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Chapter 1: And So It Begins


Finally, it was the first day of school. Today was the day I had been waiting for all Summer, especially for the past three weeks. Why would I be excited for school you ask? Because I was excited to finally be out of my house. I absolutely hated it here, and I hated the people here. By people, I mean my mother. Ever since I came out to her last year, she's been cramming her Christianity and beliefs on homosexuality down my throat. She looks at me different and talks to me different. I hate her so much.

My best friend Cadence spent the whole summer in France visiting her aunt. She brought her boyfriend with her, who I've grown pretty close to, so I couldn't even hang out with him. I wasn't really close to anyone else, so I had no choice but to wither away all day in my house playing video games and reading manga.

I turned my alarm off and hopped out of bed, proceeding to the bathroom across the hall. After doing the usual morning ritual of taking a piss and brushing my teeth, I walked into the kitchen and made my daily cup of green tea. It was always too hot for me to drink right away, so I took it with me to my room to continue getting ready.

I already had clothes picked out; my favorite Avenged Sevenfold shirt and my trusty pair of dark denim skinny jeans, perfectly accompanied by my black vans. After putting on the outfit and looking into my mirror, being satisfied with what I saw, I took a swig of tea and retraced my steps back into the bathroom. The counter was a complete mess from the night before, where I had dumped any supplies I might need onto the counter.

My hair is jet black and past my ears with tons of layers, so I always use gel to turn it into a Visual Kei inspired hairstyle. I think it fits me, and I love the way it looks. I hurry up and fix my hair just right, trying to pick up the pace. If I was late, Cadence would kill me!

I chug the rest of my green tea, it slightly burning my throat, and brush my teeth again, removing all traces of my drink. I took my eyeliner and applied it lightly right up against my top and bottom lash lines like it's supposed to be, just so my lashes look fuller. Don't judge, it brings out my eyes more. Speaking of eyes, mine are grey with blueish tones, in case you were wondering.

After grabbing my phone, iPod, and backpack, I walk down the hallway, not even bothering to say goodbye to my bitch of a mother as I walk out the door. I was so glad I could actually drive to school this year. Having a license felt great. I sped down the mostly empty street, popping in my mix CD and having Marilyn Manson blast through the car as I got closer to my school.

After parking, I get out and immediately spot a little pink blob across the parking lot. It was still pretty dark outside considering the sun hadn't fully risen yet. I whistled loudly with my fingers and Cadence started running towards me. Yes, she was the pink blob. Her hot pink hair stood out from a mile away, and she couldn't be missed; for that I was thankful.

"Trey!" She screamed as she jumped on me. "Je vous ai manqué!"

"Uh, what?" I lifted a dark eyebrow at her in confusion. She occasionally blurts out things in French, so I only figured it'd be more frequent when she returned from France.

"I've missed you! I wish you could've come with me and Adner! Then again, you might've felt a little awkward, with us being in the 'City of Love' and whatnot." She rambled on.

I set her down and ruffled her hair a bit. "Did you have fun?"

"Bien sûr! Of course!" she bounced up and down excitedly as Adner came to meet us.

"You're going to have to cool it with the French, okay?" I chuckled.

"Sorry, I'm just not used to speaking in English!"

"Being in America is a great time to practice." I teased, and we walked into the school.

"Look at all the freshmen! They're so cute! Aren't they adorable, Addie?" She asked Adner, using her girlish pet name for him. He nodded. He wasn't really the talkative type, which was perfect since talking is all Cadence ever does.

"Fresh meat." I joked right as one passed me. He glared at me and flicked me off. "Punk." I scoffed, and continued walking.

We walked right into the cafeteria, surprised to see that it was mostly empty except for the lines. Cadence and Adner went to find a seat while I got in line for breakfast. I was actually hungry now. I was so mesmerized by the smell of french toast sticks and syrup that I bumped into the person in front of me.

"Woah, I'm so sorry." I apologized, looking up at the face that belonged to the person I had just rammed into.

He laughed lightly. "No worries." He didn't look familiar at all. This was a small high school, so everyone knew each other. I would recognize someone as breath takingly beautiful as him. And he clearly wasn't a freshman.

"Not to be rude, but, are you new?" I asked, even though the answer was obvious. I didn't want to just state 'you're new' like an idiot.

"Yep, first day." he stated. "Wow, that was stupid. It's everybody's first day." he laughed while pink spread across his cheeks and he ran a hand through his chocolate colored hair.

I laughed with him, trying to make him feel more comfortable. "I'm Trey." I smiled and stuck my hand out.

He took it and smiled back. "I'm Logan. Now I can say I've officially met someone." he chuckled. We reached the front of the line and both got our meals. "I don't mean to intrude, but would you mind if I sat with you?" he asked.

"Bien sûr." I said accidentally.

He looked a little shocked. "Parlez-vous français?"

"No, but I know what that means." I laughed a little. "It just kind of slipped out. My friend said it earlier and it stuck, I guess." I blushed a little. I actually blushed. I never blush, yet this guy I just met was making heat rise to my cheeks.

I led him to the table where Cadence and Adner were sitting. "Guys, this is Logan. He's new this year. Logan, this is my best friend Cadence and her boyfriend Adner." I introduced them, slightly emphasizing boyfriend so Logan wouldn't fall for Cadence. Not that I even had a chance with him anyway, but still.

"Nice to meet you." Logan said, giving them a 'Colgate smile.' Mother of pearl he was perfect.

"Wow, you're dreamy. Have a seat!" Cadence blurted out. Leave it to her to be so open. Logan just laughed as he took a seat across from her. I didn't realize I was still standing until Logan pulled out the seat beside him and patted it.

"Oh, thanks." I smiled, kind of embarrassed. I wasn't normally this shy, then again I wasn't normally around such beautiful men.

We had small talk until the bell for first period rang. "I hate to ask, but do you think you could show me where my first class is? If it's not out of the way, of course." Logan asked me, and I smiled.

"Not at all. Happy to help!" I said, taking his schedule and looking at my own. "Your first class is actually right next to mine." I said.

"Convenient." He smiled, though it was different than the smile he gave my friends. This one seemed more genuine. We walked in silence to where our classes were, and we reached his classroom first. "Thanks for showing me the way." He said, smiling again.

I had to remember how to breathe. "No problem. I can help you find your second class if you want." I offered, hoping I'd get to see him again today.

"That would be great!" his eyes lit up and his smile grew. "I'll see you after class." He waved then disappeared into his homeroom. Why would his eyes light up at me? I wasn't anything special. Even if he was gay, someone like him couldn't possibly be interested in someone like me.

I walked into my class and groaned to see that Mrs. Howard would be my math teacher...again. I took a seat near the back, but didn't get too comfortable because I knew she would rearrange everyone according to her seating chart.

A group of girls my age came running over to me, giggling. "Hey Trey, do you think you could introduce us to your gorgeous friend?" One asked, who I knew to be Miranda.

"He's not really my friend, I just met him this morning." I said, hoping they'd go away. I don't dislike girls, but that particular group happens to be extremely annoying.

"Could you introduce us anyway? Please?" Another one asked.

"No. Now go away." I know, I'm mean, but I don't really care. There's no rule saying you have to be nice to girls just because you're gay.

"You're such a jerk!" Miranda exclaimed, annoyed. I just smiled.

"Thanks for noticing." I winked at her, and she turned and returned to her desk along with her little posse.

I kicked my feet up on the desk in front of me and waited for the cerebral torture to begin.


I don't know why I felt so flustered around this guy. What was happening to me? My usually cocky and confident personality was nonexistent when I was with this guy. I hope he doesn't think I'm bothering him, but I just want to see him as much as possible. Why I so fascinated with this stranger, I will never know. He's probably not even gay. Though if he is, I probably have a chance. I mean, I am beautiful.

I don't think I'm arrogant, but I'm aware of my good looks so I express it. Nothing to be ashamed of, right? I'm not dark, but I've got tall and handsome covered. I looked over to see two girls looking at me. They saw me watching them and quickly turned their heads to giggle at each other. I was used to this by now. I'm always crowded by girls, even though they'll never have a chance with me. Usually they know that but continue bombarding. I don't exactly see why.

My homeroom teacher seemed nice. I got lucky, I had art first period. Art teachers are usually nice, right? I also have gym next, which I'm thankful for. It means I can skip first and second period if I wanted to sleep in every once in a while.

I found myself wondering what classes Trey had, and hoping at least one of them would be with me. That would be great. He's just fun to look at. And his shyness is adorable. I don't know his personality, so I don't know if he's usually shy. I doubt it's because of me, though I'd be lying if I said I didn't like making him nervous.

Call me a bad person, but I like making people feel nervous around me. It gives me a certain power over them. I can make them avoid me or obey me. Okay, now I sound like a tyrant. I'm not. I'm honestly a nice guy. I guess that's why I'm always so popular. Well, that and my looks. Though I've always been popular, I find it hard to get close to people. That's probably a bad thing. Everyone needs at least one close friend, don't they?

Trey seemed to have Cadence and...what was his name? Adner? I think that was it. Maybe I could even out their group and get close to them. It was a long shot, but they seemed nice enough, so I can at least try.

I came back to my senses when I heard my name being called. "Logan Richards?" The teacher called out again.

"Here." I said, slightly embarrassed that I didn't even answer to my own name the first time it was called. Thankfully no one was paying attention. I don't care what people think of me, but I don't want them thinking I'm stupid. I'm not. I'm actually very intelligent. I just don't take school as seriously as I should.

The class droned on as the teacher went over introductory stuff. Once the bell rang, I all but ran out of the classroom to meet Trey. He had beat me to the door. Dang, he was fast.

"Hey." he said as he gave a soft smile.

"Hi there!" I returned the smile, and got a chuckle out of him.

"What's your next class?" He asked me with a certain look in his eye. What was it? A glimmer of hope? It couldn't be.

"Gym." I said, and his eyes widened.


At first I was ecstatic that we had a class together. But I quickly realized why having gym together was a bad thing. A very bad thing. I'd get to see him exercise, sweat, change... While I was excited, I realized what my body would involuntarily do if I saw him change. Let's just say that having an erection in a room full of half naked guys wouldn't be the best way to start out the year.

"Me too." I laughed nervously, then led the way to the gymnasium. All I had to do was not look at him. Ever. Yeah right, like I'd actually be able to ignore the fact that this gorgeous human is in the same room as me removing his clothes. I quickly adverted my mind. I couldn't think about it too much either. I could already tell this was going to be a long year.

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