Our reflections are our only friends

They tell the truth, they never lie

They follow us through our new trends

They don't die until we die

Through everything they're always there

Reminding you of you

In water, glassand metal they stare

To show you what to do

Without them we are lonely

They are our guiding star

When sad you talk to them, only

They're always near, never afar

They show you just what is real

They never lie or cheat or fake

It's one thing theives can't steal

It's one thing they can't take

When you cry they cry too

And help you through the pain

And when you laugh they laugh with you

And you know they'll be there again

Whenever you them they come

No matter the weather or hurt

In rain or wind or sun

They always remain alert

They look like you and feel too

Emotions they can't hide

When you feel sad they're sad too

They'll always take your side

So in your hour of need

Turn to them and they will say

"I'm not a different breed,

I'm you reflection and I say 'be brave'."

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