Grace realized it as she was sitting there in the dark. Her phone chimed and lit up the room but she ignored it. She had the tendency to realize things when she was completely knocked down and the only reason she got knocked down is because she let herself get there. She had forgotten how to believe in herself. Hours before two point two miles had seemed like the longest trek of her life but she had made it almost the entire way there running. There had been someone there to encourage her and remind her that she could make it. And she had made it and she'd make it tomorrow.

The world didn't revolve around one person. One person wasn't the be all end all. Her mind had taken three nights and twisted that into the picture of what being with someone was supposed to be like. In reality there would be more nights like that. There would be more nights where the road seemed like it was never ending and shuffle seemed to play all the right songs. There would be more times where she'd feel the scratch of stubble on her face and laugh when he'd rub it on her face to be silly. There would be more butterflies and happy feelings. There would be more minutes spent listening to heartbeats. There would be more times where someone would pull her across the couch to cuddle. There would be more kisses and hugs and seemingly perfect nights.

Everything didn't start and end with one person. Well actually it kind of did but that doesn't matter. She just had to remember that the night by the car was a first. The night on the basement couch was just a memory. And the sunny morning spent in the dark was something to forget. She didn't have to feel like a ten-ton lead block was pushing down on her chest because if she'd just wait everything would fall into place.