After the fight, I made my way into the school but not without catching all the student's attention. All eyes were literally turned to me, some with fear and others in awe. This nostalgic feeling, it was nice being able to experience it again and being the center of attention sometimes wasn't that bad.

When I stepped inside my classroom which ha been filled with boisterous chatter, at the sight of my presence it died down. The sound of a pin dropping and someone's chair going "squeak" was all that could be heard. "Who? Who? Who?!" I could imagine was running across their forehead in bold print. Making my way to my desk through this tense atmosphere was a bit awkward but I soon became oblivious to my surroundings once I realized that he wasn't here.

"Why wasn't he in class? Did he come to hate me? Is it because I lied to him? Is he avoiding me?" My clasped hands that I put against my mouth was squeezed tight as I was in deep thought. The dark aura around me became even more chaotic, more dense.

(Unbeknownst to our dear protagonist the students were in fear and all thinking, "Why is she mad?!" With no clue of what's going on they can only hold their breath, waiting for someone to come rescue them from this situation known as hell. Even sensei had run away, facing the wall he continued teaching as if all was well. Tsk. Tsk.)

Then the door to the class suddenly opened...

"Daisuke!" Some of the students called out.

Taken aback by the warm welcome, he jumped. "N-nani? What's going on?" He then smiled his charming smile. "Oh! You guys missed me, huh? You were sad at that thought of me not making it today? No need to worry! Daisuke-sama is here!"

Everyone laughed, even sensei broke out a smile. "I heard what happened Daisuke-kun. Is your mom doing well?" Sensei asked him.

"Yeah, it was a false alarm." He went to his desk, pulled out his chair and sat down. The moment he glanced at me with a smile the spell broke and all my worries washed away. He's not mad at me!

Just then...I sounded like a girl whose lovestruck (you are)! I hit my head against the desk. What the heck is wrong with me? Now that I'm back to being the great me why did I even bother coming to school today? The old me would have skipped and come to enough to fill the necessary attendance. But now I'm sitting here getting excited from only seeing his smile...what am I doing? The left side of my shoulder was burning with a sensation from the warmth of having him sit next to me. I wished for time to stop here. This comfortable feeling, only he could make me feel this way.

Before school ended the broadcast announcement had all ears perked. "Arisa Nanamori, please come to the student council room after school. Arisa Nanamori, please come to the student council room after school."

Hah? Why do I have to...? Whatever. Lets ignore it. Ignore it.

"They're calling for you. Aren't you going to go?"

I didn't have to look up to see who it was. I took out my shoes from the locker and put them on. "It's probably about the media out front making trouble for the students." Yes! I was able to answer his question with no problem!

"Haha, you're right. The students are making an even bigger ruckus about there being a celebrity waiting out front. Maybe it's someone you know?"

"Who knows."

He didn't say anything else and we both stood there awkwardly, not looking at each other. Not being able to take anymore I decided to speak up. "Um!" I guess he thought the same thing and looked up when I did, resulting in both of us slamming our head together.


"That hurts..." Daisuke said while laughing.

"Awaaa! I'm sorry!"

He had one of his eyes close and smiled his charming smile. "No worries, I'm fine."

We caught each others gazes and I looked away in embarrassment. With my cheeks flaming re, all the way to my ears I couldn't bring myself to face him. With my hands on my cheeks, I panicked. What's with this doki doki moment?! What is this? What is this? What is this? Why is my heart beating so fast?! Please stop my heart! Don't betray me any further!


"Eh?" I turned around. Daisuke held his hand out to me. For a split second I hesitated but then moved to reach for his. He helped me up and then suddenly gave me my stuff.

"Are you okay? Did you hit your head that hard? Should we go to the nurse?"

...He really likes taking care of people. Sometimes I'd see him help students with things who he doesn't even know that well. Or he'd even help teachers with things. At first I didn't like that about him. It was as if he was trying to fit in with crowd and go with the flow. As if he wanted to get the approval of the people around him. As time passed I realized that was his gentle side. It was part of he was as a person.


"...Nah, I'm alright."

He sighed in relief. "I was wondering are you free tonight?"

"Tonight?" He's asking me out on a date all of a sudden?!

"Our band is having a live tonight and I want to introduce you to the members. Only if that's okay with you though."

I blinked. Introduce? Wait...I've seen this in a drama before. When a boy introduces a girl to his friends, there's always some intimate relationship going on between them...Is he introducing me as a girl he likes? Or maybe...a girlfriend?! (This is the conclusion she's drawn from the many late night drama shows she's watched.)

"Arisa? Maybe we really should have the nurse look at you..."

"Eh? Wha-? Sorry, I was spacing out."

"Then maybe that was too sudden? Asking you out on a date?"

So it is a date! I quickly turned around to hide my embarrassment. "I don't mind your live I mean. Yuri has my cell so text me the meeting time and place." I left before hearing his reply, leaving the school.

I jumped over the wall and found my driver there already waiting for me. When we were about to leave I decided to have him park about a block away from the front entrance. I was really starting to get curious about the celebrity that Daisuke mentioned. When I rolled down the window I was shocked to see him standing there naturally with no clue that his sunglasses and hat barely hid his shining aura. The students all stood crowded around, confused. "Why would he be here at our school?" Is what they probably were thinking.

It was TJ. Mom must have sent him to keep a watch on me. Ugh! "Obinata, get me away from here! Quick!" Without asking anything he put it in drive and stepped on the gas. We reached the front of my house no less than five minutes...even though my place was fifteen minutes away. Now that's some scary driving. On our way to my place I started thinking about him already.

Daisuke...seemed different from usual today. Did something happen? Maybe tonight he'll tell me what's wrong. I won't force him to answer me but as I thought I really am worried. Unfortunately, I didn't spend that much time on worrying. Before I could get inside the building, a hand came out of nowhere blocking me.

"You thought you could get away?"

I jumped and turned around to face my current enemy. "How did you...?"

He smirked. "You aren't the only one with a good driver."

"...What do you want anyways? Mom told you to keep an eye on me or something."

TJ eyes widened in surprise. He then shrugged his shoulders and nodded no. "That's not it. Reiko doesn't need me for that, she already has someone else watching after you."

"Wha-what? Who?"

He smiled and put his finger on his lips. "I've been sworn to secrecy."

Pissed, I went inside the condo. Of course, he followed. "If that's not it then why are you here?" We got on the elevator and pushed for the last floor.

"Did I ever tell you that you're cold?"

"The last time we met," I replied nonchalantly. I don't think he caught that in my tone because he continued talking, asking me a question I knew would come sooner or later.

"We used to be so close back then that we even lived together for a few months. Can't we go back to dating?"

"No." I answered him without hesitation.

Annoyed, he pushed me against the wall of the elevator. "Why not?!"

I didn't move but looked up at him. TJ had gotten taller than me, back then we were nearly the same height. I won't deny that we had something special at that time, even so it wasn't something that I was addicted to. I knew there could be nothing between me and him. "You should know better than anyone. I don't play around with famous models. If I did date anyone who was in the entertainment world it would only be a one night stand and with someone who isn't famous."

He looked at me for a few seconds without saying anything. "Looks like whatever I say won't be enough to change your mind." He took a step back, but then changed his back and came back to lean over me. "But don't forget..." He put his hand on chin and leaned my face closer to his, but instead of giving me a passionate kiss like he usually does and gave me a quick one filled with his feelings. "I won't give up that easily."

When the elevator opened I stepped out. I turned around to see him in his favorite position, with his hands folded behind his head like a little kid. He whistled in joy as if he won the game and left with a big grin on his face.

Things really were starting to get even more complicated. Why was TJ so persistent about getting back with me? For some reason, I don't think it's because he want to go back to those passionate days. There must be another reason behind it and not to mention he has a girlfriend. Did he want me to become his lover or something? Sigh. Things really are becoming to hard to handle. I know the reason behind this frantic heartbeat that won't calm down. My feelings for Daisuke...I...