did have would use me to get close to my parents. I was constantly watched by everyone around me. At the age of 12, I finally snapped (I mean, wouldn't you too?). My first victims, unfortunately for them, were the bodyguards. I played villain and pretended I was in trouble to get them fired.

After that I went in search for a trainer, to train me in every known fighting style. My strongest point according to sensei was Kendo. After the changes in me were starting to become noticeable to others they gave me the name Tainted Rose. A beautiful rose who became tainted (bad, in other words).

I would always wear chains at my jeans, rings on all my fingers and black gloves to cover them. My black long hair wild and curly, my long legs and my body full with scars gave me the look of a delinquent (Mom would give me this ointment to make sure I don't get any permanent scars…she's completely obsessed with looks). I started a female motorcycle gang called the Black Rose and from then on I was known as the best fighter and a respected leader.

We did everything you can, or might be able to imagine what delinquents with no life did. Everyday we would always get racing challenges from other school "gangs" and even adult gangs. Every night we were at our hangout spot, chilling with other troublemakers like ourselves.

Everything was going good, life was a fun. That is…until…I got into a teeeeny problem.'ve caught was more than a simple, small problem. It was a rather huge least for my Mom.

The next strongest girl in the gang, Lin, a Chinese transfer student got extremely pissed at me because I stole her boyfriend..actually I didn't even know he was her boyfriend because she never introduced him to us. When you think about it everything that happened was mostly her fault! We met at my Mom's boss birthday party and apparently he was one of our newest models. Tall, with dark brown hair tied back, a slim but muscled body, not to mention he was a straight-forward guy who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it...he was soooo my type!

Do you call it stealing when the guy is the one who comes up to you and says that he wants to have sex with you? Ok, maybe I shouldn't have accepted it right away but I was drunk and was looking to have a fun time. Where's the wrong in that? It wasn't like he wanted to break up with his girlfriend and get serious with me. Besides if he's going to do that to the girl he's been dating for over a year then isn't it good that she found out the truth about him before it was too late?

Of course Lin didn't take it so good even after I explained that to her. She went and started another gang of hers, bent on destroying me. I ignored her at first but then she was starting to be a pain. Wanting to giving her a little threat, I hired some male delinquents to play around with her. The outcome wasn't so good. It ended up with them going a little to far. The next day at school pictures of a naked Lin was posted everywhere, and so was the site to where you could watch the video of a Lin crying and calling out for mommy. Heh. Pffft. Hahaha! here I am, after my mom heard what happened she realized that I was the one who was behind it. She pretty much got fed up with me and literally kicked me out of my huge mansion to live at my Dad's small three floor condo building. Even though Dad is rarely home! I mean it wasn't that serious, why couldn't they understand that?

Before she kicked me out, she glared at me with her stubborn pride and gave me a challenge. She said I could accept it or turn it down. Until I graduate High School if I get good grades and stay out of trouble then she'll give up on me becoming a model and will let me do whatever I wanted with my life. If I screwed up even once then I'll have to train under her and enter her company with a five-year contract.

I was going to refuse her her challenge without hesitating, because I mean, why do I have to accept something so ridiculous? That is until I heard her conversation over the phone with my Dad. "Do you think it's because of what happened back then?" Mom said with her voice filled with tears "But honey ever since then she's changed so much. Maybe she remembered what happened? Her counselor did say her memories might return one day and that we should prepare for it." She listened a little to what Dad was saying and then with a hoarse voice that nearly broke my heart she said, "We should have given up on our dreams to stay by her side more."

I bit my lower lip with my teeth...I did this when I was worried or nervous. I never noticed they still worried about that. When I was a kid, I was always a target for kidnapping, but because I had bodyguards with me all the time they were all failed attempts. Until one day...I was kidnapped for ransom. My parents were ready to hand over the money...but something happened...for some reason two weeks later someone found me wandering around the streets at night and called the police. I had no memories of how I ended up there...or no memories of what happened the past two weeks, not even what the kidnapper looked like. Every time I tried thinking about what happened I would get an extreme headache...and nothing but darkness. So I stopped trying to remember.

I sighed. Those idiots. It was a long time ago and I was already over it. After seeing Mom in so much pain over me I made a decision. I agreed to her challenge.

I'm actually enjoying this lifestyle. Not having to worry if someone is waiting for you at the school gate, having to constantly watch your back, not partying at night and getting drunk until you wake up somewhere unfamiliar...yup, a very...peaceful life...

Yea right! It's the most boring, and exhausting thing that I've ever had to go through! Not only do I have to go through the same routine every single day I have to keep my temper in check. Which is really hard when you have to see these arrogant girls five days a week, listen to the teacher talk for nine hours a day, have boys laugh at you because you're not "beautiful" enough to hit on and have the geeks look down on you because you're not smart enough to be a geek.

There are so many things here that keeps getting me mad. If my Mom hadn't given me that challenge, the school infirmary would probably always be full with wounded students. I wondered how long I'll be able to hold out.

If only the next year and a half would go by in a blink without any problems. You'd hope so too, right? Just smooth sailing...Riggggghhhht.

List of Characters

*warning: there are spoilers below.

Arisa Nanamori: Known as the Tainted Rose, she's a delinquent who likes fighting and seeking pleasure. Because she thinks modeling is troublesome and too much hard work she takes up her Mom's challenge to live as a top student without getting into trouble to continue her carefree life. She dislikes being in cramped places and being told what to do. She likes eating (mostly muffins) and even though she's the type to act before thinking everything she does has a reason behind it. When it comes to protecting those who are close to her she won't hesitate to get rid of anyone in her way. Arisa has been a target for kidnapping ever since she was little and according to her she's been used and played with by a lot of people, which is why it's hard for her to trust someone. One of the kidnappings succeeded when she was little and she couldn't be found until two weeks later wandering around outside. After that incident she first completely lost all her memories of her identity and only recovered a month later. But she still can't remember about what happened when she was kidnapped and when she tries to think about it she'd get headaches.

Daisuke Misumi: Called as Dai by most of his close friends, he's cheerful, plays the guitar, popular and is known as the ouji of the school. He's always surrounded by a lot of people and is usually mistaken as the playboy type because of his pretty boy looks. In middle school he used to go out with a lot of girls without caring about them much but changed his ways after meeting Nina during the summer of last year as a middle school student. Only a few whose close to him knows his true personality, that he's kind and has a 'mother' side to him. Arisa confirms that he's also hotheaded and can be forceful sometimes.

Satoru Akashi: Works as a manager at Nanamori Inc. and is shown to be Daisuke's old friend. When he was in College, Daisuke and him met through tutoring and became good friends. Unlike Dai, Satoru is mostly seen as calm and composed by can be dangerous when angry. He likes teasing people who are close to him, like Arisa for example. He's the only person who calls Arisa "Nana". He's half Japanese, as his Mom is from England. Later in chapter 11 it's revealed that he's the big brother of Nina.

Takumi Jouda: His showbiz nickname is TJ and he's the ex-lover of Arisa back when he just started modeling. But because she doesn't like dating celebrities she stopped seeing him. He's the only one of the two who thinks that they were dating but she calls it 'to get experience'. He's the playboy type and is always in the news with a different girl with him, but TJ says that this to hide who he truly has feelings for. He's serious when it comes because he doesn't want Arisa to be disappointed in him, since she was after all the girl who scouted him. Without her he would have continued being a delinquent, wasting away his days doing nothing.

Ryou Kitamura: A close friend to Daisuke whose been by his side through tough times and is really protective of him. He's plays the drum and is the leader of the band Kurohoshi. He's short and is temperamental and even though he has a baby face he's quite popular with the female students at school and is said to be a true womanizer who doesn't hide it. He's also close to Kei.

Kei Senda: Another close friend of Daisuke's whose saw the painful things he had to go through. Kei is the opposite of Ryou as he barely talks and is faithful to his girlfriend who he has dated ever since middle school. He plays the bass and the piano in the same band as Ryou.

Reiko Nanamori: Arisa's mom whose hell bent on getting her to officially become a model. The truth is that she is worries about Arisa ever since the incident when she was kidnapped. Apparently Arisa completely changed after that. Reiko is a supermodel who travels around the world and is barely home but she tries to get jobs that are close to Japan. She met her husband (Arisa's Dad) at one of her auditions and agreed to go out with him after he relentlessly pursued her. They aren't able to meet much anymore ever since he changed from becoming a celebrity photographer to nature.

Sayuri Misumi (Yuri): Dai's little sister who at first stalked Arisa to separate them two. The reason at first was because she loves her big brother but she later reveals to Arisa that she lied and only admires him. Yuri is short for her age and is always mistaken as an elementary student. According to the students even though they think Yuri is really cute they find it hard to approach her. Unlike Dai, Yuri is cold and barely talks to anyone but him. But after meeting Arisa she seems to be slowly opening up.

Nina Akashi: Dai's ex-girlfriend who died in a motorcycle accident. Before she entered High School she was someone who only focused on studying and didn't have any care for fashion. But it's hinted that she went through a tragic experience during the summer before her entry to High School and is the reason she completely changed. She became more cheerful like and even went with the trend, but there were times when she looked sad. According to Dai she had a really beautiful voice. On the day Nina died she saw Dai kissing another girl and took his bike. How she got the keys or who the other girl was hasn't been revealed yet.

Mitsuki Akashi: Nina's and Satoru's little sister. She wasn't as smart or beautiful as Nina but she was cheerful, competitive and was known as the weird girl. Mitsuki's mom is different from Satoru's and Nina's. She used to live with her grandmother but moved in with them after she died. Mitsuki's mom apparently died giving birth. In chapter 18 it's revealed that Nina was actually jealous Mitsuki because she believed that her family focused more on Mistuki then hers. When Nina found out that Satoru kissed Mitsuki, she tried to kill her.

Souichirou: A famous 28 years old actor who is called a prodigy because he captured everyone's attention in just two years. Sou is kind, smart, handsome and every girls ideal boyfriend. Arisa later founds out that he's actually a crybaby whose bad at expressing himself and talking with others. Apparently when he's talking with others he pretends as if he's acting and is able to somehow properly hold a conversation. When Arisa was ordered to become his bodyguard and disguise herself as a male, he knew from the beginning who she was because her mom told him.

Lin: Ex-member of the Black Rose, but after she found out that Arisa slept with her boyfriend she made a gang of her own filled with members who all have a grudge against the Tainted Rose. Lin is actually half Chinese and Japanese. She grew up in China and moved back to Japan when her mom fell ill. Her parents own their own company and are very rich, enough to own an island or two.

Mai: A close friend of Arisa's and member of the now disbanded Black Rose gang. She has blonde hair is said to be very beautiful. It's hinted that Mai was the one who got Arisa to make a gang. They are close enough that when they meet they give a peck on the lips as a greeting. More about her life and past has yet been revealed.

Akane: A member of the Black Rose who is the smartest of the group. She comes from a respected, rich family whose in the medical field and is expected to also become doctor. Akane was antisocial when she was a kid and was only able to open up to others because of Haruka. Even though she has a respectful family background (like most of the others) and gets good grades she smokes and is far from the perfect honor student.

Haruka: Another member of the Black Rose, Haru is closest to Akane. Her family situation is said to be similar to Akane but nothing else has been said about it. She has a kansai dialect and plays the piano which is said to be elegant playing.

Luca (Lulu-chan): Small and energetic she's also another member of the Black Rose. Despite how small she is, she's actually considered really strong.

Jun: A model with a short height who is thankful for Arisa who encouraged him to follow his dreams.