Life is just a game to me; and I have been playing with my own life. If I make a wrong move I'll drown. I have a double personality, but I have tried my best to erase one. I am a 16 year old teen with a risky job. My job and favorite pass time is hacking into computers and programs. I usually hack into government documents, but once in a while I am paid to hack into other computers. The price is high; my work is great. I have been making a living out of it since I was 12. And now I'm the best; no one can ever dream of competing with me. I even have a crew of bandit teens like me that help me execute my missions. They never ask for pay, they just want shelter from the cruel world out there. Every single one of them is like me, an outcast by society, a "lost case." No they are not "lost" cases. They are very special to me.

"Let's go guys. We have work to do." I said as I opened the door of the warehouse.

"Rodger," came four different voices.

"Stephanie," I said to the girl following us. "You stay today and make us some dinner. We are going to be very hungry today."

Stephanie glared at me. "Are you being sexist?"

I smiled. "No I am being useless. You know none of us can cook except you. Please?"

She backed up. "Okay but just because without me you would all starve."

Fred laughed. "Atta girl. That's my sister for you."

I shoved his shoulder. "Enough let's get going. It's a little past three in the morning. The perfect time of night."

I revved the car on and two more cars did the same thing. As I backed out of the entryway. I saw as Stephanie waved at us for good luck. I honked once and I could see a faint smile on her face.


"Angela when are we going to get there? I told you that this moving was a bad idea. I can't believe I'm stuck here in between 'Bad' and 'Worse'. They've been pulling my hair all day long."

Angela just turned around and glared at me. "Keilah you just have to deal with it. You're their big sister; and if we are moving it's for your own good."

I arched my eyebrow. "Oh, how so? Last time I heard it was so you were closer to your new boyfriend's family. This has nothing to do with me. You just should have dropped me off at Dad's."

"Keilah what I do with my family is none of your business, don't be so rude. Michael is a nice man and he will do some good in this family. And also don't forget that he is sitting right next to me. Can't you at least wait until we are off the car?"

I glared at Michael; it was his fault we had to move. He filled Angela's brain with idiotic things and the next thing you know we are moving across the country. I still can't believe we are moving from beautiful Mississippi to dull California. I was born in Mississippi, my whole family is in Mississippi. I really should have stayed with Dad, he was left all alone.

After the divorce of my parents, Angela stayed with the only child, me; Dad was left with nothing. He still has his house but he's all alone in it. I did go visit him once in a while, but Angela was always making crazy trips to places. I have been separated from Dad. Even though I really love him I just can't leave Angela; she is hopeless and so gullible. I think if you tell her that she'll become younger if she jumps into the Mississippi river with 100 lb. weights, she'll do it.

"Because he's there and he can hear me that's why I am saying it. It's his entire fault that this is happening. I was happy were we where; I didn't want to come here. And start all over again; I have no friends, and I have no contact with my family."

Angela griped the steering wheel tighter, "Keilah don't drag him into this it was my decision to start fresh in another place, not his. So leave him out of this and if you want to blame someone blame your father. He was the one that drove me into this decision. It isn't too good for you to hang around you father for too long. He is a lunatic."

I got mad; I was practically exploding. Did she think that I would go against my father like she did too? Did she think that poorly of him; that he wasn't built to handle a family? "Dad has nothing to do with this it's your own stupid fault. You are the one that is crazy not him; Dad only wants the best for me that's why he left me with you. But if I knew what was going on I would have stopped that insane decision. What is worse you just couldn't wait to have more kids could you? Now I have stepsisters and they are annoying as hell. And you know something else? I don't want to talk to you anymore so shut up."

Angela turned red she was mad and I didn't care. We never did have a true relationship anyways. We would always be fighting. With Dad we would be laughing and having fun. He understands me better than Angela does. Angela sometimes only cares about herself and no one else. And that is why I call her by her name instead of "mom". She was never really there for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm not wanted.