Book 1 part 5

As the sun was rising Matsuda sensei was already up and about, today was the final bit of our hike to Flyers Academy and it seems we had to get up earlier than the birds to make it there on time.

"Why is he so chipper this early in the morning?"

"Rise and shine kids today is the day and its going to be a beautiful one at that." After getting everything packed up we started on the road again. Now that we were getting further out of the valley I could see Flyers Academy clearer now, and I have to admit it was breath taking. It was almost like the school itself was floating; three smaller buildings stood on each cliff while one large building towered in the middle. Bridges connected the smaller buildings to the larger one. The school was faced east to the rising sun while on the Northern end was a back drop with multiple lone cliffs standing on their own, like individual peaks. To the West you could see the ocean not too far off in the distance, shining as the morning light hit the soft waves. Even if just for a brief moment I thought, maybe it wouldn't be that bad after all.

"I'm almost home my sweet sugar bear!"

"Wow, Matsuda Sensei I know you like the school and all but that's a little weird."


"Don't "Miya" me Butter you think it's weird too right? It's just like what Mizuki said (Don't eat the porridge or you'll be brain washed like the rest of them! Hahahahaha!) Just when I was thinking this wasn't so bad."

"Now Miya you miss understand me my sugar bear is not the school, though I love it dearly as well, my sugar bear is the most beautiful women on earth, my wife Soni Sensei. She's one of the instructors at flyers academy."

"Oh! Well in that case onward we go"

"That's the wrong way smart one and for the billionth time stop calling me butter, where do you come up with these stupid nicknames anyway."

"I've been calling you butter since we were kids I would think you would be used to it by now Matteas."

"I hated it then, I hate it now, and I will hate it 100 years from now, so stop calling me it please!"

"Alright you two your sensei has a pretty good head start, you guys might want to hurry this along." with that we all started heading on down the path until I realized someone was missing.

"Yuri where's Daichi?"

"He'll find us when he's ready to, no need to worry Miya." True to her words Daichi found us about an hour into our hike, as he caught up to walk next to me, whatever had been squeezing my chest finally let loose its grip.

"Daichi, I'm sorry." After that we didn't really speak but I could feel the tension slowly leave us and we went back to our usual selves. "I'm tired, and hungry and dirty and hot and tired!"

"Nobody move!" Matsuda Sensei stood motionless as he watched the giant catlike creature approach us. Each whisker on its face twitched, as it examined us.

"Miya get behind me" Daniel whispered

"Sensei just told us NOT to move, are you crazy! Daichi do something"

"If we step in now hiding from your Sensei this entire time would have been for nothing!"

"If we get eaten by a huge cat, so close to the school this whole stupid hike and time spent training would have been for nothing!"

"OK kids when I say "GO!" run as fast as you can down that path, it leads straight for the school OK." We both nodded our heads and prepared ourselves to run. "GO! Run now! Now! Now!" Off we went sprinting down that path. "This way kids, it's a short cut!" We ran and ran, until finally up ahead we could see the gates of the school.

"Open the gates! Open the gates!" I tripped on a lifted tree root and bumped my knee, but that wasn't going to stop me I rolled out of it and kept on running. The crazy cat beast started gaining on us and I could feel Daichi pick me up, and with the forest in my hair, and dirt on my face I half floated and was half thrown through the gates of flyers academy, with Daniel not too far behind me. As we looked around Matsuda sensei was nowhere to be found.

"What's going on here?" A woman walked up to us, she was like the human version of Yuri. Her hair was shorter though and she had a gentle face full of worry.

"Sugar Bear!" In flew Matsuda sensei though he was stopped by a stiffed armed Yuri look-alike.

"Matsuda sensei what's going on here, I've been worried sick you should have been here 2 days ago. We even sent the Jigar out to search for you."

"Oh! There was some research I just couldn't wait to get and I figured we wouldn't make it in time so when the Jigar came to find us I knew it was a good opportunity to quicken the steps of these kids." As he spoke I felt a killing intent coming from Daniel so dark that I feared for Matsuda sensei's safety.

"You made us run through the forest from the creature sent to find us? Just so that we could make it in time for some stupid orientation! Look what happened to Miya's knee" Even though I hadn't realized, on my knee was a deep gash seeping blood, that wasn't my biggest worry I had to hold Daniel back from Matsuda sensei who cowered behind his "sugar bear".

"Daniel it wasn't that bad, hey at least the trip is over right? Right? I'm ok see, murder is illegal you know, it ain't worth it Daniel!"

"The forest? Why would you all take the forest path you could have taken the unrestricted fly zone it would have only taken you 4 hours." Something in me snapped.

"Your right Daniel he should die, it's only right." Now Daniel was holding me back.

"Murder is illegal remember Miya?"

"No, oh no this isn't murder but community service he is a menace to society." It was like this, while choking Matsuda Sensei, with Daniel attempting to pull me back, and a woman who I assume is Soni sensei trying to loosen my grip. Did the 3A fighter flyers happen to come upon us and our humorous scene of fear, assault, and restraint.

"Like I said, once a land dweller, always a land dweller."

"Salina, you were born to higher society so please act like it by not saying such tasteless things." As I looked up my eyes locked with a very furious Salina, and all I could think was the day has barely started but I can tell it's going to be a long one.