A/N: I believe it's time to move on, pick myself off the ground and return to the cold hard reality. But to do so, I must give my ex a good farewell present. And the poem was born. Goodbye, Iris.

He couldn't sleep, feeling ridiculously scared

His fear of a creature spawning, its vicious teeth bared

He lay in his bed, blankets pulled up to his mouth

Believing something would go wrong, something would go south

So once again he tossed and turned, trying to fall asleep

But Morpheus, God of Slumber, gave him none to keep

So he sat up, feeling quite somber

Looking around until he saw her, drowned in her slumber

She lay upon the bed, curled into a ball

Close enough to hug, but far enough to fall

So he gently moved her slender form away from the bed's rim

Slowly they rolled until she cuddled him

Her sleeping form entranced him as he imagined her diving

Into her oceanic wonderland, her soft snoring showing she was living

He grinned as he kissed her

Reminding him of his sister

As he laid back and finally slept

Flying to a universe where no one ever wept.