Book 2 Part 1:

It took sometime but slowly I began to see reason, not that I still didn't want to kill Mr. Matsuda, it was just I understood that there is a time and place for everything; as Yuri always put it. And right now definitely wasn't a good time.

"If you want to remain at this school, I suggest you release Matsuda sensei Miss Sekiya, and you should control your sister better Matteas!"

"Wait a second nobody…!" Matteas cut me off

"I can control my sister just fine."

"Wait what did you…?" Riku Shokita cut me off

"I'm glad. Since our services are no longer needed we'll be taking our leave."

"If one more person cut's me off while I'm talking I'm going to…" Matsuda sensei cut me off

"Are you guys ready for orientation, we still have time!"

"That's it!" It didn't take long until everyone was back in their original positions; Matteas holding Maya, Maya choking Mr. Matsuda, Mr. Matsuda clinging to Soni Sensei, and Soni sensei trying to get control of the situation. With all everyone so distracted only Daichi saw the glance back Riku Shokita gave to Maya.


"Hi my name is Ryo, I'm your guide for today, I would like to say welcome to Flyers Academy. With today being Orientation for the new comers and all, none of the class presidents are free to give you the grand tour, so they forced…I mean asked me too." For some reason he kept looking around as if trying to find someone, guiding us in and out of what I would call a waste of citizens money, he gave us the grand tour. "And this is the hallway that leads to the girl's dorm and that over there is the grand hall used for balls and such, but at the moment it's being remodeled."

"Why don't they just put down a marble floor while they're at it?" My sarcasm didn't seem to hinder his enthusiasm at all. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and just had to ask him. "Who in the world are you looking for? Your making people think we're crazy; the way your poking around like that. What's worse people are looking at my brother and I like there's something wrong with us too."

"Oh, you guys probably don't know but the mysterious flyer from the balloon parade started school here today, and even the lucky find of a glider at a Land dwellers school, my goal is to find these guys, and get an exclusive interview!"

"So let me get this straight, you are looking for the mysterious flyer from the air balloon parade and a glider, as in you don't know who they are?" I couldn't help but laugh as Butter tried to spell it out for the guy, "You're a flyer right Maya?"

"Last I checked"

"…I'm definitely a new glider"

"Most definitely"

"…We came from a land dwellers school."

"And parting was such sweet sorrow." It felt like we were in some sort of detective drama. But Ryo was way slow on the pick up.

"That's right which could only mean one thing… you two probably met the guys I'm looking for, could you give me their descriptions? What are they like? Have you ever talked to them? What made them hide their abilities for so long and why choose now to come out of hiding?" The look Butter gave him was beyond priceless.

"Well the flyer is about Maya's height with Maya's shoulder width, not very smart and short tempered."As if I was gonna let that one go.

"Well the glider is about Matt's height with a head twice the size of a normal person, and his voice is the mixture of a little girl and choir boy."

"A choir boy? I thought he had a deep manly voice, with a very strong physique. Besides isn't it past your dinner time? I'm sure it'll be extremely difficult to eat without the zoo keepers to regulate your diet."

"Pa-lease coming from the guy that got told he was going into the wrong bathroom, more than once I might add, I didn't know I was really born with a twin sister!" Cutting in Ryo still didn't seem to get it.

"Wow this is great do you guys have any more information on them?"As I looked at Ryo I couldn't decide whether he was just feigning ignorance or really that stupid, for his sake I hope it's the ladder. Looking at each other Butter and I just busted out laughing, it only took one look to know that we had been thinking the exact same thing. No matter how much we might argue one thing will always stay true, no one understands us more than we do each other.

We started to head towards our next destination when Ryo bumped into a group of guys.

"Now look at that, here I am minding my own business when some punk steps on my new kicks."Looking up the guy sneers at Ryo. "Now looky what I got here, it's the brown nosing wanna be journalist." Ryo never looked up, not even once; he only clenched his fist to his side. As I started to step forward and intervene Daichi stopped me.

"Don't let his restraint go to waste" Looking up, it was as if his whole body was clenched into a fist. Finally Ryo whispered something under his breath that seemed to completely change that guys attitude. Though I couldn't hear it myself whatever it was, was enough to put him into retreat. Not before his last remark.

"I'll be repaying you for this, best believe I will." And then off they went, for the first time I looked over at Matt and I could tell he had been using just as much restraint as me to not jump in.

"What was that all about? What's his problem? Who does he think he is?"

"My older brother." Not that that wasn't a shock and all but the way he said it and with such a sad smile, after that we just walked the halls in silence.

"Leave it to you to put someone into a deep depression." Whispered Daichi

"How was 'I' suppose to know it was his brother, that guy was a super jerk and they look nothing alike." I half yelled and half whispered back

"You should really know when to be quite Maya."

"I do know when to be quite." Ryo cleared his voice

"Not that I'm ease dropping or anything but I can hear you two." Completely embarrassed we both started to ask for forgiveness, when he just bust out laughing and before we knew it we were all laughing and back to normal, well as normal as we can be.

"Well there's only one place we haven't gone to yet and that is the Fish Bowl." With that he grabbed our hands and onward we went.