I still can't believe what I had just seen (I mean apart from the fact that the car looked like it was going to be crushed by the weight of all the furniture). The girl was more beautiful than I had imagined. She had golden blonde hair and in the night she looked like a goddess. Her eyes had been shining, and she looked so beautiful with that tank top on. Why did she have to come out and see me staring up at her? I would have probably climbed up there if I had to, but she had seen me. One day I swear I will. I will climb to her window and see what she looks like up-close. Or maybe I could just go up to her and introduce myself. That would be less risky, I can't get caught now. Not with the mission being just a week away.

The boys and I have been planning a big hit on a government base. That base was hidden somewhere in California. It had taken me a while to finally get the coordinates, but I have them now and there was quite a lot of money and gadgets that could help us break into other places. Our goal is to break into the white house, the boys don't have a lot of faith that they will make it out or in alive. But I am confident. Would it be hard? Yes harder than the rest of the jobs we have ever done. But it wouldn't be impossible, to me nothing seems impossible. Nothing except talking to a pretty girl; I felt nervous to think that I would be close to her. But sooner or later I would have to face her. Especially if she is going to the same school as I am.

"Hey Simon are we getting better at this or what?" Fred asked. But I was still thinking about the new girl that I didn't even pay attention. "Simon, hey Simon. Are you listening?"

"Huh? What did you say?" I finally answered.

"I'll take that as a no. Are you okay man? You seem out of it."

I finally got my thoughts together and started reacting. "Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking about the day that we would be making our big move." Big fat lie. "Can you imagine we are the most wanted in the world but no one really knows who we are? And we even pass right under the noses of the authorities and they don't even suspect a thing."

"I don't have to imagine because we are. No one can stop us now we are the best. We are at the top of the world. Better than us none and it is all thanks to you. You made us what we are."

I felt my cheeks turn red. I gave the guys a shy smile. "Don't say that it wasn't because of me. You are who made it possible; you guys are willing to learn."

"Yes but without a teacher the student doesn't learn know does he?"

I smiled one last time and turned around. I didn't want to get praised. I just wanted to get my work over with. I am thinking of retiring, it had been too many years now. And a walk on the path of righteousness wouldn't hurt at all. I can't make a family in this world; I don't want my kids to fallow the same path as me. Two more strike and it is all over, my peaceful reign will come to an end peacefully.

The warehouse had two main rooms and a bunch of storage rooms. One room was for me and the other for Stephanie. She was Fred's sister and a great help in all of the operations. The rest of the boys, well I sincerely don't know how they slept. There is nothing in my room except for a bed, a desk, a lamp on the desk, and of course my computer. I am thinking of putting a bookshelf in for some books that I have lying around.

I opened the window and looked out. It was so peaceful out there-tonight anyway- that I wished I was out there right now enjoying the little moon there was. My mind started to go back to my old life, and the fact that I was here doing this because my family had abandoned me. They always thought I was a bother because I was the smallest and wasn't so bright. But that changed the day they decided to leave.

I can still remember that moment, when I woke up to find the house in complete solitude. There was nothing in sight. One thing that I still wonder is how they got all the things out of the house without waking me up. My family had always had the advantage of being too quiet. Since then I tried to find my family; it wasn't that I missed my mom and dad. It was more that I missed my older brother. I had been so close to my brother that it hurts me not seeing him anymore.

I sighed and came back to the present, those days were over. My brother has probably forgotten about me. I sure as hell have forgotten him; I can't remember anymore what he looked like.


First night at this town and my life is miserable. It was so damn hot; I could barely sleep. One thing that I looked up to was the fact that I was going to the pet store today. Mom was totally against me having a dog, but I don't care. I love those furry cute things. Good thing is that I know how to drive. And with the arrival of my half-brother/sister- they don't know what it is (yes I will have a half-sibling apart from my step-siblingsā€¦and they are not even married yet!), I'll be happily driving myself around without having babies annoying me.

I entered the store and a young fellow greeted me along with the comforting smell of the animals. After I told him that I wanted a pet, he took me to the back of the store to the animals. My attention was drawn immediately to a small, black, fury face poking out of the cage.

I walked over to it, it was a pup. It looked so cute, innocent, and defenseless. At the first sight I could feel a connection with the pup something that was meant to be. I wanted that pup, it had to be mine.

"What kind of dog is that?" I asked the guy.

"She's a Doberman. She's a beauty isn't she?" The guy answered

I smiled, "she sure is. I want to take her home with me. Is that possible or does she still need to stay with her mother?"

The guy's face went serious. "I think it's a good idea if you take her. Her mother died after the birth of the pups. And now she is all alone, the rest of her litter already has a home."

"Oh, in that case I'll take her home." The guy opened the cage and gave her to me. She was really delicate in my arms. I'm going to spoil her rotten once we get home. "How much is it?"

"It's nothingā€¦just give her a good home."

"Oh thanks, but I still need food for her."

The food ended being $20 and with all the things that I bought her it was close to $200. On the way home she was a lot of fun, she would squirm out of her box and I had to get her while driving. I started thinking what I would call her, she needed a name.

"I wonder what would be a great name for you. You're so gorgeous and cute. I know! I'll call you Cookie." I looked down at her and said her name again; she looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes. And I could tell that she loved her name. I finally had my very own best friend, a friend that would never leave my side and would always hide my secrets.

She also was an orphan so I had to take the place of her mother. Cookie sat completely still when I placed her on my room's floor. She wouldn't move just looked up at me with her black eyes staring into me as if seeing more than the outside.

After exploring my room for a few minutes she finally loosened up and started playing around with me. I filled up the tub of the bathroom and chased Cookie into it. I lifted her and placed her into the tub, she tried to get out but I held on tight to her. After just a few minutes of having Cookie in the tub, Angela walked in. She was making a disgusted face as she sniffed my room.

"It smells like wet dog in here. You need to take care of your room more." She looked into the bathroom and gasped. "Oh my god! What is that thing that you are holding?"

I looked down at my puppy and frowned. "It's not a thing. It's a dog. And I would appreciate it if next time that you want to come into my room, you knock first."

She kept looking at my puppy with disgust and pointed a finger at her. "Get that thing out of my house! I don't want a smelly dog stinking my house! If you want to live under my roof, you have to live under my rules."

I knitted my eyebrows together. "See woman, that's where the problem is. I don't want to live under your roof. In fact I've been meaning to move out for a long time but you came up with this stupid plan of yours. I have nothing is this place and it's all your fault! The least you could do is let me have a dog. It's not like I'm asking you for money to take care of her. I bought her with my own money and I already have everything I need for at least two months."

"Keilah, I want that thing out of my house now!" In that moment, I felt despair to know that I was going to loose my puppy. I hugged my puppy tight and pressed her against my chest. This woman that called herself my mother will never get my puppy away from me. And for the first time ever I did something that I never dreamed of doing. I pushed her out of my way. She stumbled into the wall and just looked at me. I ran down the corridor and stairs and into the street.

I ran and ran until I was too tired to keep going. Cookie was in my arms whimpering. She didn't know what was going on, but she knew that I wasn't happy. She snuggled deeper into my arms and slept there. How could I have gotten rid of a small creature that needed me desperately? Her mother wasn't here to take care of her and if I didn't take care of her than who would?

I looked at the street and realized that I was lost. Nothing looked familiar. Getting back home was going to be a serious challenge. "Way to go Keilah. Way to get lost on the first day that you get here." I was still mumbling to myself when a boy, no older than me, approached me.