My family is falling apart.

Now, things we planned to do together, we can't.

Splitting our time, two homes...

Christmas won't be the same; we should be happy on Christmas...

Change; something I'm not good at accepting.

I'm controlling, I wish I could fix everything, but the simple truth is , I can't...

I'm afraid, worried, sad, yet happy all at the same time.

I'm thinking this through way to much, but that is what I do, I pick apart a problem, creating more problems for myself.

I have learned that life can change on a dime, You're on top of the world one moment, then the next, it's crumbling all around you.

When your family says that they will always be there, you can never be sure, until life tests your family... Thats when you can tell who stays and who goes.

I just want you to be happy, both of you.

I have learned that life will never be perfect, something will always be wrong.

I have also learned that life usually doesn't go as planned. you may plan to have a perfect husband and two kids, but instead, your husband is a bad person who doesn't treat you like you deserve to be treated, then to top it all of, you never have children.

I'm upset, yet I know not the exact reason...

Why is the world full of people who never smile, are judmental, and evil?

Why can't we love life, love eachother, be greatful for life, for eachother?

What is this life even for?