A Letter of Encouragement:

On Trials and Partings

The war called life

Rages among us

Making our burdens heaver

With each increasing hardships


My friend

Though it is tough times

We live in

We must stay strong


For this is only the beginning

Of life's cruelty

Though he shall strike us with his thorn whip

We must not stand down


And even as our enemies

Crash their swords

Upon our shields

We must be brave


For even though

They stab us

We must fight back

And hope to be alive in the morrow


Now my friend

As we go to war


With heavy hearts


Do not fear

For I shall never forget you

You are my dearest friend

And for that I thank you


You have given me hope

And a better life

You helped me see the light

Through the darkest of times


Through sorrows and joys

Through tears and laughter

Through the incline and decline of life

You have stood by me


And now that we must go

To foreign lands

Keeping fraudulent smiles

And deceitful countenances


I pray that we are able to

Live through these tribulations

And see the sun

Shining atop the green hills


I wish we can go back to our glory days

To the way things were

But in this world we live in

Change is necessary as painful as it is


Do not think that

We may never see each other again

How can we not?

It is a small world we live in


Fate shall guarantee

That our paths shall cross

May it be a busy street

Or a quiet sidewalk we shall meet


And with every fleeting glance

And every smile exchanged

I hope you remember the times that we shared

And understand my gratitude


I refuse to say farewell

For that would mean the end of it all

Instead I shall say "pinky 'square'"

For I promise to keep you in my heart to the end of time


I hope you enjoyed, Oh and pinky 'square' was intentional, there's a back story it-promise

This was dedicated to my friends.